NEET Exam on 7th May;Know the rule for Exam

As you know, the examination for the admission in the Medical and Dental Course by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) 2017 will be conducted on 7th May at 103 centres across the country. The CBSE has organized this examination and has formulated certain guidelines, rules and regulations. All the appearing candidates need to follow these rules.

Carry Admit Card and Photo

It has been stated in the rule that it is mandatory for the students to take the Admit Card at the Examination Center, along with the passport size photograph.

Dress Code

It is being said that apart from dress code, CBSE has made many strict rules for the examination of NEET. There is also a ban on applying henna as well as wearing saris for the girl students in the examination. According to the rules of CBSE, whoever does not follow these rules, will not be able to get entry in the examination centre.

 Denial of Entry in the Examination Centre

There is a ban on wearing Burqa, Talisman, bracelet and saber at the Exxon Center. Apart from this, the students will not be allowed to enter the exam hall by possessing anything like purse, ATM card, locket, shoes, full sleeves shirt, watch, sunglasses, hair clips, rubber band, bangle etc.

Things to be Allowed in the Examination Hall

There is an exemption to carry some things at the Examination Center of NEET. This includes the Mangal Sutra for women. That is, if married women wear a Mangalasutra at the center of the examination, they will not be stopped. The appearing candidates can wear slippers or sandals, half t-shirts or shirts, trousers, laggens, lower, plazo, salwar, half-sleeves kurti, tops and give exam.

Special Pen for NEET

Students do not need to take the pen at the examination center, because it will be given by the board in the examination hall. It is being said that CBSE has prepared a special kind of pen for NET Examination, which will not be available in the market. This pen will be given only after the entry of the students in the Examination Center after showing the Admit Card.

                                     ----Ashish Jha

Metro in Lucknow by 15th June: Yogi

CM Yogi Adityanath has said that Metro will start in Lucknow till June 15. In a joint press conference with Union Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu, Yogi said on Friday that the previous government flagged, without preparation. There is still a lot of work left.

CM Yogi said that to start the metro, at least four racks should be required. Three have come in existence. Attempts are made to get the remaining one soon. Apart from this, security checks and railway boards have to fulfill certain formalities. In such a case, it will take about one and a half months to begin the Metro in Lucknow.

Yogi also said that we have started work on the metro faster. DPR of Kanpur and Varanasi metro is ready. The DPR of Meerut, Agra and Allahabad is going on. We are also making DPRs for Jhansi and Gorakhpur metro. Apart from this, the RRTS (Rapid Rail Transport) scheme of 32 thousand crore rupees will be started till the Center's cooperation. This will allow the distance from Delhi to Meerut to be covered in just one hour.

446 Crores for Metro

On this occasion, Union Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu released the next installment of Rs 446 crore for the Lucknow Metro. Apart from this, he also has a handover of Rs 300 crore installment for other Urban Transport schemes.

10 Rupees will be the Minimum Ticket

The exercise of fixing the fares of the metro has also increased. Assuming the sources, LMRC has decided ticket of 10 rupees for a distance of three and a half km in his proposal. This will be the minimum fare . The rent of 8.5 km (Transport Nagar from Charbagh) will be between 18-20 rupees. In the proposal sent to the Metro Board for approval, the price of go-smart card has been kept at Rs. 200. This card will also be available from a private bank besides the station. It can also be recharged from the Bhim and the UPI App.
                                                     ---Ashish Jha

In Bihar ‘Rat’ is Sarabi No. 1

Patna: In Bihar, the policeman may have been accusing mice for the decrease in number of liquor bottles, but in the last two days in the state, the arrest of three policemen, including one in-charge of the police, was arrested for alcohol drinking. However, Bihar Police Headquarters has ordered an inquiry into the whole case.

SSP Conducts Meeting with all the Police Stations

According to police sources, Patna's SSP Manu Maharaj had held a meeting on Tuesday with all the police officials in connection with the preparations for the local city body elections. During this time they got information about the liquor recovered by the police stations and they were surprised.

Wine rats

It was told by several police officials that the seized liquor was wasted in the absence of maintenance in the store house and argued that 'rat' broke the bottles and squeezed the wine. After this, Maharaj talked about the 'Breath Enlisting' test of all the level policemen posted in the police stations.
Here, Bihar Director General of Police PK Thakur said that the matter is being investigated. He said that updated information of the liquor seized from all the districts has been sought and instructions have been issued to eradicate the seized liquor immediately and make the report available to the headquarters.

Police officers arrested for drinking alcohol

Meanwhile, the claims of policemen on the rise of rats came out to the fore when three policemen including a police officer in charge, Police Mens Association president, arrested in the last two days, were arrested for drinking alcohol.

