Bus Catches Fire in Bihar; Claims 8 Lives

Patna: Bihar's Nalanda district thursday evening in a moving bus in Harnaut fire, eight people lost their life and more than 20 people got injured. The condition of the injured is disconcerting being discussed 10. 

Meanwhile, the Government of Bihar announced 4 lakh compensation to the deceased. According to police, a passenger bus from Patna was going, Harnaut Sheikhupura on markets close to the GRA-dhukar burning just started suddenly. Hear the story of the fire on the bus as passengers sitting on the bus in chaotic haryanagovernment Mach and began to run down to the traveller. See the fires just looking in their grip. Due to the fire and smoke, just in the last part of rider caught several people. The locals just extinguish fires, but plenty of fire was so fast that their effort was wasted. Later, after the arrival of the fire fighting squad team, the fire could be put out.

Nalanda SP Kumar Ashish reported that eight people were killed in the incident while more than 20 people were injured. The injured have been admitted in hospitals. He said that seriously injured two people are referred to Patna. 45 to 50 passengers were aboard the bus. Superintendent of police reported that fire causes is not known by now. He said that according to eyewitnesses, the bus was inflammable materials (carbide). He fears that just from the heat of the engine of carbide and fire on fire, sack of just took your grip. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar expressed grief on the incident. 

Twin Explosion Jolts Indonesian Capital

On Wednesday, a suicide bomber blew up a busy bus terminal in Indonesia's capital Jakarta, which killed at least three people. They include a policeman.

Several other police officers and civilians were injured in the blast in the street near the bus station in Jakarta. This caused panic among the people. It is not yet clear who was behind the attack, but the country has recently been placed on high alert in view of the attacks by terrorists of the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist organization.

Police chief of Eastern Jakarta, Andrey Vibbo told Metro TV, "Two explosions occurred one after another at 9 pm (Indian time at 7:30 pm). He said, considering the loss, I can say that the explosion was very big.

Significantly, the Muslim population is the highest in Indonesia. Six people, including three policemen, were killed and four assailants were killed in the blasts and firing on six places including a café near the United Nations Office in Jakarta in January last year. ISIS took responsibility for the blasts.

Indonesia has been under the grip of Islamic terrorist incidents since last 15 years. In the 2002 Bali bombings, 202 people died. IS's devilish movements from Asia to Europe are troubled by the countries. The dangerous ideology of IS has led to the disappearance of many Muslim youth of the world including India. Terrorist attacks and terrorists become such a young pawn.

DM and SSP of Saharanpur Suspended

Saharanpur:  After the violence on May 5 in Shabirpur village of Bargaon area, the Yogi Government took action. District Collector NP Singh and SSP Subhash Chandra Dubey have been suspended. A man was shot dead on Wednesday also. So far, 3 people have died in this violence. There have been violence in about 10 places. 60 houses of Dalits have been burnt. Due to the play of the DJ, the controversy had cropped up.

- During the Maharana Pratap Shobhaatra on 5th May in Shabbirpur village, there was a feud between Thakurs and Dalits regarding playing DJs. A man from Thakur side died in this.
After this incident more than 60 houses of Dalits were burnt and many trains were set on fire. This incident was opposed by the Bhima Army of the Dalits.
- Dalit gathered in Saharanpur on 9th May to get justice for Victims of Shabbirpur. The police tried to convince them, but they got flashed. There was violence in 9 places in the district. Shops and trains were set on fire.
- Bhima Army founder Chandrashekhar was nominated in this case. On May 21, Dalits protested against Jantar Mantar in Delhi in large numbers.
A man shot dead from Mayawati's house
On Tuesday, Mayawati reached Shabirpur village to meet the victims of Victim's violence on May 5. He had announced to provide Dalit Victims with the help of 25 to 50 thousand rupees from the party fund.
Mayawati held a meeting there. Dalits returning home from here were attacked on the way. In it one person died, many were injured. After this, the Dalits set on fire the houses of upper cast people in two homes.
To control the situation, the Yogi Government sent a team of 4 officers from Saharanpur to Lucknow on Tuesday night.
- 5 PAC commandants were also sent from Ghaziabad, Meerut, Aligarh and Agra. In this case 25 people have been arrested so far.
Threatened situations in Saharanpur
5 May 2017: Shibbeerpur village, a fight between Dalits and Thakurs, death of a man
9 May 2017: Clashes between dalits police, 9 places violence
May 21, 2017: Performing on Jantar-Mantar of Delhi.
23 May 2017: After the Mayawati tour, violence, one person's death
24 May 2017: A person's death was caused by a bullet, one injured.


