Challenges Emanating from China

China is organizing tit Belt and Road Initiative Conference in Beijing on May 14-15. It is also known as forest belt one road. Tits is an ambitious project of Chinese President Xi Chunfing which aims to establish China as international power. On its own, it wants to make China equal to America. Tit purpose of tits project is to increase connectivity between Asia, Africa and Europe through a network of railways, ports, highways and pipelines, and to rejuvenate tit business. China claims that it will fulfill business and economic interests of all partner countries, but it is also feared that tits will increase its status in world politics and increase its dominance.

Many countries have reasonable concerns about tit OBOR. Since tit China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPC) is also part of tit OBOR, titre are some special concerns of India that China has ignored blatantly. India is unhappy with tit way China is pushing tit unilateral emphasis on OBOR. That is why India has distanced itself from tits conference so far. China has begun to redefine its economy since 1978. It started by reducing tit economic principles of communism. Although,  it maintained control of tit Communist Party on its political system. It did invited foreign investors and became a world factory due to its huge working population.

For more than three decades, it has been secretly increasing its financial and military strength. Its initial policy was not to present its power, but later it expanded its economic influence and investment worldwide. Not under tit leadership of Shi Chinfing, it has abandoned its old policy of concealed from tit world. Now it is puzzling in front of tit world of its upbringing. Tit OBOR Conference is a part of tits episode in which it wants to see tit presence of all tit leaders of tit world. However, it has got disappointment, because only 29 itads of state or its representatives are happy to join tit conference.

Titre will be three land routes in tit OBOR, starting with China. Tit first route will be towards tit countries of Central Asia, Russia and Western Europe. Tit second route will travel from Central Asia to West Asia and tit Mediterranean Sea. Tit third route will go towards South Asian countries. Apart from tits, a water route will travel towards tit South Pacific and tit Indian Ocean. Thus, it will provide approximately $ 900 billion of dollars to build tit network of roads, railways and ports. However, tits will not only give tit entire amount in tit form of loans to tit respective countries. Neititr wants to include sixty countries in tit OBOR.

Keep in mind that Chinese projects in Africa, South America and otitr parts of tit world have been ignoring local interests and only have titir’s  own interests. China is particularly excited about tit inclusion of India in tit OBOR. It wants to do so despite ignoring India's concerns. Significantly, tit United Nations has been averse to declaring Masood Azhar as an international terrorist. At tit same time, India's Nuclear Suppliers Group, which is blocking entry into tit NSG. In both cases it is protecting Pakistan's interests. Even last month, tit Dalai Lama's Arunachal tour did not even criticize tit Modi government. It has been claiming on tits part of India.

The Chinese Foreign Minister did not allow tit meeting of tit Foreign Ministers of India-Russia-China to be itld due to tit deliberations of tit Dalai Lama's visit. Neititr will have to keep in mind that tit cloth never rings with one hand. If it wants its own interest, titn it should show sensitivity to tit interests of otitrs. It is part of China's diplomacy that it always talks about himself and does not care about tit sensitive issues of otitrs. In tits context, it will be necessary to look at tit recent speech given by China's ambassador to India in Delhi. Tit Ambassador in its speech cited tit old relations of India and China, a huge bilateral trade of $ 70 billion and a five billion dollar investment in India.

Surely it  is a good thing but it should have been mentioned that titre are many obstacles in front of Indian exports to China. In relation to CPEC, India has raised tit issue of sovereignty, because tit slave passes through Kashmir, but tit Chinese ambassador responded by saying that China does not want to get involved in regional disputes and sovereignty issues between India and Pakistan. It also said that China is ready to change tit name of tit CPEC. Later China withdrew tit proposal. Perhaps tit Chinese government felt that tit ambassador had given equal status to India by moving forward more than ever.

India has been facing tit backdrop of Pakistan-China for decades. CPEC is another dimension of tits case. In tit coming years, it will only increase tit security challenges of India. It is important to maintain cultural exchanges and economic relations based on equality, but tit challenges from India China can not be blinded by tit challenges. Sit has done night and day to increase its influence and strength in India and neighboring countries. India will have to find ways to overcome China's tactics while keeping peace on tit border. Undoubtedly, China is currently more powerful than India in military and economic form, but despite tits, India is in a position that China can ill afford to ignore.
                                                       --- Sonal

Powerful Explosion in Pakistan Claims 25 Lives

A powerful explosion today in Pakistan's troubled southwest Balochistan province killed 25 people and injured 45 others. In this deadly attack Pakistan's Senate Vice President Bal Bal escaped, though his car got damaged and he was injured. Maulana Abdul Gafur Hyderi was targeted at the Mustang area of ​​the province, when he came out after addressing the people present there after a zoom prayer in a mosque. The area where the blast occurred is about 70 km from the provincial capital Quetta.

Balochistan Government spokesman Anwarul Haq said, "It was a powerful explosion in which 25 people were killed and 45 were injured. Islamic State has taken responsibility for the attack on its official Amak News Agency.
Kakar said that the car which was attacked by the attackers did not have Hadarri. However, the Senate Director's staff, iftar, were killed with the Mughal driver and two colleagues of the Vice President of the Senate. 

Deputy District Superintendent of Mustang Hospital told that most of the people killed were workers of Jameet Ulema-e-Islam (JU-Fazal Group).