Rameshwar Singh, in-charge of Kazi Mohammedpur police station in Muzaffarpur district, was arrested on Thursday night for his alleged involvement in liquor when he was drinking alcohol while sitting inside the police station in uniform.

When it was reported to the senior officers of the district, they took cognizance of the matter and immediately took action and arrested Singh for drinking liquor. He was suspended after the arrest.

8 lakh liters of liquor seized within one year

Earlier on Wednesday night, two policemen, including Bihar Police Men's Association president Nirmal Singh, were arrested in Patna on the charge of drinking alcohol. Senior officials of the police suspect that even though the police kept the liquor kept in the possession of the police station in the police station, they were not caught.

According to Bihar liquor prohibition and product department data, within a year of complete prohibition in Bihar, 5,14,639 liters of foreign (English), 3,10,292 liters of country liquor and 11,371 beers were seized.

On April 5, 2016, Bihar went for full prohibition

In spite of one year of prohibition, liquor smuggling is taking place in the state. Alcohol smugglers have been smuggling stealthy liquor in the state by adopting new methods every day. Alcohol recovered daily in some area of ​​the state. Let you know that full prohibition of alcohol in Bihar was implemented on April 5, 2016 and the revised new law was implemented on October 2, 2016.


Stupendous Success of "We Can! We Can!" Makes it Bilingual

Soon the intellectual readers of Hindi will get the copy of "We Can! We Can!"in their language. The stupendous success of the book paved the way for its national language edition. If the sources close to the author of the book are to be believed, there were suggestions pouring on from almost all the quarters to launch the book in the household language of most parts of India and that might have been the prominent reason to make the copy of the book available in second language as well.
The response of the book was phenomenal right from the launch of the book. Thousands of copies of the book were sold out almost in the wink of an eye and that astonished not only those associated with distribution of the book, but even its author. And that was the reason, printing of the second lot of the book started on war footing.

There are a number of attributes associated with the book that make it a must buy. Apart from the ethics, work culture, its way of expression is not bookish. The readers of the book feel as if someone is talking to them, explaining all the nuances of life in the most lucid language. One of the avid readers of the book and prominent management guru opined, “You cannot afford to take your eyes off once you open its first page, just to have a cursory glance over the book and start reading. Almost all the chapters of management, nay every facets of life are covered.”

When the author of the book Commander VK Jaitly was contacted, he said, “I feel honored, privileged and blessed to get such an outstanding feedback. I think it is now my duty to live up to the highest expectations of our prospective readers of Hindi edition of the book.” I have written most part of the book and I think you will see the copy in just few weeks.” 

                                      ---Ashish Jha

Supreme Court to Pronounce Verdict on Nirbhaya Case Today

The Supreme Court will pronounce the verdict on Friday in the Nirbhaya Gangrepe and Murder case which had jolted the entire country. Nirbhaya's father said that the society will get justice from the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court will pronounce the verdict on Friday on the application of the four convicts convicted in the Nirbhaya gang-rape and murder case. After the hearing in the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court had reserved the decision on March 27 in this matter. The High Court's decision has been challenged in the Supreme Court by the guilty Akshay Thakur, Vinay Sharma, Pawan Gupta and Mukesh.

Nirbhaya's father told NBT that he is expected to get justice from the Supreme Court on Friday. I believe that the entire society will get justice in this matter. The atrocities subjected to Nirbhaya are not the sordid sage of one girl; rather it is against the society.
After this incident, there was a great indignation of the people. Parliament made changes in law related to rape and there was a provision for strict punishment in the case of rape. Although this incident took place five years ago but hearing in the Supreme Court had been completed. The father of the victim hoped that ultimately justice will prevail.

Plea of ​​government

Senior Advocate Siddharth Luthra, who was present on behalf of Delhi Police, argued that these four accused have done barbaric acts and hence these four people should be sentenced to death in this case. There are no circumstances to reduce punishment. There should be no concession in the sentence in this case. Meanwhile, Raj Advocate Raju Ramachandran, counselor, appearing for the convicts, said that the punishment for keeping the guilty prisoners in a lifetime can be an option. At the same time, advocate AP Singh and ML Sharma, appearing on behalf of the guilty, said that in view of the age of the guilty, family background and circumstances, they should not be sentenced to death
Debate started from 4th April 2016
The debate started on April 4, 2016 in the Supreme Court. In the Supreme Court, the four culprits have challenged the High Court's decision. On behalf of Mujriman Mukesh and Pawan, his lawyer ML Sharma had initiated the plea, after which the lawyer AP Singh had argued on behalf of the other accused in this case. Supreme Court appointed senior advocate Raju Ramachandran in the case on April 8 in the case of four convicts in this case, in order to appoint Amiks Curie (Court Advisor) for the two culprits in the case, while Advocate Sanjay Hegde has left the case. Amicus Curie was appointed for the culprits. The lower court had sentenced the four to death, after which they had appealed in the High Court and were sentenced to death by the High Court, after which special permission petition was filed in the Supreme court on behalf of them, after which Supreme Court The court had reserved the decision.