Defeating Pakistan will not be that Easy: Farookh Abdullah

Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah says that negotiations between India and Pakistan are the only way to resolve the dispute. The present situation should not be allowed to worsen to the extent that it may lead to a full-fledged war. At the same time, he also said that till the issue of Kashmir is not addressed, discussed and resolved, there will be no difference from the surgical strike.

Farooq said that Pakistan has always been saying that Kashmir is ours, so talks to Pakistan are the only way. Terrorism has been going on for years due to this issue but it can be a way out of the conversation itself.
Farooq Abdullah says that even after the surgical strike the terrorists are killing our soldiers. Terrorist camps already exist in PoK Even after Kargil, Atal Bihari Vajpayee spoke to General Pervez Musharraf. This government should also negotiate.

If the war is over we will not win
Farooq has said so far that if we have a war with Pakistan then we will not win. Because their weapons are not less than that of ours. Only waste from war will happen. Poor people will be more ruined. Growing up for 70 years, these economies will collapse.

First make our own home blame-free
Farooq Abdullah taking a potshot the current situation of Jammu and Kashmir, said, "We should first fix our house, the situation in Jammu and Kashmir should be improved. On the question of surgical strike, he said, "Whether or not a surgical strike has occurred, ask country's Prime Minister, the Defense Minister. I do not get into it. ' Farooq Abdullah also says that the government of India should interact with all the people in Jammu and Kashmir. Whether it is a Hurriyat or someone else should talk.

I do not give such a statement

Farooq Abdullah says that I have not made such a statement, on the statement of Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi's blood-brokering statement. I do not use such words. I do not know why he did what he did about.

Good News for the Govt. Employees

Central Govt. employees may get good news today related to the allowance. A high level committee of secretaries can meet today on the allowances. The committee, headed by Ashok Lavasa, has given its review report to the seventh Pay Commission on Finance Minister Arun Jaitley a month ago.
There is no official announcement of this meeting, but if some media reports agree, then on May 24 this committee of secretaries can be held. Cabinet Secretary PK Sinha, including Home Ministry, Personnel and Training, Health and Family Welfare, Railway officials can participate in the meeting on the seventh pay commission.

These are the main things:
1. Increase in arrears and basic pay on revised allowances are two main issues. Central employees are getting allowances at the old rates.
2. If Ashok admits the Advisory Committee of Lavasa Committee of the Secretaries, then the report will be sent to the Central Cabinet for final approval and the reports of Lavasa on the allowance can be presented to the Modi government this week.
3. On the performance of the central employees, the Modi government gave finance secretary Ashok Lavasa the task of reviewing the recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission by the Modi government.
4. The Seventh Pay Commission had advised to eliminate 52 allowances out of 196 allowances for central workers and 36 minor allowances were said to be included in large allowances.
5. In another recommendation, according to the category of cities, there was a reduction of 2 to 6 per cent in house rent allowance.

6. After the recommendations of the Ashok Lavasa panel's implementation, about 50 lakh central workers will be benefitted.

Chandraswamy Passes Away

New Delhi: The spiritual Guru Chandraswami passed away on Tuesday at the age of 66. According to the reports, he had been on dialysis for several days. Chandraswami, born in 1948, was a controversial tantric in the country and former PM PV was considered close to Narasimha Rao.

Prediction about Britain's former PM Margaret Thatcher

- Former Foreign Minister Natwar Singh has mentioned in his book "Walking with Lions - Tales from a Diplomatic Past" in the meeting of former British PM Margaret Thatcher and Chandraswami.

Singh wrote in his book, "When I was the deputy high commissioner of India in London in 1975, when Chandraswami came there and expressed the desire to meet Margaret Thatcher, then leader of the Conservative Party, during the meeting, Thatcher made many questions from Chandraswami. Some questions were about her becoming PM. Chandraswami had predicted that Thatcher would become Prime Minister for 9, 11 or 13 years. " Thatcher was the British PM for 11 years.”

Preity Zinta also Met with Chandraswami

- Chandraswami and Preity Zinta were also in the headlines. A picture of both of them was also in the limelight. The mistress of Kings XI Punjab, Preity, had met him in the Ashram of Chandraswami in the Qutub Institutional Area of ​​Delhi.

