Trump to sell arms to Saudi Arabia worth 7 billion rupees

US President Donald Trumpet on the domestic front reached Saudi Arabia on the first foreign trip on Friday. During this time, he will deal with the sale of weapons worth $ 110 billion (7090 crore) from Saudi Arabia.
Since Trump has become a US President, his team is focused on relations with Russia. Trump is facing allegations of pressure on FBI director James Kome to stop the investigation itself. Trump reached Riyadh with his wife Melania, daughter Ewanka and son-in-law Jered Kushner, where he was received a grand reception at the airport. Saudi ruler Qul Salman himself came to receive him.

Melania looked without hijab

Melania came out of the Air Force One without any head cover, like other foreign celebrities. There is a tradition of covering women in Saudi Arabia. Trump is the first US president, who has chosen a Muslim country for the first foreign trip.

Trump's son-in-law interfered in Saudi deal

Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, had called a Lockheed Martin official to reduce the cost of a deal worth billions of dollars from Saudi Arabia. The New York Times disclosed this in a report.
According to the report, when Kushanar came to know that Saudi Arabia could withdraw from purchasing this system due to high costs, then he called Lockheed Martin's CEO Marilyn A. Hughes. He asked Hueson if the company could reduce the price. On this, Husson talked about re-thinking on prices. This interference from the Kushanar has strengthened the allegations on the Trump administration that their administration is ignoring formal procedures in functioning.

Obama tried to create a disturbed relationship

During Barack Obama's reign, relations between the US and Saudi were worsened. Obama had refused to help Saudi in the military campaign of Yemen as he entered into a nuclear deal with Iran. Obama's refusal to support Egypt's president Hosni Mubarak's coup and direct action against Bashar al-Assad also did not come right to the Saudi rulers.

Attempts to improve relations with Muslim countries

After campaigning and becoming President, Trump, who is targeting Muslims and Muslim countries in the matter of terrorism, is trying to improve relations with Islamic countries through Riyadh Yatra. Saudi Arabia is the most powerful country in the Middle East and is the leader of Sunni factional nations. After the killing of thousands of civilians in the Saudi military campaign, the leaders of Shia-dominated countries have been aggressive against Iran.

Visit to Israel, Italy, and Belgium in a 10-day tour

Trump is to address 14 representatives of Muslim countries on May 21
$ 50 billion deal will be in Saudi Aramco and American companies
06 countries will also participate in the Conference of Gulf Cooperation Council.
US president will also attend Arab-NATO cooperation conference
Arms deals
Missile defense system thod
Fighter aircraft F-35
State-of-the-art tank

Advanced warship
                                                                          ---Sushmita Jha

HBSE to Declare Results Today

Haryana Vidyalaya Education Board (HBSE) may declare the 10th class examination result today. The results will be announced by around 4 pm in the evening. Students can view their Result Board's official website at SBSE had issued the 12th class examination result on Thursday.

Earlier, the board officials had told NDTV that the result of 10th will be announced on May 20, two days after the announcement of class 12th (May 18) .

It is worth mentioning that the examinations of the 10th and the 12th had started on March 7. The examinations for the 10th and the 12th of March were held till 8 April. More than 3 lakh in the 10th and about 2 lakh 10 thousand students participated in the 12th.

How can you Check Result?
First, go to the official website of the board,
After that click on the link of class 10th.
Now enter your roll number and registration number.
After this, after pressing the button of the subset, your result will come to the page.

How was the 12th result declared on Thursday
In the 12th class of Haryana School Education Board Harish Sharma of Rewari tops with 98.2% marks. Overall result was 64.50 percent. It is 2.10 percent higher than last year. Daughter then overtaken the sons Compared to 73.44 percent of the daughters, only 57.58 percent of the boys passed. More than 70 percent girls passed in 17 districts of the state. The pass percentage of government schools is 65.67 and private schools are 63.16. If the area is spoken, 66.92 percent of the rural students have passed, while in urban areas the pass percentage is 60.26.

Board Chairman said that 2,10,867 candidates appeared in the academic examination, out of which 1,36,008 passed. There were 1,18,866 students sitting in this examination, of which 68,446 passed and 67,562 passed 92,001 senior students. A compartment of 42,245 test takers has been received, 30,966 examinees have failed.

Last year's 10th result

Girls were ahead of boys even in the 10th position in 2016. The pass percentage was 48.88. Girls' examination result was 52.62 percent. The boys were 45.71 percent.

Lalu Talks about Grand-Alliance at National Level amid IT Raids

Patna: On Friday, just three days after the raids of income tax, RJD chief Lalu Prasad on Friday attacked the BJP. He told reporters that BJP and its people will be demolished by the rally organized on 27th August at Gandhi Maidan in Patna. BJP's dream and agenda is 2024, but our agenda is 2019.

The Bihar model of the Maha coalition will save the country. They will also remove them from the throne. Lalu predicted that BJP will not be able to fulfill its first term. He said that the central government has failed in all the cases, so the rival is being raided here But, we are not afraid of this kind of gimmick of BJP.

Lalu Prasad said on his family's allegations of corruption and rising questions on the coalition, in an unconscious manner, this is the goal of how to break the coalition. Tease Lalu Prasad and go to Nitish Kumar and tell him. It means that people get broken. Corrupt is BJPs There were so many scams. Money in the election shed like water. Where did this money come from? He said, my family has not done any scam. Whatever the case, it is with the Income Tax Department and the Election Commission.