 The Fast Track Court Decided the case within 9 Months

The lower court had sentenced the four to death on September 13, 2013 and referred the case to the High Court for confirming the punishment of the four. The fast track court in Saket had convicted the four for gang rape and murder. Four were sentenced to death for murder and the court considered the case as the Reveret of Rare.

The lower court had sent the matter to the High Court for confirming the punishment, and the four accused had challenged the lower court's decision in the High Court. The High Court's High Court confirmed the death sentence of four convicts Akshay Thakur, Vinay Sharma, Pawan Gupta and Mukesh on March 13, 2014 in the High Court of the Conflict. Judge of High Court Justice Rewa Khetrapal and Justice Pratibha Rani had reserved the judgment on January 3, 2014 after hearing the case.

Appeal in the Supreme Court

After the High Court's decision, in the Supreme Court, Mukesh Pawan had filed an appeal on March 15, 2014 by his lawyer ML Sharma. After this, on behalf of other culprits, their counsel, AP Singh, had approached the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has issued notice to the government in this matter, keeping the hanging hanging on them.

Bench of Three Judges

The Supreme Court had constituted a bench of 3 judges to hear the case related to the appeal against the death penalty on April 28, 2014. Juvenile is to be kept in the Juvenile house for 3 years. An accused Ram Singh was hanged in Tihar Jail, while the sixth accused was Juvenile, who was ordered by Juvenile Court for three years in Juvenile Homes. Three years after leaving the Juvenile home, he was released.

Sushmita's SSC Classes

Pak's Complicity came to the fore; Indian High Commission Summons Bashit

In case of vandalism with two Indian soldiers killed in the attack by Pakistani soldiers on the Line of Control, India has submitted evidence to Pakistan. India has said in a raging tone that the Pakistan government should take action against the soldiers and commanders responsible for this scandal. Foreign Secretary Dr. S. Jaishankar handed over evidence of ceasefire violation and vandalism by Pakistan on the border by summoning Pakistani High Commissioner Abdul Basit in New Delhi on Wednesday. However, Basit refused to accept any complicity of the Pakistani army in this attack. Pakistan is currently silent on the issue of  its Foreign Secretary being summoned by the Indian High Commission. 

According to External Affairs Ministry spokesman Gopal Bagale, the Foreign Secretary called the Pakistani high commissioner and made it clear that it considers the action of inciting India to mutilate the dead body of the soldiers. We have strong evidence that this is the handiwork of the Pakistani army. Foreign Secretary told Basit that on May one, crossing the LoC, Pakistani soldiers carried out this brutal, barbarous and inhuman incident, which is highly reprehensible, dastardly and not acceptable to any civilized society.

The Pakistani high commissioner has been given evidence that Pakistani army fired heavily, under which Pakistani soldiers crossed the LOC in Krishna Valley and came to this side. Two Indian soldiers were killed in a barbarian style. They shot the head, then cut his head. The blood samples and trail of Indian soldiers is evident from the fact that Pakistani soldiers entered and then returned after the incident of the brutal incident. The note handed down by Dr. S. Jaishankar to Bashesh has been said, It is a matter of fact that the assault was carried out in the under-fire section of the Pakistani shootout in the Batala sector. From blood samples of Indian soldiers collected from Rosa Nala, it is clear from the fact that the killers returned and crossed the Line of Control. On May 1, Pakistan's Border Action Team (BAT) killed 250 soldiers in 250 meters inside Poonch area of ​​Jammu and Kashmir and killed two soldiers.

Bagale said that the Foreign Secretary demanded from Basit that Pakistan should take immediate action against the responsible soldiers and commanders of this abominable act. Pakistani troops attacked rockets and mortars on advance posts in violation of the ceasefire in the Krishna Valley sector, which took place at 8.40 in the morning on Monday, and during this time, the Pakistani border army team (Pakistani Army and the other left) Militant team of terrorists attacked and attacked the squad of patrolling Indian soldiers. In it, the army constable Paramjit Singh and the head constable of Border Security Force (BSF) Prem Sagar fell dead and the young Rajendra Singh got injured. The bodies of both the martyred soldiers were found in cough-edged condition. The heads of both were cut off.

Kumar Vishvas is on Trust Deficit with AAP

In the Aam Aadmi Party, efforts have been made to convince Kumar Vishwas. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal reached Manish Sisodia with his conviction. After the meeting Kejriwal left with them. It is believed that the three leaders are going to the residence of the Chief Minister of Delhi. Earlier in the conversation with the media after meeting in Ghaziabad, the Delhi Chief Minister said that he and other party patrons will make him convinced.