Haydari, who belongs to the JU-F, said, "As soon as we came  there was a heavy explosion in the car. I am alive, Allah has saved my life. The explosion happened suddenly, causing me to break the window glass. I'm injured but safe. The driver and other people sitting next to me are badly injured".

America to Join in the 'One Belt One Road' (OBOR) Forum of China

America will now also be included in the 'One Belt One Road' (OBOR) Forum to be held on May 14 and 15 in Beijing. The US has suddenly decided to join China's 'One Belt, One Road' forum, taking a sudden u-turn. This move of the US is going to put a lot of pressure on India because so far India has not taken any decision to send its representative in China's 'One Belt, One Road' Initiative. India believes that China did not create an atmosphere for trust for its project.

The biggest example of China's nefarious intentions is the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. China is in the process of connecting Xinjiang with Gwadar port by CPEC, which he has built in Balochistan.

While ignoring India's sovereignty, Beijing is passing it from the Gilgit-Balochistan region, on which India claims.

If India does not send any representative in the OBOR forum yet it will not cause any significant loss to India because OBOR is not a membership-based organization. In fact, in the future, this move of India should be appreciated that it remained firm on its theoretical side. According to Delhi sources, it would be better if India sent diplomatic officials of junior level as a delegate and avoided sending high-level delegates.

Some Indian experts can also join this forum meeting. Representatives of more than 50 countries and representatives from institutions like World Bank will participate in this meeting.

Participating America in this meeting is a political decision, but it seems that America is going to play an economic partnership in which China's commitment to buying American beef under the '100 Day Plan' agreement. On the other hand, Washington has to allow Chinese banks to expand in the US.

According to Jagannath Panda, who is doing research at the Institute for Defense Studies and Analysis in New Delhi, "India is in Kashmir with the OBOR, India has to take a decision keeping in mind the decision of the US. It is a strong signal that the Trump Administration is trying to give a new dimension to US-China relations. "

America is sending an inter-agency representative team headed by Matthew Pottinger. Matthew Trump is the top consultant of the Administration and the NSA is senior director of East Asia.

America is now indifferent to the Chinese-dominated project, now America has joined the group of developed countries (Britain and Germany) who are sending their representatives to Beijing. The US says that with its presence, it will pressurize China to make its plans more transparent and it will adhere to international standards in the case of environment and labor in the project.

Japan and South Korea, who hold military differences with China, agreed to send their representatives to Beijing. While Vietnam and Indonesia, who have differences on the issue of Southern China Sea, will also send their official representative China. Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka will also participate in this.

China claims that it will be a situation of profit for all countries, though it is doubtful that Beijing will be able to divide the benefits of the project, considering the pressure of Chinese companies. There are plans to build 6 economic corridors in this project but no reliable maps have been provided so far. It will be developed over time.

Tom Miller, author of China's Asian Dream, said, "How will this roadmap be, will it depend entirely on the agreement with Chinese companies or other Chinese government countries? Nobody knows what they are going to do.


Large Cyber Attack Worldwide; UK Hospitals the Hardest Hit

It was reported on Friday evening that hackers hacked the computers of dozens of hospitals in Britain through the ramnmaware. According to the latest report, now 99 countries are in the grip of this cyber attack. Under this, about 75 thousand computers have been targeted. The name of this ranger, which is targeting the UK's National Health Service, is named WanaCrypt0r 2.0.

Randomware is a method of malware that encrypts data by remotely locking the computer. Hackers ask for money to decrypt it and unlock the computer. Cyber ​​Security Experts believe that hackers have adopted methods which were developed by the National Security Agency, which has been leaked recently. This malicious malware is being sent to target computer via email. Not only this, hackers are also making computer targets through compressed and encrypted files.

Due to this cyber attack, American multinational courier delivery service FedEx computers have also been damaged. According to the company, it is facing the same cyber attack, as is happening in hospitals in Britain. The impact of this attack is more visible in Russia. According to some reports, Russia's Home Ministry has acknowledged that cyber attacks have also happened there. 

At the same time, Spain's biggest telecommunications company Telephony Telecom and telecom giant Telepho are also in the cyber attack, whose computers have also been hacked through Ranjmware. Britain and Spain in those countries who have first officially considered this cyber attack. According to the news agency Reuters, many companies other than Telefonica are in the grip of dangerous software.

Windows XP is being Targeted

It is important to know that this cyber attack is happening in Windows computers and especially those of which have XP. According to the news, most of the British hospitals in the hospitals are being hacked, mostly on Windows XP. Microsoft has already stopped supporting this operating system, so using it is not less than a challenge.

Cyber ​​Security Experts and Ethical Hackers believe that this is a start, because this time hackers have made weapons to the NSA's leaked tool, which NSA made for hacking. Recently, WikiLeaks leaked this hacking tool and taking advantage of these hackers are doing this.

It is worth mentioning that a group called NSA's hacking tool Shadow Brokers claimed to leak. He leaked this hacking tool of NSA and told the people to himself. Although Microsoft gave a patched update to fix this problem in March, hackers still seem to be able to crack it.