The names of these people are also connected

- PV Narasimha Rao, Natwar Singh, Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor, Sultan of Brunei, Sheikh Isha bin Salman al Khalifa of Bahrain, Arms dealer Adnan Khashogi, Dawood Ibrahim.

Accused of Financing Rajiv Gandhi’s Assassination

Chandraswami's name is also associated with Rajiv Gandhi's murder. IncomeTax raided Chandraswami's ashram, claiming that Arms dealer Adnan Khashogi received $ 11 million worth of payment papers. Jain Commission claimed in his report that Chandraswami was involved in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. The Information Department is investigating Chandraswami's financier for the Rajiv Assassination case. Due to these allegations, the Supreme Court had barred Chandraswami from going abroad, but the ban was later removed. In addition, a London businessman had accused $ 1 million of $ 64 million in fraud.


- Chandraswami's father Behror was from Rajasthan, who later came to Hyderabad. Chandraswami was very young at that time. Chandraswami had started cultivating the system since his early age. After this he became the disciple of Amar Muni and Tantric Pandit Gopinath Kaviraj. Chandraswami also practised  in the forests of Bihar. He was a Jain by  religion, but the goddess used to believe in Kali.
                                                                         ---Ashish Jha

The Most Watched-out Players in the Champions Trophy

With the end of the tenth season of the IPL, all eyes will be on the Champions Trophy from June 1 in England. The match will be from Bangladesh in the first match of this tournament, famously known as Mini World Cup. Some of the eight teams playing in the tournament are selected batsmen, who aim to turn the dice for their team. Know who will be on the batsmen, everyone's eyes:

David Warner (Australia)
Australia's opening batting has named the Orange Cap in the IPL. Warners who hit the ball in the early overs always play in the fifth gear. In the last 10 ODIs, Warner has scored 5 centuries, out of which he has crossed 150 ratings points. In the ICC rankings, No. 2 batsman Warner would like to continue his IPL form.

Joe Root (England)
Joe Root, who performed well in the series against Ireland, has shown good game in ODIs in the last one year. The world considers them the future of England cricket, which they probably prove by their performance. Route will benefit greatly from domestic conditions. In the 2016-17 season the Route runs at an average of 81.75. Root has scored 9 hundreds in 85 ODIs.

AB De Villiers (South Africa)
This year's IPL did not go well for AB de Villiers, one of the most explosive batsmen from the world. However, AB with a strike rate of more than 100 in 216 one-day internationals, can sometimes make as many runs as they want by changing the gear. But Abby, who made just one Fifty from 9 matches of the IPL-10, would like to become his team's captain in the Champions Trophy this year.

Ken Williamson (New Zealand)
There is a saying in cricket, which means that the form keeps coming, but the class remains intact. Kiwi captain Kane Williamson is the same class batsman, who makes him one of the world's top players. There is no shortage of Williamson's batting enthusiasts. Whenever the batsman, who slowly strikes himself, is in color, he blows the colors of the opponents.

Virat Kohli (India)
Team India captain Virat Kohli will have 2 responsibilities this time. First of all, they should successfully defend the title of your team and the second one is to eliminate the runs of runs in England. Kohli, who has scored 27 centuries in ODIs, will have to forget the IPL and Australia series, for which he is well known. Kohli himself also hopes that his display with team jersey also changed.

Steve Smith (Australia)

Steve Smith, who has become the world's top batsman after leading the side as a leg-spinner, has led the Kangaroo team forward. In last 14 months, he has scored 667 runs at an average of 55.58. Smith, who plays 95 ODIs, has scored 8 centuries and 16 half-centuries. Smith, who is batting in his own style, is increasingly increasing day by day.

                                                            ----Amit Kumar Thakur

India Retaliates again Against Pakistan

The Indian Army has taken huge action against the Pakistani army. Indian Army has operated this operation on 20-21 May in Naushera sector. The army has taken this action against continuous infiltration. On Tuesday, the Indian Army organized a press conference on the continuous attacks in Jammu and Kashmir.
The Indian Army has released a video of this action. The army has released a video of thirty seconds, in which Pakistan is being given a strong response from India.