After Kumar Vishvas announced that he will take his decision by today evening, Kapil Mishra, MLA from Kalka, Avtar Singh arrived at his residence, while Ashutosh and Sanjay Singh are already present there.
Meanwhile, rebel legislator Devendra Sahrawat had also reached Kumar Vishwas, but Kumar Vishwas refused to meet him. Earlier, Ashutosh and Sanjay Singh came to meet him at the residence of faith.

Meanwhile, supporters of Kumar Vishwas started sloganeering in front of his house and started firing on the gate to take action against Amanatullah. Supporters of Kumar's house are in the drama.His supporters do not agree on the allegations put on trust. According to supporters, the top leadership of the party is ignoring workers.

AAP legislators appearing in two factions!

Arvind Kejriwal, who is disturbed by the statements of Kumar Vishwas and Amanatullah Khan, is angry on one side, after this statement, several MLAs of the party are seen splitting in two separate camps.

Before and after the Political Affairs Committee's meeting convened on a statement against Amanatullah Khan's Kumar Vishwas, the ruckus of the Aam Aadmi Party legislators is evident. On Monday afternoon, when Arvind Kejriwal returned from meeting with Sisodia, many MLAs came to meet the party leader Ashutosh. During this period, Gopal Rai, Rajesh Gupta, Naresh Yadav, Jitendra Singh Tomar, Madan Lal, Saurabh Bharadwaj, Jarnail Singh and Sharad Chauhan were involved.

In fact, the constant meeting of MLAs with party leaders is a big effort to revive the mindset of Kejriwal's strong supporters. Between the entire dispute, Sanjiv Jha of Kejriwal camp has already tweeted support for his leader by tweeting. On Monday morning, Manish Sisodia, Satyendra Jain, Sanjeev Jha, Rajesh Gupta, Naresh Balyan, Balna Kumari, Srideet Sharma, Jitendra Tomar reached for Arvind Kejriwal's house.

No meeting with MLAs

Now talk about Kumar Vishwas, so many MLAs came to visit him at his house in Vasundhara till late on Monday night. These include names like Kapil Mishra, Alka Lamba, Banda Kumari, Rajesh Gupta, Emotion Goud, Rajesh Rishi, Ramnivas Goyal, but even after resigning from the Political Affairs Committee of Amanatullah Khan, the meeting of MLAs of Kumar Vishwaas was not the first time. Used to be. On Tuesday morning, legislator Akhileshpati Tripathi, Raju Dhingan and Manoj Kumar Kumar have come to meet Vishwas.

Kumar Vishwas made the fight personal: Sisodiya

Countering the statement of Kumar Vishwas, Manish Sisodia said that someone did not say Kumar Vishwas to apologize. The party is not of Marie, Arvind or Kumar, but the country has millions of workers sitting abroad, it should not make personal fight.

Accusation of rhetoric on trust

Manish Sisodia said, despite repeatedly calling Kumar Vishwas, he did not come to PAC's meeting. Let the rhetoric on the TV, causing the morale of the worker to break. These party workers are also benefiting from rhetoric.

How to Prepare for the NDA Exam?

Geeting into NDA happens to be the dream of every young student. The fanfare of an army, navy or air force officer is simply amazing. Those students who want to pursue a career in NDA or have the goal of becoming NDA Officers at an early age, here are some simple tips for them.

Tips to Know about the NDA Examination Pattern

1. Resolve the papers of the last few years 

Students who are preparing for NDA exams must know that the NDA exam pattern has not changed for a few years. Therefore, you have to solve the question papers of the last few years. If you solve the questions of the past year, you will be able to make the best of the NDA exam very easily.

2. Practice the Mathematics Paper

Though, every section that is asked in the NDA exam is very important. But we need some time to solve mathematical questions because there is no provision to cry about it. Therefore, in order to get good marks in the mathematical section, it is compulsory to practice as much as possible on the subject of Math.
Along with this, try to solve the questions of mathematics in minimum possible time. Mind, every second of your counts when it comes to NDA examination.

3. Learn Time Management as well as Space Management

In NDA exam, analytical questions are asked in great numbers. Therefore, time management is something you will have to get mastery. If you have good reasons to believe that a particular question, though you know its answer well, but is sure to take longer time of your, leave the question and proceed. Mind, you do not have much time at your disposal. At the same time you have to solve your whole question paper. So, time management is very important.

Learn the Art of Metal Calculation

Keep time management as well as space management, because in the exam you are given a lot of space to do 'rough work'. Therefore, learn the Art of Mental Calculation too.