Everything is discolored (declared). The same person is speaking out to the fate every day. Some media has made the motive of insulting me and my family. He said that the Guitar House in Delhi is not mine, it is of Premchand Gupta’s. The Friends Club is making a break in the old house. If the mall was built in Patna, then we would get the rent and thousands would get jobs. After all, who will sell Lungi and Ganji? When asked if the poor's son Lalu Prasad has now become a Mallavla and businessman Lalu Prasad, his answer was that we still sell milk. What is the matter of the mall? The land belongs to our company, while the builder is preparing it. There is also a part of it.

He said that whenever the BJP came to power, the flag of Pakistan is hoisted in Kashmir. Atal ji's government reached Kargil and the Pakistani army entered the Indian border and cut off the heads of the soldiers. The people sitting in the center are timid and cowardly. These can not be protected from the country. Where is 56 inches’ Chest?

Election Commission Gives Open Challenge to the Political Parties

Election Commission has already prepared an open challenge to the political parties accusing EVMs of messing up. The commission today will give a demo of the work of electronic voting machines (EVMs) and VVPat machines to people through special programs. At the same time, in the same program EVM will also announce the dates of the challenge to be hacked.

Several opposition parties have consistently attacked the reliability of EVMs. This program is being kept to remove their doubts about the manipulation of EVMs. According to the announcement of the Election Commission, a press conference will also be convened after the EVM and VVPAT are displayed.

Challenge can be given after May 29

Chief Election Commissioner Nasim Zaidi had announced the challenge to prove the claim that EVM could be disturbed after the all-party meeting convened on May 12. A senior officer of the commission told that political parties can be challenged to hack the EVMs in the first week of June after May 29.

The official said that the commission will call all the seven national parties and 48 state level parties to take part in the open challenge. For this, the Commission, who wish to join the challenge, will also give a week's time to choose the option of manipulating the machines of any polling station in the five assembly elections held recently. At the same time, every political party who accepts the challenge, will be given different chance to prove his claim to disturb the machine.

Commission to Prepare the VVPAT EVM Voting before 2019 General Election

According to an Election Commission official, the Supreme Court had ordered the commission to prepare for VVPAT EVM voting before the 2019 Lok Sabha election. In order to ensure the compliance of this order, the Commission has already made preparations to hold elections from the VVPAT EVMs in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh assembly elections before the Lok Sabha elections. In reality, a slip is generated from the VVPat machine, which makes the voter aware that the candidate who pressed the EVM button in favor of the candidate, went to him.

Earlier, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), Congress, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Trinamool Congress expressed concern over rigging in the EVM during an all-party meeting. AAP has welcomed the Election Commission's challenge to show the EVM hacking, but emphasized 'hackathon'. The party said that after getting the opportunity, it will prove that machines can be hacked.

GST Council Fixes the Tax Rate

Srinagar / New Delhi: The GST Council on Friday fixed the tax rate for most of the services. Arun Jaitley said, education and healthcare in GST will be tax free as soon as before. There will be no difference on the train ticket. AC ticket of Railway has been kept in 5% tax slab. In the last budget, the service tax was abolished after taking ticket from IRCTC. The food in the luxury restaurant will be 17% expensive. Only 5 services, five star hotels, movie tickets, racing, betting and casino have been imposed on 28% tax. How much GST is going on in Q & A ...

Q. How many tax slabs were divided into services?
On the lines of Goods, they are also divided into 5 segments 0%, 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%.

Q. What tax rates are not fixed on services and goods?

A. Tax rates of 6 Goods and Services such as gold, cigarettes, bidi, textiles, footwear and bio-diesel have not been decided. For this, the meeting will again be held in Delhi on June 3. New tax rates will be effective from July 1.
Q. Is the electricity bill included in the Electricity Bill?

A. Electricity bill is excluded from the GST. Therefore no tax will be levied on this. It still does not seem to be a service tax.

Q. How much tax will increase on truck transport?
A. There is now 70% abatement on truck transport. That is, 30% of the shares are taxed 15%. It is only 4.5% of the bill. 5% tax is kept in GST. Because its main input is out of petrol-diesel GST. So input tax credit will not be available.

Q. What will be the difference between train travel?
A. There is no tax on Metro, Local Train, Religious and Haj Travels yet. There is no tax on non-AC train tickets. No tax on AC train ticket In the GST, there will be no tax on metro, local train, religious trips, non-AC train tickets. 5% tax on AC train ticket.

Q. How much tax on cab services like Ola-Uber?
A. CAB aggregator like Ola and Uber now has 6% tax. In GST these services are placed in a 5% slab. I.e. less than 1%

Q. Will air travel be cheap or expensive?
A. Now 6% tax on economy class tickets. 9% and 9% tax on business class tickets. 5% Taxes for Economy Class in GST That is 1% savings. 12% tax for business clauses. That is, these 3% will be expensive.

Q. How expensive is food in a restaurant or a hotel?
A. 40% of food bill is taxed 15%. If you add it to the whole bill, then it is 6%. VAT still takes 5% on the whole bill. Adding both, the total tax on food is 11%. In GST it is divided into three parts.

Non-AC Restaurant: 12% tax will be charged on food bill. That is 1% more.
Restaurants with wine licenses and ac: 18% tax. That is, 7% more.
Luxury Restaurant: A tax rate of 28% will apply. That is 17% more.