What did Edward Snowden say?
Whistle Blower and former NSA contractor Edward Snowden said after the cyber attack that all this happened due to the National Security Agency. He said that for this, he had already begun. Snowden said that if the NSA knew about this weakness of Windows XP, then why not the agency told Microsoft about it? If NSA does this, then perhaps there is not much big cyber attack today. Apart from this, he has also said that in spite of many warnings, the NSA created such a dangerous tool, due to which this is happening.

Most offices in India have Windows XP usage, whether ATMs or Private / Government Offices. In India, Windows XP is used quite a lot. Therefore, the government should remove this old operating system and bring it fresh, because as it is increasingly running the cyber attack, it seems that soon it will spread to Asian countries too. Especially in India where websites are littered in cyber security.

Do this yourself safe from this cyber attack

In March, Microsoft updated a security patches for Windows users. If you have not installed it then it's time to install it. You can install it on the aid and advice of your hardware engineer, by clicking on the relevant link. 

India Test fires the Missile Spider Capable of Hitting the Surface from the Air

India tested the missile spider capable of hitting the surface from the air under a series of quick response missile tests on Thursday. Official sources here said that this test was done to confirm the various parameters of state-of-the-art weapon system to further strengthen the air defense system.

According to the strategic analysts, Spider is an air-to-air missile designed to attack the enemy in the air in a short time. This is a missile system taken from Israel. In its low altitudes, it is capable of 15 kilometers. Although it is smaller than the capable sky missile capable of hitting the surface from the surface of India. The fire power of the sky is 25 kilometers.

Sources said that the Spider was tested through mobile launcher from the launch of the Integrated Test Range of Chandpur from Complex Three and it targeted the driverless aircraft.

Modi to go to Israel in July

The official sources have confirmed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Israel in July. This is the first Israeli visit of any Indian Prime Minister, PM Modi's visit is likely to have a large defense agreement. On this tour there may be a deal to purchase anti-tank missiles and naval air defense systems. Significantly, India is Israel's largest arms importer.

According to reports, the deal for the Indian Army's Spike Anti Tanks Missiles and Navy can be completed in the next two months. This deal will be approximately 1.5 billion dollars, after which there will be about 8000 missiles in India's fleet.

Sri Lanka Rejects China’s Submarine to Set Up in Colombo

Sri Lanka has rejected the request for China to set up a submarine in Colombo. India had strongly protested in 2014 about allowing the Chinese submarine to be built.

A senior defense official said that he (Chinese) had sought permission to build a submarine on May 14 and May 15. We have refused. Official sources said that such requests will be turned down in future also.
This move to deny Sri Lanka's side has been lifted when Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a tour of Sri Lanka. Here he will be attending the Baisakh Day festival on Friday.

Importantly, China has invested a lot in the recent years to build airports, roads, railways and harbors in Sri Lanka. The purpose behind this move of China is to create an economic instability for India, which has traditionally been a financial partner of Sri Lanka. India has been informing Sri Lanka about its concerns about the growing Chinese influence in this neighboring country.

The point here is that the movement of 70 percent of ships in Colombo is from India. At the same time, the Sri Lankan deficit is going to take a final decision on the plan to lease its Hambanota harbor to China for 99 years, although the deal is delayed due to opposition from trade unions.


Supreme Court Raises the Constitutionality of Triple Talaq

New Delhi: The Supreme Court's Constitutional Bench has started hearing on the three divorced customs prevailing among Muslims. After six days of continuous hearing, the court will examine whether this custom is the original part of Islam or not? The bench of five judges made it clear on Thursday that the court would not interfere if the three divorces took place at the origin of Islam. The court will also look at the laws of Islamic countries, where there is a ban on three divorces. The Judge of five religions asked during the hearing, "If three divorces declare illegal, then where will the Muslim men go for divorce?" Understand at 10 points what happened in the court room in the hearing on the first day ...

1) The Supreme Court had to look at polygamy on another issue with three divorces and marriage, but the Bench has said that it may be that he does not consider the issues related to marrying more than one person in Muslim because he Three is not a matter related to divorce.
2) Amit Singh Chadha, lawyer of Shayra Bano who filed the first petition related to three divorces in the Supreme Court: (Introducing the arguments) said the three divorce customs are not related to the foundations of Islam. So, this custom can be eliminated. It does not happen in Pakistan-Bangladesh too. Three divorces are non-Islamic
3) Pinki Anand, Additional Solicitor General: From the Center, the Government supports the petitioners' opinion that three divorces are unconstitutional. Many countries of the world have ended it and it should be eliminated in India too.

4) Benches: We would like to look at the law present in different Islamic countries on this issue.
5) Indira Jaisingh, a petitioner's advocate: If the judiciary is being given any other mechanism, then to deal with the consequences, the judiciary must have an eye on that divisor.
6) Salman Khurshid, as a lawyer, is helping the court: three divorce is not an issue. Because it is not considered complete without reconciliation efforts.
7) Bench: After the attempts of reconciliation, three divorce is justified once?
8) Salman Khursheed: No.
9) Kapil Sibal, lawyer of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board: Any sensible Muslim does not get divorced-divorced-divorced directly on any day. This is not an issue.