Read a Prominent  Daily Newspaper

In the NDA Examination you are also asked questions related to common knowledge and Current Affairs. So, cultivate the habit of, if you have not already, reading a prominent daily newspaper. Reading newspaper will enlighten you about the news related to current affairs, national and international news.

Mental and physical strength

In NDA exams, physical strength is required along with mental strength, whereas in other exams only the candidate is selected keeping in mind the mental strength. So, you will have to work on augmenting your physical and mental strength.

Some important questions related to the NDA exams along with their answers 

Question: What is the full name of NDA?
Answer: The full name of the NDA is the National Defense Academy.

Question: What is NDA's examination pattern?
Answer: NDA Entrance Exam comes with 900 Marks’ Objective Type Questions . This question paper contains two related topics--- First, Mathematics and the second the General Ability Test.

Question: How many hours is the paper of mathematics and general qualification test in NDA entrance exam?

Answer: Paper for Math and General Merit Test is two and a half hours in NDA entrance examination.

Question: Which class is required to pass the student to apply to NDA Entrance Examination?
Answer: In order to apply in NDA Entrance Examination, it is mandatory for the student to pass 12th standard.

Question: Is it mandatory for the candidate to be an Indian citizen for NDA recruitment?
Answer: Yes, it is mandatory for the candidate to be an Indian citizen for the NDA recruitment.

Question: How much should the candidate's age be for NDA recruitment?
Answer: The candidate's age should be between 16.5 to 19 years for NDA recruitment.

Question - What is the minimum height of candidate for NDA recruitment?
Answer: The minimum height of the candidate for NDA recruitment should be 157.5 c.m. But, the minimum height of the candidate for the recruitment in Air Force is 162.5 c.m.

Question: How many numbers are the Mathematics and general qualification test paper in NDA entrance exam?

Answer: In NDA entrance examination, Paper of Mathematics is of 300 and General Aptitude Test paper is of 600 marks.
                                                                     ----Ranjana Jha

How Osama Bin Laden was Killed?

The member of the American Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden has shared some important information related to the entire operation in one of his books. Robert O'Neill was a member of Team 6 of the US Navy SEAL, who in May 2011 entered Pakistan's Abbottabad and operated against Osama. Robert claimed that Osama was killed in his hands. The bullet that killed Osama, was run by Robert. Now Robert has given the details of that moment when he ended Osama's life. Also, he has shared the information related to the action taken by America at Osama's house in Abbottabad.

An exclusive part of Robert's upcoming book 'The Operators' has been published by the Daily Mirror newspaper. In it, Robert has described how the last moments of Osama's life were . In a part of this book, published in the paper, Robert wrote, 'I turned to the right and looked in the room with the eyes peeking. Near the door of the room, I saw Osama bin Laden. He was much taller and thinner than my hope. His beard was even smaller than my hope and his hair was white. There was a woman in front of him. Osama's hand was on the shoulder of that woman. '

I Shot 3 Bullets on his Head
Robert further writes, 'In less than a second I made a target of that woman's right shoulder and triggered the trigger of my gun twice. Osama's head was shot and his head broke up, after which he fell down on the floor. Then I got another shot in his head to be confident. '

Due to the dark, the SEAL team could not get into Osama's compound
Robert also mentioned the last tense moments during the operation when the SEAL team was going to enter Osama's house. They have told that the helicopters that  had arrived in the SEAL, one of them had to crash suddenly on the ground due to compulsion.

 Robert also writes that in the darkness of the night, the SEAL team did not enter the premises of Osama's house. He writes, 'As soon as we got into that compound, then it was going to happen in the morning. I thought that hey, we have reached here in Osama bin Laden's house. It was a very good experience. I thought that I would be killed in this operation, but it was a matter of great bravery and it was a question of our prestige. '

Robert went to trance for a few minutes after Osama was shot

Robert wrote that after firing Osama bin Laden for some time, he went to the point blank and went to zero like his mind. Then a member of his team came in to the room and told Robert that he had killed Al-Qaeda's terror master Osama bin Laden.
                                           ---Ashish Jha

We may Conduct Nuclear Test Anytime: North Korea

Seoul North Korea has threatened to do nuclear tests at any time and anywhere. There has been tension in the Korean peninsula for the past few months. Dictator Kim Jong has given the threat of nuclear war. America has sent a fleet of warships to the area. We are ready ...

According to the news agency KCNA, the North Korea Foreign Ministry spokesperson said, "We are fully prepared to respond to any attack."
- "We are capable in doing nuclear test anywhere and at any time, it is decided to take the Supreme Leadership of the country."
- North Korea has also said before that if the military action was taken then the answer would be given by nuclear attack.

Why the Tension is Rising?