What did Major Ashok Nurula Say

Maj Gen Ashok Narula of the army said that the army of Pakistan helps the terrorists to cross the border. He said that the army in Jammu and Kashmir always seeks peace. Major Narula said that Pakistani troops send terrorists to our country, they constantly target Indian villages and villagers. When Pakistan's army invades us, then only we take action against them.
Army Took Right Step
Colonel VN Thapar said that these actions should have been done long enough, as Pakistan is always been hostile to our army and our country. The Indian Army did an aggressive approach and did exactly what was most needed and appropriate. Colonel Thapar said that till Pakistan does not understand this thing till then, India should do the same. India will have to take proactive Action. Colonel Thapar said that the Indian Army is equipped and capable of answering every action of Pakistan. This action is a small message from India.

There was a Surgical Strike before 

It is important to mention here that in response to the Uri attack on September 18 last year, on September 28-29, the brave soldiers of the Indian Army had a surgical strike injecting them into Pakistan. The army had entered the land of Pakistan and demolished many terrorist bases.
In this surgical strike, 19 Para Commandos had an important contribution, the documents issued included details of all the activities of surgical strikes. In this 19 Para Commandos, this mission was executed by a Colonel of 4th and 9th Battalion of Para Regiment, two Captains, five Major, a Subedar, two Nb Subedar, three Halwadar, one Lancenayak and four Paratupers.


Did you Meet God in Space?

After returning from space, the first Indian who went to space, Rakesh Sharma, often asked in India whether they met God in their space.
His answer was, "No, I did not find God there." Rakesh Sharma went to space trip in 1984.

Their space travel has been more than three decades. And now their fans are wiping out the difference between truth and fantasy.
He explains, "Now many women comes with their children and pointing out to me tell them, “see children! He is the one who has been to moon, had spent some time with Chanda Mama.”

Rakesh Sharma was surrounded by fans for one year after returning from space. In the celebrations, he used to draw photos with people. Used to deliver speech.

Elderly women used to give thanks. The fans were tearing up his clothes, used to scream to take autographs. The leaders used to take them to procession in their area to collect votes.

He recalled the old days, "It was an entirely different feeling." I had been tired of the craziness of the fans and I had to laugh at all times. "
Rakesh Sharma was associated with Indian Air Force at the age of 21 and used to fly supersonic jet fighter aircraft there.
In the 1971 war with Pakistan, he flew 21 times. At that time he was not even 23 years old.

At the age of 25 he was the best pilot of the Air Force. He did 35 times in space. And they were 128th person who did this in space.

                                                                                  ----Ajay Kashyap

PSEB 10th Result 2017 Today

PSEB 10th Result 2017: There is good news for the candidates of Punjab School Education Board i.e. PSEB's 10th Board Examination in the month of March. Students appearing  in this examination will no longer have to wait for the results. PSEB today is issuing results of Board Examination of 10th.

PSEB sources have provided information that PSEB may today announce the board exam 10th results on 23 May. The Board of 10th Examination will release the list of candidates and the percentage of the number of candidates who have passed along with the toppers.

The Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) will release the result of the 10th Board Exam on its official website. Candidates joining this examination can visit their website on pseb.ac.in and get their exam results. 
The examination of the 10th School of Punjab School Education Board was held in the month of March, 2017, in which lakhs of students were enrolled.

 They are waiting for their exam results. Although nothing has been officially said from the Board about this, but according to information received from sources, the board will release results on its website today.

A few days ago, the Punjab School Education Board had declared results of 12th examination. PSEB Chairman Balbir Singh Dhillon declared the results and  the names of the toppers. Amisha Arora of RS Model School, Ludhiana, was made topper of 98.44 percent, whereas Prabhjot Joshi was at second place with 98.22 percent marks. Ragah of Tagore School was ranked third with 98 percent marks.

                                                                           ---Sushmita Jha

Bombing during a musical concert in the city of Manchester, UK, gets panic

There are reports of 19 deaths in twin bomb blasts during a musical concert in the city of Manchester, UK. More than 50 people are reported as injured. The British Police is treating the incident as the terrorist attack. After the blast, the entire Manchester city has been besieged.

Explosion during Concert

These blasts took place at the concert of the famous pop singer Arena Grande in the Manchester Arena. The concert was going on Monday night. According to the police, at 10.35 pm they received a call of explosions. People came in large numbers to join the concert. In the meantime, the shriek of the blasts was heard there. After which the entire area was filled with chaos. Shortly after the blast, Arena was evacuated. After the blast, the movement of trains from Manchester Victoria station was stopped. It is being told that the blast arena is near the ticket window.