10) Benches: If we reach the conclusion that three divorces have a right to religion, then we will not question its constitutional validity. There will be a hearing in case of three divorce talks at one go, but divorces spoken on intervals of three months will not be considered.
How many judges in the bench?
- The bench comprises Chief Justice JS Kher, Justice Kurian Joseph, Justice RF Nariman, Justice UU Lalit and Justice Abdul Nazir.
- The specialty of this bench is that it includes judges who believe in Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian and Parsi religion.
- Early hearing of the Supreme Court's summer vacation has begun in order to settle this issue quickly.
Answers to these 3 questions will find the bench
- Are the three divorces and halas an integral part of Islam or not?
- Is there a fundamental right to enforce the three divorced Muslims?
Is this a fundamental right of women? Can order on this?
6 days will be heard like this
- 2 days will hold three anti-divorce parties
- There will be arguments for supporters of 2 days
- Then answer each other for 1-1 days
How many pitches have been filed?
- 7 Patients have been filed by Muslim women. There are also 5 writ petitions filed separately. It has been claimed that three divorces are unconstitutional.
Muslim women expect this way
- Daughters of Ghaziabad, Shabbir's daughter, tortured the in-laws for dowry. After this, the husband broke his relationship with a divorce three times. Shabbir felt that local MLA Atul Garg could help him. When Shabbir approached him, Garg advised him to register an FIR against son-in-law.
According to news agency, Garg told Shabbir that his daughter and his two-year-old son will also get security. Garg is also a minister. According to him - there was no way other than going to court because the Muslim Personal Law believes Triple Divorce is justified. That's why the government can not do anything until the law changes.
However, besides Shabbir and his daughter, there are thousands of Muslim women in the country, whose life has been destroyed three times due to divorce called. Now his expectations are based on the hearing starting in the Supreme Court from Thursday.
In Q & A, know about the issues that are being heard on the issues and how many of them are involved ...

Q. What are triple divorce, polygamy and marriage?
A. Triple divorce is that husband can leave his wife by saying 'divorce' words three times. A process to be adopted to return to the first husband, namely Nodoh Halala. Under this, the woman has to marry someone before returning to her first husband and she has to divorce. At the time of separation is called iddta. Polygamy means more than one wife.
Q. What happened in the Supreme Court so far?
A. All parties, including the Central Government, the petitioner's women and the Muslim Personal Law Board, have filed written arguments in the court. Based on these, the Supreme Court itself will decide the question. They will be considered during the hearing.
Q. Who are the parties in this?
A. Center: This issue points to the Muslim women's issue related to human rights. Triple strongly opposes divorce.
- Personal Law Bard: Describing it as Shari'a, the court says that the courts should stay away from religious matters.

- Jamiat-e-Islami Hind: These are also religious matters.

Moon Jay in is the New President of South Korea

After a massive victory in the presidential election in South Korea, Moon Jay-in took oath as the country's president on Wednesday. According to the news agency Yonhap's report, after the voting on Tuesday for the presidential election in the country, the results were announced on Wednesday. After winning the election, Moon also indicated signs of going to neighboring and enemy country North Korea.

The National Election Commission (NEC) confirmed Moon's victory in the elections, after which Moon took the oath of office of the country. His tenure will be five years and it starts around 8 o'clock on Wednesday morning. According to the NEC, there were a total of 3,28,07,908 votes in the presidential election, of which 1,34,23,800 were 41.08 percent of the Democratic Party's liberal candidate Moon.

A new certificate was given to him regarding a confirmation of Moon's election as the new President. Moon said, 'I will become the President of all. I will also serve those who did not support me. ' The need to have a pre-election election in the country due to the removal of former president Park Gyan-O from the post of corruption charges.

Desire to go to North Korea

Just after taking oath, South Korea's new President, Moon J., he expressed his desire to go to Pyongyang, in a tense relationship with North Korea equipped with nuclear weapons. After taking oath in Seoul's National Assembly building, Moon told MPs, "If I need it, I'll be leaving for Washington immediately. I will go to Peiiching and Tokyo and in the appropriate circumstances, even Pyongyang. ' Although diplomatic way of communicating with North Korea will prove to be difficult for Moon.


Supreme Court to Hear the Issue of Triple Talaq

The husband of the daughter of Sabir, the carpenter living in Ghaziabad, after harassing her for dowry, spoke Talaq Talaq, Talaq. She then went to the court. An FIR was lodged against Sabir's son-in-law on the advice of MLA Atul Garg. Garg told Sabir that if his daughter goes to court, security should also be provided. In the Uttar Pradesh government, Minister Garg said that no help is possible because under the Muslim Personal Law in India, three divorces are valid and the government can not do anything until the law changes.

The Supreme Court will also hear petitions challenging the validity of 'Nodh Halaala' and 'Polygamy custom'. If a woman wants to return to her husband after divorce after marriage, she will first have to marry another man and make physical relation with him. After this, after the divorce from the other husband, she can marry again with her first husband. Among all those who support three divorces, All India Muslim Personal Law Board and Jamaat-e-Islami are prominent. In the meeting on Sunday, the Jamaat raised the question that when Prophet Muhammad himself had no right to make changes in Sharia, how can the Muslim government or the courts grant permission to do so? Not only Muslim women but scholars and other Muslim organizations are also opposing it.

Along with Shi'a and Bohra communities of Islam, scholars associated with many other parties say that Shairiyat is made up of what is said in the Quran and Hadith. The Quran and Hadith describe the words of Prophet Mohammed and his actions. Scholars say that Sharia does not allow three divorces simultaneously. They highlight the importance of considering all things including the rituals of Islam, work practices as well as the jurisdiction.