Q. Hotels stay cheap or expensive?
A. No tax on rent for up to Rs 3,000 now. More than this, 10% of the state tax (MP) is a luxury tax. That means the hotel rooms will be expensive. No tax will be levied for less than Rs.1000 in GST.

At room of 1000-2500: 12%
2500 to 5000 Rooms: 18%

5000 At the rooms of more than: 28%

Q. What will be the impact on tour and travel?

- Looks like 15%. However, there are some things exempted from this tax on the tour bills. 18% tax will be charged on tour and travel in GST. That means the tax rate will increase by 3%.

GST for the Sevices Fixed; No Tax for Health care and Education

Srinagar: No tax will be imposed on new Tax System GST on education and health, while the services have been decided to levy GST at four different rates. GST Council today finalized the rates for services under the goods and services tax (GST) system. Under this, the economy will have 5% GST on the transport including an air ticket in the economy class.

The Council has decided to levy tax at 4 rate slabs of 5,12,18 and 28% for various services, including telecommunications, insurance, hotels and restaurants. These rates are also in accordance with the rates fixed for the goods. Along with this, GST rates have been fixed for all commodities except gold and few items. The government is in the process of implementing GST from July 1.

After the two-day meeting of the Council, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said that telecom and financial services will be taxed at a standard rate of 18%. 5% tax on transport services will take place. This rate will also apply to companies offering taxi booking service from an app like Ola and Uber. At the same time, it will apply to those currently paying 6% tax.
As far as rail travel is concerned, the general category or non-air conditioned (AC) rail travel has been exempted from GST while 5% of the air-conditioned tickets will be charged. Revenue Secretary Hasmukh Adhia said that GST discounts will continue on pilgrimages including metro, local train and Haj pilgrimage. 5% on the economy class in the air travel and 12% on the business class journey will be GST.

Jaitley said 12% GST would be on food bill in the restaurant without AC. Tax rates will be 18% in the AC (air conditioned) restaurant with liquor licenses. At the same rate, the GST rate will be 28% in the 5 star hotels. Similarly, a restaurant with a business of less than Rs 50 lakh or less will be taxed at 5% rate. At the same time, work on contracts such as whitewash will be 12% GST.

Under entertainment tax, entertainment tax will be merged in service tax, whereas 28% tax will be levied on cinema services, horse racing or gambling. The proposed tax rates for cinema halls are about 40 to 55% lower than the current rates. With this, where cinema tickets can be cheaper and the right to charge them will be with the states only.
Hotels and lodges, which charge Rs.1000 per day, will be exempted in GST. At the same rate, the hotel will charge 12% for a fee of 1000 to 2000 rupees per day. Similarly, the tariff for hotel for 2500 to 5000 rupees per day will be 18%. Similarly, the tariff for hotels with a daily charge of more than Rs 5000 per day will be 28%.

Jaitley said that the issue of tax on gold and precious metals will be considered in the next meeting of the Council which will be held on June 3. Jaitley said that most service tax exemptions will continue. He said that there will be no inflationary impact of GST. Healthcare and education services will also be exempt from GST. Companies like Flipkart and Snapdeal have to deduct 1% TCS while paying suppliers. No tax will be levied on the lottery. Jaitley said that GST will be implemented from July 1 and 'we are ready for it'.

Sachin Talks about the Bowler he was Afraid of

Mumbai: The shocking disclosure has come about the great Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar. This disclosure is not done by anyone but Sachin himself, the Lord of cricket himself. Sachin Tendulkar talked about the bowler, he was afraid of. Not only that, he opened many other important roles associated with his cricket career.

In a promotional event, Sachin opened his heart and talked about several things related to cricket. Sachin Tendulkar, told that he had faced around 25 world-class bowlers in the cricket field. However, the bowler who was most afraid of facing the ball on the cricket field, was former South African captain Hansie Cronje. Sachin Tendulkar disclosed this during a promotional event in Mumbai.

"Hansie Cronje did not play in the ball" Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar told that he never liked playing Hansie Cronje balls. Sachin Tendulkar said that since I started playing in 1989, I have faced many world-class bowlers. Although against whom I could not enjoy batting, he was Hansie Cronje. During the batting, I was out for some reason.

About the former South African captain Hansie Cronje, Sachin Tendulkar told mediapersons, “I felt like I could stand on the other end during his bowling. I used to say to everybody who was a batter at the time of the pitch that at the moment you have a strike. Let me tell that former South African captain Hansie Cronje was not a regular bowler. He was a medium pacer. He dismissed Sachin Tendulkar three times in 32 one-dayers. On the other hand, Hansie Cronje in the 11 Test matches out Sachin Tendulkar five times.

Sachin Tendulkar told that during the 24-year international cricket career, I had seen many rounds. Recalling his Cricketing Career, he said that the 1999 Australian series was a very tough series of his career. The Australian team at that time was unmatched. At that time, seven to eight players from 11 players in the team were match winners. It was such a team that maintained its dominance in world cricket for many years.

                                                       ----Vasundhara Bundela

Russia Faces the Heat of India's Nuclear Diplomacy

Before India's meeting next month of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin, India has stressed on Russia's strong diplomacy on nuclear diplomacy that it is not possible to adopt a way of resentment, with friends when pressure on enemies is not done. This attitude of India has created resilience within Russia that is growing closer to China and it is possible that it shows some activism in favor of India. 