Manchester Police’s  Statement

"The emergency services are active after the news of the blast in Manchester Arena," the statement released by Manchester Police after the blasts said. Many people have been confirmed dead while many others have been injured.

Suicide bomber’s hand?

According to the UK media, suicide bombers can be behind the blast. Manchester Police also claimed to have disabled a bomb in the city's Cathedral Garden. It is being said that one more live bomb was also found from Manchester Arena.
British Prime Minister Tharessa has condemned the attack. She said that this attack is one of the most dastardly incidences in the history of humanity.

Catastrophe Everywhere

A 22-year-old eyewitness told the BBC, "Everyone screamed and ran away. People were lying on the floor and phone floors. People were leaving everything and running away. Some people were shouting that they had seen blood while others were saying that this was just the sound of the balloon bursts or some speaker was torn apart. Britain has been the victim of terror attacks several times before. However, the reason for this blast is yet to be confirmed.

PWD Scam: Sarhoo of Kejriwal's House Raided

New Delhi: Anti-corruption branch of Delhi raided the house of Sadhoo Surendra Bansal of Delhi's CM Arvind Kejriwal late on Monday night. This action has been done in connection with the investigation of the PWD scam. Surendra Bansal passed away on May 7.

In addition to Surendra Bansal, the house of two other people related to this case also raided by the ACB team. The papers received from these impressions will be revealed later.

Shatrughan Sinha Comes in Defense of Lalu

Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar, Tejashvi Yadav has targeted the BJP by taking the tweet of BJP MP Shatrughan Sinha.

Tashavi tweeted supporting Shatrughan Sinha, "Who calls you an enemy, how did he become self-righteous? BJP has big problem with many elected representatives like you and Kirti Azad."

Tejashvi tweeted, "The leader of the Bihar BJP, is expert in making baseless allegations. He changes his colour like a chameleon; he is probably suffering colour blindness.

Shatrughan Sinha has been targeting the central leadership of the BJP since the Assembly elections in Bihar in 2015. On Monday, he took on the BJP leadership of Bihar on his own target.

Logic of Shatrughan

Shatrughan tweeted, "Our BJP certainly believes in honesty and transparency, unless anyone is proved guilty, he should not be branded as a convict."

Shatrughan Sinha said that with BJP leader Sushil Modi, Lalu Yadav and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal should stop negative politics.
BJP leader and former Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi had recently accused the Rashtriya Janata Dal chief Lalu Yadav and his family for raising crores of rupees as an honorarium property.

Sushil Modi also responded to the tweet of the Shatrughan Sinha, "It is not necessary that if someone is famous, he can be trustworthy as well. The time has come to show the betrayers the door”.
Sushil Modi tweeted, "The BJP's 'enemy' jumped into the rescue of Lalu, a move from which even Nitish did not take.”
Shatrughan tweeted the reply of Sushil Modi, "Positive criticism should not be taken as a rebellion, rather it should be discussed within the party."
                                                                      ---Ashish Jha

Rs. 50 Crore to Assassinate Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on the target of terrorists. Kaushal Soni, a resident of Satna district, Madhya Pradesh, has been called from an unknown number from abroad, in which a proposal worth Rs 50 crore was offered for bombing PM Modi during a rally in Mumbai on May 25. Kushal Sony gave the written complaint of this case to the police station. On this, the police has started the investigation after registering the case. At present, the police is engaged in the investigation of the cyber cell case.

Earlier, Madhya Pradesh Intelligence had alerted the UP police that the terrorists are planning to  attack Uttar Pradesh's Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. Satna Superintendent of Police Mithilesh Shukla said that the police has registered a case on the complaint. Cyber ​​Cell is investigating it. He told that at around 4:50 pm on Saturdays, a call came to Kushal Soni, resident of Ramnagar in Satna.

The caller said that the PM Modi has to fly in a rally in Mumbai on May 25. He also told that two fences are ready to carry out the incident. The caller told the skilled man to join you in carrying out the incident. You will be given the amount requested for it. Although he did not reveal his name.

According to the magazine, Kushal Soni first thought that someone is joking, but after watching the mobile number, his senses got swollen. They complained to Ramnagar police station and handed over the conversation to the audio police. Ramnagar police station in-charge KL Mishra said that this phone came from abroad. The person who calls the person is looking like a tone. It is important in this regard that recently Bhopal STF has arrested two Pakistani spy named Balarama and Rajiv,  from Satna.

                                                                           ----Ashish Jha