All India Shi'a Personal Law Board (AISLB) spokesman Maulana Yasub Abbas said, "The need of the hour is to make a strong law." It should be like the anti-sati law so that any Muslim woman should be rescued from harassment and that the culprits can be punished. There is no place for divorcing at any time in the Shia community. "Bohra scholar Irfan Engineer, who was born on this issue, says that three divorces were non-Islamic, but the Center tried to take political advantage of this issue.

 He says, "This issue is directly related to the dignity of Muslim women but the government should leave it on the Supreme Court and should not try to take political advantage." Asad Raza, former editor of the Urdu National Razama National Sahara, says that this is a matter of completely male domination of any other religion. There is no mention in the Quran and it is a direct trauma on the dignity of women. 

According to an estimate, Shiite community in India is around 15% of the total number of 17 million Muslims, whereas people of Bohra community are only five lakhs, which is a sub caste. About 85% Muslims are Sunni who dominate the AIMPLB.

In this case, Haseena Khan of a petitioner Babak Collective says, 'All private laws are prejudiced against women. And it is not only about three divorces. Muslim Personal Law produces problems in divorce, property dispute, inheritance, adoption rights, etc. We have good reasons to believe that three Talaqs is unconstitutional. We do not care whether the Quran gives its approval or not. "Haseena Khan says, 'Our laws must bring gender equality. The court should also look at it in a secular perspective. '

Donald Trump Removes the Federal Investigation Agency (FBI) Director James Komi

USA President Donald Trump has removed the Federal Investigation Agency (FBI) director James Komi from the post.
The White House has confirmed it.
In a statement released from the White House, "Today President Donald J. Trump told FBI Director James Komi that he has been removed from the post."

The White House has said that James Komi has been removed from the post on the recommendation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
James Komi was leading the investigation of the alleged relationship with Russia in the election of Trump in the US presidential election.
President Trump has written a letter to James Komi saying that he is not leading the FBI effectively.
The decision of Trump comes at a time when it has also come to the fore that last week James Komi had misinterpreted the US Congress about Hillary Clinton's email.

Why is FBI chief nervous?
Hillary attributed the 'hacking' made by Russia to the defeat;

Whom did Hillary make responsible for the defeat?
Before the presidential election in November last year, after the election of Democrat Hillary Clinton as the Foreign Minister, James Komi started the investigation again after giving information about finding new emails in the case of sending email to private servers.

Hillary Clinton has accused James Komi for her defeat in the presidential election.The case of Hillary Clinton's email was a shadow in the US Presidential election and Donald Trump continued to accuse him.
Hillary had said that just before the election, FBI Director James Komi said an inquiry into his email which caused a tremendous blow to his election campaign.

Hillary Clinton was accused of sending her official mail as a US foreign minister through her private server. However, the FBI later said that no new evidence of Hillary Clinton's e-mails was found in any of the criminal cases.

International Court 'Stays' Kulbhushan Jadhav's Hanging

India has approached the International Court in the matter of hearing the execution of former Indian Navy officer Kulbhushan Jadhav in Pakistan.
According to the news agency PTI, the international court in The Hague has asked Pakistan to ensure that Kulbhushan Sudhir Jadhav is not hanged before considering all the options. However, it has not been ratified by the International Court.

In Pakistan's media, it is being said that the Indian media is misinterpreting the news of the hanging of Kulbhushan Jadhav.There is no response from the government of Pakistan on this so far.Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj has tweeted that she has informed Kuldeep Jadhav's mother about the order of ICJ president.

The Indian newspaper, The Hindu, wrote in the references to the International Court of Justice Ron Abraham, that he has instructed Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif to look at India's appeal and until the court does not hear the case and not pass the order. By that time, the hanging of Kulbhushan Jadhav will be stopped. Pakistan's military court has sentenced Jadhav to death in the case of involvement in espionage and subversive activities.

Kulbhushan Jadhav is still locked in a Pakistani jail. According to the press release issued by the International Court of Justice, India has said in international court that there is very little time for appeals against hanging and there is no time to consider all the options in Pakistan.

Viewpoint: Can Kulbhushan Jadhav be saved?

India has sought consular access for more than 15 times to provide legal aid to Kulbhushan Jadhav, but Pakistan has not yet cleared it. Kulbhushan Jadhav's mother has also appealed to reconsider the punishment of Kulbhushan from Pakistan. Jadhav's mother urged the Pakistani government to intervene in this matter. At the same time, he expressed his desire to meet his son. External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj tweeted that she has informed the mother of Kulbhushan Jadhav about the Indian appeal in the international court and the order of ICJ president. He also said that Senior Advocate Harish Salve is representing India in the court.

India had said in its appeal in the International Court that Kulbhushan Jadhav was abducted in Iran where he was doing business after retiring from the Indian Navy. India has said in this appeal that information about the execution of Kulbhushan was received from the press release.
At the same time, Pakistan has seen his arrest from Balochistan on March 3 last year, and official information about this was given to India on March 25, 2016.

India had sought consular access at that time, but Pakistan had refused.
At the same time, India has told the court that on January 23, 2017, Pakistan had sought help from Kulbhushan Jadhav for allegedly investigating the involvement of espionage and extremist activities in Pakistan and had said that considering the demand of consular access, India The response will be kept in mind.