Russia hoped that India will negotiate with Russia on MoU on developing a nuclear reactor in Kudankulam before the meeting of Putin and Modi, but India has said that if it has been in the two-and-a-half years, the nuclear supply group NSG is not a member if it does not have any other way than developing the reactor. Russia is very restless for this deal, because of its commercial advantage. Russia's Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogagin has met Modi in this regard, but nothing seems to have done. India has had great hopes from nuclear power and the government claims that by 2024 it will produce nuclear power up to 15000 MW, which will be three times the production of the last decade. One reason for India's pressure on Russia is to go to China's China One-Belt One Road (OBOR) plan.

 Meanwhile, Russia has also established a strategically close alliance to Pakistan. These two steps are against the interests of India. In spite of this, old friends like Russia, who is also a member of the BRICS, could be useful for India if it could put pressure on China in the field of nuclear energy to join India in the NSG. India can also keep such a condition from the US and France, but, perhaps, they are not as old friends as Russia, hence India can not expect as much as it is expecting from Russia. 

Today's international relations have begun with professionalism and are going towards strategic and India holds immense business possibilities for Russia, that is passing through huge economic crisis. Now only time will tell as to how much pressure has this effect on Russia and how much Russia  compels China to adopt a practical way in favor of India.

Darbhanga and Jogvani among the Dirtiest Railway Stations

Anand Vihar Jammu Tawi, Lucknow and Gorakhpur stations have been named among the cleanest stations in the country. Visakhapatnam and Beas are the cleanest stations in the country, whereas Darbhanga and Jogbani have been named in the most dirty stations.

This fact has been exposed in the third survey conducted by IRCTC on the basis of cleanliness in railway stations, which was released by Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu here on Wednesday. It included a total of 407 railway stations, including 75 A and A category 332 stations. Similar surveys are now being done in respect of trains. Results will be announced soon.

The special point of the survey is to get 39th place in the A1 stations of Delhi's most prominent New Delhi station. This has resulted in a big blow to the Northern Railway. Better position than New Delhi is from Hazrat Nizamuddin and Old Delhi station, which has been ranked 23rd and 24nd respectively. Anand Vihar also got the fifth place. While the third place, Jammu Tawi has saved the honor of Northern Railway. Lucknow got 6th, Gorakhpur got 12th position, got relief from North Eastern Railway. But despite all the efforts, the prime minister's parliamentary constituency, Varanasi, got the 14th position in the northern railway. Patna 28th, Haridwar 30th and Agra 35th place. Darbhanga at A1 category stations, while Jogbani's name in A category stations is the last in the list. In A category stations, Beas station of Himachal Pradesh is occupied first in the same way as before.

This survey was done by the Quality Council of India for IRCTC. In addition to toilet, drinking water booth, catering stall, ft overbridges, rails and kitchens, in addition to parking the parking area, entry door and hygiene of waiting rooms, to measure the sanitation of railway stations. In addition to procedures adopted for cleanliness in the survey, the situation found during inspection and the opinion of the passengers-all were given a third one weight.

Suresh Prabhu said that we want to see all the stations clean. After the last survey, the condition of many stations got improved.


International Court of Justice to Pronounce Verdict Tomorrow

New Delhi: In the case of Kulbhushan Jadhav, the International Court of Justice will pronounce its verdict tomorrow. Three days ago the International Court heard the arguments of India and Pakistan. According to official sources, the International Court will announce its decision on Thursday at around 3:30 pm Indian time. According to the statement, Court President Ronnie Abraham will read the decision.

Jadhav may Get Hanged before ICJ Completes Hearing

India had kept its plea and demanded that Jadhav's death sentence should be immediately suspended. India feared that Pakistan could hang Jadhav before completion of the trial in the ICJ.
When the ICJ began the hearing, India responded positively to its arguments. 46 Days ago, Naval officer Jadhav was arrested on March 3 last year. A Pakistani court sentenced him to death for allegations of espionage and subversive activities.

Jadhav got Sued without Evidence

India kept the Jadhav case on May 8 in the International Court. India has alleged that Pakistan is violating the Vienna Agreement and Jadhav is suing for being convicted without evidence.
Pakistan said in the ICJ that provisions related to counselor contact in the Vienna Agreement are not for any detective involved in terrorist activities. Both neighboring countries were face-to-face in ICJ 18 years ago when Islamabad sought the intervention of the International Court for the killing of one of its naval aircraft.

Legal aid not provided to protect Jadhav
Salve termed Jadhav's arrest, filing a chargesheet against him and all the proceedings related to the trial of the case in an uninterrupted manner, as a violation of the United Nations Charter and the Vienna Treaty, and said that in the context of the fabricated allegations, Support is not provided.
Salve told the court that on March 16, 2016, Jadhav was abducted in Iran and then brought to Pakistan as an alleged Indian spy and confessed to a magistrate before a military inspector. He was not allowed to contact anyone and the hearing was also one-sided.

Salve said, "I urge the ICJ to ensure that Jadhav should not be hanged, Pakistan has told this court that (the act of not hanging) action has been taken and no action has been taken that Jadhav In case, adversely affects India's rights. "

Vienna treaty does not apply to spies and terrorists

Khawar Qureshi, appearing on behalf of Pakistan, rejecting India's attempt to bring the matter to ICJ, said that the provisions of the Vienna Treaty are not applicable in cases of detectives, terrorists and people involved in espionage.