- The cause of tension in the US and Korean Peninsula is North Korea's nuclear program. Dictator Kim Jong does not accept those civil laws.
- He has threatened nuclear attacks on America four times in a week.
In 2017, he successfully performed three missiles. Since 2006, he has done 5 nuclear tests so far. Last year, he conducted 2 nuclear tests including hydrogen bomb.
- In March 2017, the missiles fell into the sea region of Japan. This also raised stress.

Is the Korean peninsula started to rust?

- Fresh incidents tell us that the tension between the US and North Korea has reached the peak.
- After the latest threat of North Korea's nuclear attack, Donald Trump has deployed the largest nuclear class submarine, warship fleet Carl Vinson and anti-ballistic missile system Thad on North. A. This is America's largest military siege on Korea.
Meanwhile, North Korea announced the intention of doing the biggest military exercise on the 85th Army Day on April 25.
- On the next day, South Korea, US and Japan's forces on the North Korea border, the biggest joint exercise of the decade.
Training to prevent chemical attack given to children in South Korea
- South Korea has also started preparations for war. Here in the War Memorial the school children are being taught the ways of avoiding the chemical and biological attack.
- South Korea's population of two and a half million is near the North Korean border. Alert has been issued here.

- The formation of a new government in South Korea is due  on May 9. But here, in an election survey, for 45% of the people, the country's economy is an important issue.

Terrorists kills five police constables & two J&K Bank officials

On Monday, after the martyrdom of two BSF soldiers in the attack on the LoC in LoC in Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir, militants attacked a cash van in Kulgam in the evening. Five policemen and two bank employees died in this attack.

According to media reports, the terrorists targeted the cash van of Jammu and Kashmir Bank. After the attack, the terrorists looted Rs 50 lakh cash from the cash van. It is said that five SLR rifles of the policemen along with terror cash were also robbed.

It is today's second major incident since the violation of Pakistan's ceasefire in the state.
Struggles in college students and security forces in Kashmir

In a college in Pulwama, south Kashmir, today there was a clash with the jawans of the students who were passing the march against the alleged strictness of the security forces. A police official said that against the action of the security forces on April 15 students of Boys Higher Secondary School and Pulwama Degree College raised a large number of joint marches.

According to the official, when the march reached near Pulwama police station, some students started stone pelting on security personnel. The soldiers left tear gas shells to disperse the students.

There have been unconfirmed reports that some students were staging posters of Islamist State Flags and Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani on the college building, which was killed in an encounter with security forces in July last year.

Meanwhile, shops and other business establishments were closed in the area in view of conflict.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh's meeting on Kashmir situation

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh today presided over a high-level meeting with the CRPF jawans in Chhattisgarh after the horrific attacks of Maoists and discussions on Jammu and Kashmir issue.

Home Secretary Rajiv Maharishi, Head of Intelligence Bureau Rajiv Jain, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) chief Anil Dhasmin and CRPF chief Rajeev Ray Bhatnagar attended the high-level meeting.

Known sources said that the meeting discussed the latest crisis in Jammu and Kashmir, where the problem of law and order has arisen due to the increase in the incidents of stone pelting on students by the students.

May Day: Why and How it is Celebrated?

International Labor Day (May Day)
Official Name: International Labor Day

International Labor Day is also known as International Labor Day and May Day, which is celebrated internationally for the promotion of the International Labor Association. It is celebrated all over the world on 1st May, which has been declared as a traditional summer holiday in Europe.
It has also been declared as a national holiday in almost 80 countries of the world, whereas in many countries it is celebrated unofficially. This is the US and Canada, it is celebrated as the annual holiday to commemorate the great achievements of the workers working in different fields on the first Monday of September month (Labor Day).

International Labor Day 2017

International Workers' Day 2017 (Socialist and Labor Union) by the people of the whole world will be celebrated on May 1, Monday.

History and Origins of International Labor Day

International Labor Day is a big celebration of the world class and it is celebrated on May 4, 1886, to remember the hairmarket incident in Chicago (hairmarket massacre). It was a big event of that year when the workers were on a general strike for their eight-hour workday and the police was doing their job to disperse the crowd to the common people. Suddenly, a bomb was thrown over the crowd by an unidentified person and the police started firing, in which four demonstrators were killed.

Here is the real statement about the program: "Trustworthy witnesses have said that all the guns have shone from the middle of the road, where the police were standing, and there was no one from the crowd. In addition, reports of the initial paper is not described any talk of firing by the civilians. At the scene a pole pillar was filled with bullets, all coming from the direction of the police. "
It was decided on the anniversary of the day of May Day in the meeting of the Paris (1889) through a proposal by Raymond Levigne that it was necessary to celebrate the anniversary of the revolt of the Shiqing rebellion and require an international demonstration. In the year 1891, to commemorate the annual event, the second international Congress received official approval on May Day.