India claims that linking the demand for consular access to inquiries is against the Vienna Convention. In an international court, India has appealed that Pakistan should not implement the sentence awarded to the military court and take action against Pakistan's law to abolish the military court's decision.

Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education Declares Results of 10th Board Examination

Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education has declared results of 10th Board Examination. Earlier news came that HPBOS can declare the results of the exam at any time (9 May 2017) today. Now the Board has made the results of the examination on its official website. 

As per the news of Hindustan Times, HPBOS secretary Vishal Sharma said that the results of the examination will be issued through the press conference at 3 pm and the results will be uploaded to its official website. According to the newspaper the results have been released, in which about 67 percent of the candidates have passed. The examinees can visit its official website and see their results.

 The examination was conducted between March 4 and March 17 and it is being said that about 1.10 lakh candidates participated in this examination. The board had released the results of the 12th board last month, in which girls showed better performance in arts and commerce, while boys did well in science. The  percentage of candidates passing the examination was 72.89 percent. Sharma said that 1,02,075 candidates had participated in the examination, which included 73948 and 15886 candidates would have to take part in the Supplementary Examination.

Esha Chauhan of Minerva Senior Secondary School in Bilaspur district has secured first place with 99.14% marks in the 10th Board Examination of the state. In the second place, Riya Chauhan of SVN School of Sirmaur district has secured second place and has earned 99% marks. Third place occupied by Nikhil Rana of Kangra.

After the results of the examination are declared, the appearing candidates can pay a visit to the official website to view their results and then click on the link associated with the examination. After that, they should add their roll number or date of birth and see their result. The Board works to increase the level of education in the state and organizes examinations like 10th and 12th and declares results of examination.
                                -----Sushmita Jha

US can Take Help from India to Deal with the Nuclear Weapons of Pak: Trump

WASHINGTON: Donald Trump, the US president has indicated that he would seek the help of India and other countries to deal with the "problem" of the nuclear-armed 'semi-volatile' country, Pakistan.

How to deal with countries like Pakistan

Trump responded to a question during Town Hall in Indianapolis. He was asked how he would deal with countries like Pakistan, who often play 'double game' with America.


There is a problem with Pakistan

The person who asked the question said, "We have given them (Pakistan) money and they played double games with us. Trump said, yes, but there is a problem with Pakistan, they have nuclear weapons, which is a real problem.

He said, the biggest problem in front of us is nuclear weapons. These weapons are of rich nations. And this is not the only country. At present, nine countries are endowed with nuclear weapons. Trump said, but Pakistan is semi-volatile. We do not want to see full stability. To say comparatively, it is not that much. We have a very good relationship. I think I will try and keep it.

India will Help US Counter Pak

Trump said, this is very contrary to my nature, but a country is always a country. You know that we give them money and help them, but if we do not do that, then I think they will go to the other side of the road and it can really be a problem. Although Trump did not tell what he would have trouble Trump said during this time, when you look at India and some other countries, it seems that perhaps they will help us. We are looking in this direction. There are several countries which we give money and we do not get anything from them in return. It's going to stop soon. 


Justices Karnan Sentences to seven other judges, including CJI Kehar

Kolkata: Judge of the Calcutta High Court, Justice C. S. Karanan, facing the charges of judicial contempt, sentenced the Chief Justice of India JS Kher and seven other judges of the Supreme Court to five-year rigorous imprisonment on Monday. Increasing the confrontation with the Supreme Court, Justice Karnan said that eight judges "jointly committed a punishable offense under the Scheduled Castes Scheduled Tribes Prevention of Atrocities Act of 1989 and 2015".

He has named the members of the bench of seven judges of the apex court, including Chief Justice, Justice Deepak Mishra, Justice J Chelameswar, Justice Ranjan Gogoi, Justice Madan B. Lokur, Justice Pinaki Chandra Ghosh and Justice Kurien Joseph. The bench had initiated contempt proceedings by taking self-cognizance against Justice Karnan and banned his judicial and administrative functioning.

Justice Sharan also added the name of Justice R Bhanumati, another judge of the Supreme Court in the list, against which order was issued because he had stopped Justice Karan from judicial and administrative work. Justice Karan had on May 4 refused to take a mental health check as per the Supreme Court order. He told a team of doctors that he is completely normal and mentally stable.

Justice Karan said that the eight judges of the apex court have discriminated against caste. They said, "They will be punished under Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Atrocities Act, 1989". He said that eight judges have harassed a Dalit judge besides humiliating me in a public institution. It has proved beyond all doubt from their orders.

Justice Karan said in his order issued from the temporary court at his residence in Rudel Tower in New Town here, "Therefore, the court's decision is not necessary in this matter." He sentenced five to five years of imprisonment for each of his orders and imposed a fine of one lakh rupees on three on the basis of SC-ST law. Justice Karnan directed that all three sentences will go together and if the penalty is not paid then they will have to be imprisoned for six more months. He directed that the amount of fine should be deposited in the National Schedule Caste and Tribal Commission located in Khan Market, New Delhi within a week of receipt of order.