Qureshi also said that India did not respond to Pakistan's contact in January this year, in which he was sought for assistance in investigating the matter related to Jadhav.

Birthday Bash of Ranjana Jha

Ranjana Jha, one of the most renowned teachers of Patna, celebrates her birthday today. Her family members were of the view that Jha should celebrate her birthday at Bangalore, Delhi, Nainital, Shimla, or some other exotic place. But, she decided to celebrate her birthday at Patna itself taking into consideration her students’ study that might have got hit severely, had she not been here for few days, in the wake of her birthday bash.

Prashant Jha, son of Ranjana Jha, who is working as software engineer at Accenture, has air-dashed to Patna just to celebrate the occasion. Her daughter Anamika Jha, who is pursuing her career in Forensic Science in Delhi University and has recently got internship offer from the Central Bureau of Investigation, is too busy to manage her availability on 17th May. But she has already booked an air ticket and is slated to arrive on 25th May.

When the News Analyst of Today Twig contacted her to wish her on her day, she was quite elated. ‘’I am quite happy that almost all my family members are pouring in, just to celebrate my birthday. It is a thing of beauty that will keep on giving me joy for the rest of my life. It is quite heartening for me that my family members are making a beeline to physically wish me on my birthday. My brother, despite being engrossed in writing a book, has surprisingly taken some time off from his disgustingly busy schedule, just to be with me on my birthday. Prabably, I could not have asked anything more of my birthday, this year.”


Nalanda to Become Smart City in Bihar

Bihar Sharif: The Bihar government is constantly working to develop the cities of Bihar as a smart city. Bihar has no special success in PM Modi's dream project Smart City. Bihar has not achieved much in the cleanliness survey in recent times, but yes there is a city that has awakened so much.

In Bihar's most clean cities, Bihar Nitish Kumar's home district Nalanda has got the headquarters of Bihar Sharif, which has overturned the capital city of Patna. If this continues, then the home town of Bihar Chief Minister, Biharsharif will also get the status of smart city. In order to make the town smart, the Bihar Sharif Municipal Corporation has prepared a proposal of 1400 crore 41 lakhs, which has been said to develop from slum area to other areas too. With such a huge amount, there is a plan to change the city's rejuvenation and shout. In this, Bihar Shahrif municipal corporation has sent 17 types of proposals to the central government. The main point here is that the Heritage and Cultural Tourism has been included in the Nalanda district keeping the tourists' stronghold. It is worth mentioning that the competition for 46 cities of Smart City is in progress now.

According to municipal commissioner Kaushal Kumar, work is being done to get Bihar Shahriarf smart city status. Opinion was taken from people to make smart city dreams of Biharsharif, the proposal has been prepared and sent to the final time in March on the final touch. Now just waiting for us the result. It is understood that this was taken from general public till March 15. The Bihar Shahrif municipal corporation has been working successfully to lift the door to door garbage very long, but there is the biggest problem of traffic from sewerage, drainage drainage, proper management of wastewater to safety. However, municipal corporation is planning on the PP mode for garbage recycling.

Bihar Cabinet Approves Recommendations of Seventh Pay Commission

Patna: In today's Nitish Cabinet meeting, 19 Agendas got approval, in which the announcement of giving a big gift to the state government employees and pensioners are included. The approval of the 7th Pay Commission's recommendations has been approved.

Employees of Bihar Government will start getting benefit of increment of salary from 1st April, 2017. It was said before that the state government would give the benefit of the seventh pay commission from January 1, 2017, but it did not happen.

After the approval of the Seventh Pay Commission, after the cabinet’s stamp, there will be an increase in salaries and pension of 4.5 lakh state workers and 2.5 lakh pensioners.

Now with the implementation of this pay scale, the workers and pensioners will receive the same salary as the center staff. According to the information, the existing basic salary of the state employees will increase by 2.57 times from April 1, 2017.

Raids on Lalu's Family Create Rift in Grand Alliance in Bihar

Lalu Prasad Yadav, President of Rashtriya Janata Dal, and several families of his family, have been raided by the income tax department on charges of corruption over the past several days. The political equations of the state are also changing due to the injury of these impressions. Lalu Prasad Yadav himself has stamped these speculations through tweet. However, Lalu later diverted his first tweet and turned the matter towards the media and government agencies.

Laloo Yadav surrounded by income tax impressions

The Income Tax Department raided the 22 bases of Laloo Prasad Yadav on Tuesday morning. These raids have been linked with the benami property. Following these impressions, Lalu Yadav tweeted that “BJP ko naya saathi Mubarak”(kudos to BJP for its new ally). Lalu Prasad is not going to bend and fear. Until the last breath, he will keep on fighting against fascist forces. This tweet about Lalu is believed to be telling not to anyone but his ally Janta Dal United in the state as a new ally of BJP. This is because the differences between RJD and JDU have been deepening since the last few days.

Sushil Modi Gives Signal of Support

Bihar BJP President Sushil Modi has been surrounded by allegations of corruption for Lalu Yadav and his family for the past few days. The beginning was done with the soil scam in which the question of the family of Lalu was raised. After that, Misa Bharti was targeted for anonymity in Delhi and today the raids of income tax were also made. The special thing is that Sushil Modi is an attacker on Lalu Yadav while Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and his party JDU are left with it. Even Sushil Modi had clearly said a few days ago that if Nitish is different from Lalu Yadav, then BJP can consider supporting him.