However, in the May Day riot in 1894 and again in 1904, the following statement was given at the International Socialist Conference of Amsterdam: "For the establishment of an eight-hour-day legal establishment, on May 1st, all the Social Democratic Party Organization and trade unions, for the graded demand of the working class, and for global peace, and to prevent the work on May 1. Binding up the trade unions wife countries, it has been announced. "

Why is May Day celebrated?

International Labor Day or May Day is celebrated to end the struggle for promotion of an eight-hour car-day requirement. In the past, the working conditions of the workers were very painful and there was also a working day of 10 to 16 hours in the unsafe situation. During the 1860s, deaths, injuries and other horrific situations were very common for workers, and the people working during the whole working day were very unhappy until the eight-hour workday was declared.

In many industries, there was a need to raise voice for the safety of people of the working group by decreasing the working hours of the working class people (men, women and children), decreasing their working hours in the industries. After a lot of efforts by the workers and the socialists, in the 1884 national congressional work of the workers at the National Convention of Shikogo, eight hours were declared as legal time for the workers.
During Heymarket massacre, a lot of people sacrificed their lives, which took place during the workers' strike in Chicago. In order to promote the social and economic achievements of the working group people, the May Day is celebrated to recall the occurrence of Heymarket Massacre.

How International Labor Day is celebrated

In order to celebrate the achievements of the workers, international labor day is celebrated annually as an official holiday throughout the world. People celebrate May Day or Labor Day happily by managing big party and various programs and decorating the banner of colors and flags.

In order to increase social awareness about Labor Day, various newspapers and messages are spread through TV channels and radio channels, while congratulating the workers' day among the people. To celebrate this day, there  are also held a variety of programs by the International Labor Organization. The theme of the Labor Day party festival is any cartoon character, western culture show, sports, TV show, movie, leisure activities, fun-filled fun activities etc. Other Workers' Day activities include class puzzles, word change puzzles, word search puzzles, code cracker puzzles, word giddy puzzles, words match puzzle, etc.

The festival is celebrated by labor unions across maintains a historical importance in the world and all over the world. Various types of Working Group under the safety management to prevent violence demonstration, speech, rebellion procession.

Preparation of 'last' war against Naxalites; Dobhal to take care of meeting

Jagdalpur: After the martyrdom of 25 CRPF personnel in the Maoist attack in Sukma, the government has decided to enter the den of the Naxalites and teach them a lesson that they will probably never forget.In this regard, a meeting of top state officials has been called on May 2, which will be addressed by National Security Advisor Ajit Doval through video conferencing. IG Vivekanand Sinha of Bastar division said, "A meeting of top officials has been called in capital Raipur on May 2 for counterattacking the Naxalites and for the new strategy. National security adviser Ajit Doval will also be present in this meeting through video conferencing.

It is said that the government has decided to create a strategic preparation to root out the menace of Naxalism . That is why Ajit Doval, who played a key role in the surgical strike, has been given the command to make a strategy. Bastar IG Sinha said on the phone from Bijapur, "The force deployed in Bastar has been removed from road construction and sent to the naxal areas. Force will not do the road opening now. It will only fight against the Maoists. The Force is continuously patrolling the inner areas. Operation Clean is being carried out on the strategy of making the area clean of any dirt of naxalism.

Sinha said, 'I am in Bijapur now. Internal Security Adviser Vijay Kumar has reached Bastar here. There is a meeting with the Force in the district headquarters with the DG Naxal Operation. Naxalites will be admitted in their own den and replied in a negative manner. IG Sinha said, "Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken the information of Bastar's latest situation from Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Chief Minister Raman Singh. 

The Prime Minister has instructed National Security Advisor to handle the Naxal problem. On the instructions of the PM, internal security adviser Vijay Kumar and the DG Naxal Operation DM Awasthi are camping in Bastar. At the same time, the central force and the state police force have been asked to curb the Maoist network in every situation by speeding up attacks on the Maoists and mutual coordination. It is important to note that Vijay Kumar played a key role in the killing of Chandan Taskar Veerappan.
Sinha said, "On 2 May, Ajit Doval will discuss video conferencing from New Delhi in the context of Naxalism from Bastar and top state officials, for which the mobilization of officers will be in the capital. 

In the conference, Bijar's IG, DIG, collector of all 7 districts, SP has been called in Raipur. In addition, the officers of the CRPF and the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) will also be attending the meeting. Chief Minister Raman Singh has clarified that the talks with the Maoists will not be a direct fight. After the martyrdom of 25 soldiers, now the preparation is on full swing to make the land free of naxalites.