Justice Karan also said that the order issued by him on 13th April is effective now in which he had directed the members of the bench of seven judges to pay a fine of Rs 14 crore. He had instructed, "The Registrar General concerned with the Supreme Court will recover this amount from the salary of each." He also instructed Justice Bhanumathi to pay a compensation of Rs 2 crore.

The apex court has taken a cognizance of several letters of Justice Karanan, written against the Madras High Court and the Judges of the Supreme Court, and has banned the use of his administrative and judicial powers since February 8. Justice Karan appeared in the Supreme Court on March 31 in connection with the contempt proceedings. He is the first judge of the High Court to do this in the history of Indian Judicial system.

Kapil will File an FIR against Kejriwal today; Anna Support Probe of the Allegations

New Delhi: Delhi's former minister Kapil Mishra is today the biggest attack against Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. Yesterday, the Aam Aadmi Party suspended former minister Kapil Mishra from the primary membership of the party. At the same time, Kapil Mishra has now decided to register an FIR against Kejriwal in the CBI.

Kapil to file FIR in three cases

Kapil Mishra had said that at the 11:30 am tomorrow, we will file three complaints in the CBI. Kapil Mishra is the first FIR against Kejriwal in the three cases where FIR is going to be filed. Apart from Satyendra Jain in the second FIR, Sadhu Surendra Kumar Bansal has targeted Kejriwal. At the same time, the third FIR includes the names of many veteran leaders of the Aam Aadmi Party.

Kejriwal, Satyendra Jain and My Lie Detector Test - Kapil Mishra

Kapil Mishra had earlier said this yesterday: "For the statement that I had given on Kejriwal and Satyendra Jain yesterday, I have also asked the CBI for the time. Mishra further said that in this case, Arvind Kejriwal, Satyendra Jain and My Lie Detector test, everything will be cleared. "

Document given to ACB in tanker scam

Kapil Mishra reached the ACB office yesterday morning and handed over the documents related to the scandal to the ACB in the Rs 400 crore tanker scam case. After meeting with the ACB, Kapil Mishra has said, "I have given the ACB the information related to the tanker scam, how the investigation of this case was delayed and misuse of government money." He has said that even in this case the witness And complainants too.

Anna also investigated allegations of support

At the same time, social activist Anna Hazare has also supported the investigation of the allegations. He has said that the charges against Kejriwal are to be investigated.

This step of Kapil Mishra is an important step in Delhi politics. Along with this FIR, the CBI will start an investigation for Kejriwal for the first time. Although the CBI is an autonomous institution, it is alleged that he works at the behest of the Center. In such a situation, the problems of Kejriwal are going to increase.

4 Challenges b4 the President Elect

Emanuel Macron has registered historic victory in the presidential election in France. The 39-year-old Macron, considered to be a stranger in France's politics, will be the youngest president of the country. In addition to winning, there are also a lot of challenges in front of Macron, which he will have to face after assuming office. He has to fight on many fronts that include but not limited to the fight against the internal conditions of the country, on the tough front of economy, terrorism. 

The immediate challenge before the President elect is to preserve the mass base in the forthcoming parliamentary elections, which will take place in June. Macron's party does not have a single seat in Parliament. His party will have to contest this election in the next month, but it may have to resort to coalition to strengthen its position. Many political parties only supported the Macron in the presidential election to defeat Lee Pen, in such a situation whether the parties would stand with them again or not is a big question. In order to have a better performance in parliamentary elections, they have to face their political opponents too.

Given below are some of  the immediate challenges before the President elect:

Issue of Refugees

The challenge of solving the problem of substantial number of the refugees who come to France illegally is looming large in front of the President elect. The issue of refugees has played an important role in the presidential election. Only 85,000 refugees had arrived in France in 2016, but after many terrorist attacks, tension has increased with the Muslim population in a secular country. In addition, Macron has also endorsed the French language essentiality for citizenship.

Economic Recovery

Lowering government spending in France will prove to be a major challenge. Due to this expenditure on social security and government jobs, it is hanging like a sword. In France 52 lakh people are in government jobs, which is 20 percent of the total workforce. There was no plan to cut lien's jobs, but Macron's policies could be in support of it. During the election, Macron aimed to save 60 billion Euros in the budget so that the fiscal deficit could be reduced.


230 people have died in the terrorist attacks in France after 2015. These attacks were considered as a dent in the internal security of the country. In the case of terrorism and security, Macron has advocated for a tough attitude. Hundreds of French people went to fight in Syria and Iraq and now they are back. It will be the government’s challenge to deal with them. The elected President, Macron, has no experience in dealing with such serious cases. After being the supreme commander of the army, he will have to show that he has strong hold on these matters as soon as possible.


Providing employment opportunities to young people is one of the biggest challenges in front of France's new government. Failure to counter unemployment in the country is considered to be the main reason behind the popularity of Le Paine's right-wing party. Macron has talked about reforms in the labor market, and by changing the weak labor laws, providing new employment opportunities in his electoral agenda. However, for this, he may have to face opposition from leftist opponents and trade unions.
                                                             -----Ashish Jha

Emanuel Macron is the New President of France

39-year-old Emanuel Macron was elected the country's youngest president in the presidential election in France. In the second phase of elections on Sunday, McClone defeated Marin Le Pen, his opponent and the deep right-wing trends. In the election, Mcron got close to 65.5 to 66.1 percent of the votes, while Marine Lee Pen got close to 33.9 percent to 34.5 percent of the votes. Macron described his victory as the beginning of a new hope for France and a chapter filled with faith.