Nitish's big statement on PM's post

Nitish Kumar, while completely rejecting the speculation about his ambitions in the Prime Minister's post yesterday, said that he is not a fool and that he has no ambition to become a Prime Candidate. This statement of Nitish is being seen as a preparation for his entry in the NDA in a way because a section of opposition and media has often been predicting Nitish's standing before Modi in the 2019 general elections.

Party-wise Equation in Bihar

In the 243-member Bihar Assembly, the number of 122 MLAs is required for the majority. At present, 71 seats of JDU, 80 of RJD and 27 Congress MLAs are running a coalition government. If Nitish breaks relationship with RJD and goes to the NDA, then 27 Congress MLAs will also be withdrawn from the government. In such a situation, Nitish needs 51 more legislators to save the government. BJP has 53 MLAs in the Assembly. Apart from this, 2 of LJP, 2 of RLSP, 1 of HAM, three from CPI ML Liberation and 4 independent MLAs. That is, JDU and BJP together can form the government because the figure of MLAs of both parties is 124 in total.

Nitish does not have any Allergy to BJP

Nitish Kumar has joined the BJP together with the government. He was also the Railway Minister during the Vajpayee Government. That is, Nitish has no problem with the BJP at the level of ideology. Due to personal felicity from Narendra Modi in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, his alliance with BJP broke and he had to form a grand alliance in the assembly elections but Nitish was never as comfortable with Lalu. On the other hand, his relationship with Narendra Modi has improved considerably in the last two years. In such a situation, once again Nitish's leadership in Bihar led to the formation of the NDA government, it would not be surprising.
                                                    ----Ashish Jha

Trump Shares Confidential Information with Russia

Washington: The US daily newspaper 'The Washington Post' has alleged that President Donald Trump shared with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov last week during a meeting in White House, he shared very intriguing information with them. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and the National Security Advisor immediately dismissed the news report saying that there was no such discussion with Russia that threatened them.

"The information was in the code". The newspaper said that the information given in the code or word of the word is a term used by the 'The Washington Post', quoting an unknown US official who has information about the matter. The newspaper said that "the information we have shared with our colleagues", "Trump" gave more information to Russian Ambassador. "Because of this, the US officials have been trying to control the damage." He said that it was not allowed to share this information, Russia has sensitive information, a US ally was the US and the allies. Although Trump administration has denied these allegations.

Tillerson said, "In the President Trump's meeting with Foreign Minister Lavrov, a number of topics including terrorism and common attempts and threats were discussed." He said, "During this dialogue, the nature of special threats was discussed. But, he said, to discuss the methods or military operations. '' HR McMaster national security adviser who attended the meeting said that the US National Husband and Russian Foreign Minister reviewed the common threats arising from terrorist organizations. "There was no discussion on any intelligence or method during this time and no information was given about any such military campaign which is not known publicly."

Deputy National Security Adviser (Strategy) Dina Powell said, '' This story is false. The President discussed the shared dangers in front of both countries. "Macmaster said," The President and the Foreign Minister discussed the threats of civil aviation, including the threats faced by both the countries. "Democratic Party leader Nancy In a statement, Pelosi said in a statement that if the news reports are correct, then Trump has compromised against ISIS with "an important source of information gathering" and American People's safety is endangered.

CBI Raids P. Chidambaram and his Son’s Residence

The CBI has raided the house of Congress leader P. Chidambaram and his son Karti Chidambaram on Tuesday morning. The CBI has raided 16 places in total. Central Investigation Agency-CBI raided P. Chidambaram's residence in Chennai and Karti Chidambaram's Karaikudi residence. It is being told that the raids are about the clearance given to the INX Media, the head of INX Media is Peter Mukherjee. Peter Mukherjee Sheena Bora is facing a probe in the murder case. In the case of INX media, FIR was registered on Monday itself.

Raid in this Case

This matter is connected to the INX media. Fund of INX Media was approved through FIPB, during that time P. Chidambaram was the Minister of the Department. On Monday, the CBI filed an FIR in this case, which included Indrani Mukherjee, Peter Mukherjee and Karti Chidambaram. In Chennai, many offices including P. Chidambaram's house have also been raided. It is being told that the CBI can raid in Delhi too. During the UPA government the investigation of this case was stopped, which has now been resumed.

RJD's Ideology Can't by JDU's Ideologies: Nitish

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has said that he is not a prime ministerial candidate, I am serving Bihar. PM Modi had the capability, so he is the Prime Minister.

Patna: Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has said that he is not a candidate for PM post in 2019, we are serving Bihar. He said, “we are not such a big fool, we know that our party, JDU is a small party and will continue to serve the people of Bihar.”

He said, "Who knows three years ago that Narendra Modi will be the Prime Minister of the country. But that happened. Because PM Modi got the support of the people and people gave him power by voting him.

Addressing the media under the Public Dialogue program on Monday, Nitish said, "I know, I do not have the same capabilities. I am the leader of a small party and I do not have national ambitions. "

Nitish said, "Sharad Yadav was the President of the party. After this the party workers decided to give me the responsibility. But the media saw it adding to my national ambition. ' He said, "As party president, I am trying to expand the JDU in other states. This does not mean that I am dreaming of the post of Prime Minister.