DM Awasthi is working on the strategy of attacking directly by increasing the morale of the Force with IG, DIG and SP, camping in Bastar. Even senior officials are preparing tactics while making Bastar, a center of special workforce. At the same time, the command of the STF will be handed over to the Central Security Force, in which the top officials of the state will be included.
                                                                         ----Ashish Jha

SSC MTS 2017 Cut off Marks

As the examination for the SSC MTS 2017 is over, all those students who have appeared for the examination, must be waiting for the SSC MTS Cut Off Marks.The reason for the anxious wait is quite obvious. With all the answers of the questions that they have made quite fresh in their minds and the appearing  students have carried with them the question papers, they can very well tally the answers and come to know for sure as to how much marks they are going to get in the just held examination.

If they come to know about the expected cut off marks, they will be getting the benefit from these cut offs in two ways. If they come to know that their marks are in the cut off lists, they can start rejoicing from today itself. The good thing about this examination is that there is no any Mains or interview test. Simply put, if your score comes in the cut off category, you are selected finally.
SSC MTS 2017 Cut off
For the all the students that have appeared for the SSC MTS, it is now Yahoo moment. The SSC MTS expected Cut-off marks is out in the open. Importantly, the cut-off marks is different for the different categories.
For the general students, the expected cut-off marks is 97-102. Those who belong to Other Backward Classes can clear the exam, if they manage to get 83-87 marks. The students belonging to Scheduled Caste can expect to clear the examination if they manage to get 55-56 marks, whereas those belonging to Scheduled Tribe can manage to get an entry in SSC if they manage to get 59-63 marks in the just held examination. Very low cut off is expected for the Ex. Servicemen. They, even after getting 47-52 marks, can clear the exam.

SSC MTS 2017 Exam Highlights

The examination dates of the SSC MTS 2017 are on 30th April 2017, 14th May, 2017 and 28th May, 2017. The total number of vacancies that was advertised in employment news and the official website of SSC is 8300. The name of the post of Multi Tasking Staff or MTS. The number of applicants for this examination was more than 10 lakhs. The mode of examination was offline.
                                          ----Sushmita Jha

How Much Salary does Sunder Picchai Take?

New Delhi: Ground may slip for you once you hear Google's CEO Sondai Pichai's salaries. Google CEO (chief executive) Sundar Pichai gets a whooping salary of $ 200 million and perks and facilities that is, about 13 billion rupees. Pachai gets a salary of more than 1 billion rupees per month. The special thing is that these salaries have doubled since 2015. In the year 2016, he was given a share of $ 200 million (i.e., 12.85 billion rupees) worth of about 1300 crore shares. In 2016he started getting  a total salary of 12,849,199,632 billion.

Rise of Salary of Sunder

In 2016, 44-year-old Pichai received a salary of $ 650,000, which is marginally lower than $ 6,52,500 in 2015. But Sundar Pichai was appointed CEO, i.e., Chief Executive Officer, during the company's restructuring in August 2015, after which the income of his share increased to Rs 19.87 crore in 2016. It is nearly twice the revenue of $ 9.98 million of the same item for 2015. According to the report, Sunder Pichai has been given such a huge salary for the successful launch of several products as the CEO of the company.

Who Revealed the Salary of the CEO?

American news channel CNN has revealed the annual earnings of Google CEO Sundar Pichai in its new report. According to the channel's report Sundar Pichai had earlier led the team of Google's popular browser Chrome and Google Android launch team. In the year 2016, Google made a huge profit after launching products such as Google's Smartphones, Virtual Reality Headset, Voice Controlled Smart Speaker. As a result of this, the company has given a huge salary to Sunder Pichai.

Who is Sunder Pichai?

The full name of Sundar Pichai is Sundarajan Pichai and he was born on July 12, 1972 in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. Having passed MS from BITEC and Stanford University from IIT Kharagpur in India, he obtained an MBA degree from the University of Pennsylvania of the United States. Sunder Pichai has been working as a Google employee for a long time and in the year 2015, he took over the position of CEO of Google.

                                            ---Ashish Jha

Missile Test of North Korea Disrespected China: Trump

The US has given a strong reaction to North Korea's missile test on Saturday.

Washington (IANS). The US has given a strong reaction to North Korea's missile test on Saturday. US President Donald Trump said that North Korea has again disrespected the wishes of China by testing missile. After North Korea's failed missile test, Trump tweeted that North Korea disrespected the missions of China and the wishes of China and his highly respected President. It is quite bad. However this trial has not been successful.

It is noteworthy that China had talked about finding an alternative to tension in the region, on which the US had favored China. The Trump Administration praised Pyongyang for agreeing to not conduct missile and nuclear tests. PACOM spokesman Dave Benham said in a statement that the US Pacific Command detected it and we estimate that North Korea did a missile test on April 28 at 3.30 am on the morning of Hawaii. Ballistic missile test was done near Pukchang Airfield.