Who is Emanuel Macron?

The McLean, elected president from a banker, was an unknown face of France's politics until three years ago. He was finance minister in the Government of Franco-Oland, and in August 2016, McClone launched his new political campaign 'In Marsh'. Four months after the resignation of the government announced to contest the presidential election. When he presented his claim for the presidency, he was joking and told to the newbie. Their identity is as a moderate leader and openly European Union supporters.

Macron was born on December 21, 1977 in the French Empire. Emanuel, a student of Philosophy, became an investment banker after graduating in 2004. He was a member of the Socialist Party between 2006 and 2009. For the first time in 2012, when Fran├žois Oland became the government, then Mcron was elected the Deputy Secretary General. In 2014, Mcron took charge of the finance minister In August 2016, resigning from the government and presenting its claim for the presidential post.

Congratulations Pouring from the World

On the historic victory in the presidential election, McRion's counterpart Marine Lee Penn also congratulated them and said that Mcron has great challenges in front of him and that he would be successful in dealing with them. American President Donald Trump said in his tweet that on the big win as the next President of France, Mcron, he is quite eager to work with him.
On behalf of Britain's Prime Minister Terryza May, a Downing Street spokesman said that the Prime Minister congratulates the elected President Macron on his election victory. He said that France is our closest ally and we are very keen to work with the new President.

Significantly, after victory in the Presidential election, Macron has emerged as the most powerful leader of Europe. With this victory, now France will be the most important agenda of the political and economic reforms of France and France in front of the Mcron. The result of the election result will be on the whole world. In particular, Brussels and Berlin have been relieved of the election results, with the defeat of Marine Le Pen, their anti-European and anti-globalization campaigns have been defeated.

                                                          -----Ashish Jha

Modi Demands Criminal Case against Lalu

Patna: Senior BJP leader and former deputy chief minister Sushil Kumar Modi has demanded a criminal case against Lalu Prasad after the disclosure of the interaction with former MP Shahabuddin, who is serving time in Tihar Jail. He said that Lalu Prasad is on the Bail and there are some conditions of Bell and he has violated those conditions. Modi urged the governor to intervene in this episode and said that he should send the report to the Center. The former Deputy Chief Minister said that it has now been certified that the Bihar government is operating on the instructions of criminals. Lalu is dependent on Shahabuddin and Nitish Kumar on Lalu.

Good governance sheet:
BJP's former state president Mangal Pandey said that the state government is running with the help of criminals. The Bihar government is working in the pressure of Lalu Prasad. State Vice President Devesh Kumar, Maha Radha Mohan Sharma, Minister Rituraj Sinha and state spokesman Prem Ranjan Patel and Rajeev Ranjan were present at the press conference.

CM should Sack Abdullah Gafur and Shiv Chandra Ram

Shri Modi said in the matter of renting housing, that the Bihar's Minister Abdul Ghafoor and Shivchandra Ram and JD (U) MLA Narendra Singh are earning millions of rupees by converting their government bungalow into a marriage house. Such ministers should be sacked by filing an FIR and the money should be recovered from their salaries. Former state president Mangal Pandey was also present on this occasion.

Modi said that during the Ramanwami last year, the conversation of jailed former MP Shahabuddin and Lalu Prasad Yadav had become public. In fact, Bihar government is on the instructions of criminals. It is legally wrong to talk to criminals who are in jail.
 Criminal Case against Lalu
The State Government should register a criminal case immediately after taking cognizance of this. He said that the Governor should intervene in this matter and instruct the DGP to register a complaint. Shri Modi said that he will also talk to the Union Home Minister in this matter and urge him to intervene. The governor should also send the report to the center on the entire matter. On May 17, this issue will also be included in BJP's statewide blockade.
Modi alleged that 60 percent of the state's landlords report to Lalu Prasad. He said that how the accused and convicted of more than 50 cases in jail were in constant touch with Lalu Prasad and he was directed to the government officials on his say. It is the result of the culprit, politician and the government's nexus that crime situation in the state is getting worse day by day. It has also been proved from the tape that Shahabuddin  that he was running parallel government from jail and had threatened BDO, SDO.

He said that on one side liquor was being banned in the state. On the other hand, Shahabuddin was threatening to release people caught with alcohol. SP through state criminal Lalu Prasad DM and other government officials are pushing, threatening and Nitish Kumar is compromising the criminals to remain the chief minister.

The former Deputy Chief Minister said that state minister Abdul Ghafoor, along with RJD MLAs, went to meet Shahabuddin, but the Chief Minister could not muster the courage to inquire about the sacking of the minister.
 Lalu has Become the Patron of Criminals

Modi said that the offender, who was suspended or sacked by the RJD from this Ruling, has been kept as a respected member of the RJD's highest policy-making national executive. Lalu Prasad has filed a lawsuit against the criminals for defending the criminals. Lalu Prasad is convicted of scandal and is on Bail. In such a situation, the state government should go to the Supreme Court for cancellation of Lalu Prasad's bail. After going to Shahabuddin's Tihar jail, Finance Minister Abdul Bari Siddiqui had visited Shahbuddin's parents.