On the charge of recent corruption on Lalu, he said, "The BJP has accused the Laloo Yadav's family of corruption. Laloo has also given the answer. If anyone has any facts, then he should go to court. "

Regarding the different opinios n on EVM, Nitish said, gone are the days of Ballot; EVM is ok. Nitish also cleared that he is running the government with Lalu Yadav's party RJD. This does not mean that the ideology of RJD is also the ideology of his party.

In the presidential election, Nitish said that we would like that Pranab Mukherjee should again become the President of the country and the decision should be taken only by the consensus on the election of this post. This is the tradition, if consent is not made, it is a duty to give the opposition its candidate. Nitish said that he will take part in Lalu's rally on August 27.

On the issue of dowry system, prevalent in Bihar, he said that the people should refrain from paying a visit to the dowry collectors. Only then the dowry system will be stopped. He further said that the government will run a campaign against dowry practice. He said that the young generation will be against the practice of dowry, which is a very good thing. But the legal aspect must be seen. CM said that people's awareness of dowry and child marriages can only be prevented.


China Plans to Make Pakistan its Economic Colony

China's plan is to make Pakistan as an economic colony in the future. According to a report by the Pakistani newspaper Dawn, China has leased thousands of acres of agricultural land to China for the Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project on which it will set up demonstration projects and fiber-optic systems. These proposals for CPEC confirm that Pakistan will become the economic colony of China. China's Xinjiang Province via CPEC will be connected to Gwadar in the Arabian Sea in Balochistan.

This plan of China will have far-reaching implications and this will deepen infiltration into Pakistan's economy. This will also affect India as Pakistan's sovereignty will almost end and China will have effective control over it. In this way, China will be closer to the east along with India's western border.

China is going to get thousands of acres of agricultural land lease for projects like irrigation technology, advanced seed seed development. From Peshawar to Karachi, a comprehensive system of monitoring and surveillance will be created, under which 24-hour video recording of roads and busy markets will be done.

Latest comment

Fiber optic will not only be used for the Internet but it will also be used in the broadcast of the TV. According to the proposal for CPEC, China will use the mediums of TVs to popularize Chinese culture in Pakistan.

The voices in Pakistan are also rising in opposition to CPEC, but the government says it will bring new economy and will benefit the citizens. Critics of the project, especially Gilgit-Baltistan and Balochistan, feel that it is encroaching on their land and culture. It is notable that Gilgit-Baltistan's Chief Minister did not participate in the conference on the One Belt One Road organized in Beijing.

According to the report of Dawn, the proposal for CPEC will increase the intrusion of Chinese companies and Chinese society in the society as well as in most sectors of Pakistan's economy. It is reported in the report that China's first priority is to reach the full supply chain of the agro-based economy.

Global Cyber Attack: Indian Computers are Safe

India's Cyber ​​Security Unit CERT-In said on Monday that it has not received any formal reports of ransomware-Wanakrai cyber attacks spreading rapidly across the world on important computer networks of India. Meanwhile, Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that the global cyber attack has not had any serious impact on India. He said that the National Informatics Center (NIC) of the government is working well.

Vanakrai badly affects the computer and locks the way to access the files on it. Cyber ​​criminals have demanded $ 300 bitsquine (crypto currency) for opening (unlocking) it. However, it is not clear now that access to the demand money is restored or not.

India is on high alert, computer networks are being monitored in areas such as banking, telecommunications, electricity and aviation to ensure that the computer remains escaped by this attack. Vanakrai has hunted more than 150 countries in the last weekend.

DG of Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-in) Sanjay Behl said, "So far, everything is looking normal. CERT-in has not received any reports. We are in touch with Microsoft and others. He has not even got any reports. He said that the Government Portal- Cyber ​​Hygiene Center being updated on regular basis from Saturday on information about cyber security.
Vanakrai has influenced computer networks in more than 150 countries, including Russia and the UK, and is being described as one of the most widely circulated cyber attacks in history. According to the report, more than two lakh computer systems have been affected by this software globally. Those providing security solutions have started to develop tools to overcome this crisis.

In the global security report, India is being counted among the most affected countries, while public and private agencies are working day and night to prepare a security cover (Firewall) to protect their computers with any possible attack.

North Korea Testfires Ballistic Missile Amid International Pressure and Warning

Ignoring international pressure and American warning, North Korea once again tested the ballistic missile on Sunday, which lasted approximately 700 kilometers. South Korea's Joint Chief of Staff (JCS) gave this information.

This is the first provocative step of North Korea after Moon J. in becoming South Korea's new President on Wednesday. An American security official told CNN that the US has speculated that the missile has fallen into the sea 60 miles off the Vladivostok area of ​​southern Russia. Vladivostok is the base of the Russian Pacific fleet.

The United States has called upon North Korea to respond to the international community. White House press secretary Sean Spiceer said in her statement, "This provocative step of North Korea should be called upon by all countries to impose strict sanctions on it."

"North Korea tested an unidentified missile from a nearby area of ​​Kosong city in northern Pyongan province around 5.27 a.m. today," the news agency Yonhap said, quoting JCS.

ICC announces Amount of Money for the Winning Team of the Champions Trophy

The International Cricket Council (ICC) raised this year's Champions Trophy prize money by $ 500,000 to $ 4.5 million, of which the winner will get $ 22 million. The ICC announced, "The total prize money of the upcoming ICC Champions Trophy will be $ 4.5 million in England and Wales on June 18 and the winning team will receive a check of $ 22 million in eight teams." The team will receive a check of 11 million dollars, while the other semi-finals will get $ 450,000. The team that holds third place in each group will get $ 90,000, while the finalists in the group will get $ 60,000.

The Champions Trophy will be played from June 1 to 18. At the same time, warm-up matches will be organized just five days before the tournament. These warm-up matches will be played between 26 and 30 May between the eight teams. During this time, total 6 warm-up matches will be played. The first warm-up match between Australia and Sri Lanka will be played in The Oval London. The second match will be played on 27 May between Pakistan and Bangladesh at Edgbaston, Birmingham. On 28th May, Team India will play against New Zealand in its first warm-up match, The Oval. This match starts from three o'clock in the evening. India will play their second match against Bangladesh on May 30 in The Oval London.

In this tournament, eight teams have been divided into two groups. Team India has been placed in Group B, Pakistan, South Africa and Sri Lanka. Group A is Australia, Bangladesh, England and New Zealand. India will play their first match against Pakistan in Edgbaston on June 4. After this, Team India will face Sri Lanka on June 8. Team India will play against South Africa on June 11 Bangladesh had participated in the ICC Champions Trophy for the first time in the year 2006 and this year they have taken part in the ICC Champions Trophy while retaining the West Indies.

Hafiz Saeed is Spreading Terrorism in the Name of Jihad: Pakistan

Finally, the Pakistan government has also admitted that Hafiz Saeed is involved in terrorism. Pakistan's Home Ministry has asked the judicial review board that the mastermind of the Mumbai attack and the donor of Jamaat-ud-Dawa, Hafiz Saeed and his four associates were detained for 'spreading terrorism in the name of Jihad'. Saeed appeared before the board on Saturday and argued that the Pakistani government has taken him into custody to stop the voices of the Kashmiris. 

However, the Home Ministry rejected his plea and told the three-member board that Saeed and his four associates were detained for 'spreading terrorism in the name of Jihad'. The Board, comprising Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan (Supreme Court), Justice Ayesha A Malik (Lahore High Court) and Justice Jamal Khan Mododhil (Balochistan High Court), directed the ministry to say that he and his four associates - Zafar Iqbal, Abdul Rahman Abid, Abdullah Ubaid and Kazi Kazif Niaz - handed over the complete record on the next hearing to be taken into custody.

The Board also said that the attorney general of Pakistan will be present at the next hearing. During the tight security of the police, Saeed and his four associates had presented before the board. On this occasion, Saeed's supporters were sitting outside the court. Saeed's lawyer AK Dogar was also present in the court, but the founder of Lashkar-e-Taiba decided to keep his plea in front of the court himself. He said that no Government organization could ever prove the allegations against me on behalf of the government. My organization and I have been targeted because of the voice of Kashmir's freedom and the criticism of the government's poor policies on Kashmir issue.
                                                              ----Ashish Jha

Case Like Nirbhaya in Rohtak

Rohtak: The woman whose body was found on May 11 in an empty plot of Industrial Model Township, was kidnapped on May 9 from Sonipat. In the initial investigation, it has been found that he was gangraped, then was brutally murdered. In the post-mortem, it has been found that a slab or a sharp object was inserted in the woman's private part. The accused Sumit and his friend Vikas have been arrested with the unlawful native pistol. 

According to Sumit, he loved the woman. The woman's mother says that he was pressurizing her daughter to marry, but the daughter refused. The accused was pressurising the divorced woman.

According to Sonepat SP Ajay Malik, the woman's age was 23 years. She was divorced and living in a maternal aunt. He used to work in a pharmaceutical factory. The woman was in a contact with Sumit for some time.

Investigation Officer (Io) Prem of the case told that on the morning of 9th May, the woman came out of the house to go on duty. It is alleged that Sumit kidnapped her on the way. His friend, who is from UP, was also friends with him. On the way, a drug was given to the woman, then Sumit and Vikas raped her in a moving car. Later, Sumit brought her in Rohtak to Parsvanath Colony behind IMT. Here, Sumit accused the woman about having relationships with someone else. Then There quarrel cropped up over  this matter. Subsequently, under the planning, Sumit crushed his head with bricks and stones with the help of Vikas and brutally murdered the girl. They both escaped after committing the crime.

The Rohtak Police got the body of the woman on May 11. Her body was deformed by the dogs and hence it was not easy to identify her.During the checking of Missing Person, she was identified as a resident of Sonepat.

Threatened a week ago: Mother's mother

The victim’s mother told that her daughter had been married a year ago, but divorced after a few days. Sumit was after her daughter for the past few months. He was pressurizing her to marry; but she would refuse. They complained to the police, but no action was taken. A few days ago, Sumit came to his house with friends and beat up his daughter. She was also threatened.
Uterus not found, the Scalp Crushed

Dr SK Dhattarwal, head of the forensic medicine department of PGIMS, said that there is no doubt that the drug was administered to the girl to make her senseless and then she was gangraped. The sample has been sent for forensic examination. Victim's head has been brutally crushed and Sharia or some sharp pointed thing is inserted in her private part.
                                                        ----Ashish Jha