Terror Alert in UP

In Uttar Pradesh, preparations for the attack in saffron dress are ready. Madhya Pradesh Intelligence has alerted the UP Police. Terrorist organizations have trained Tinajors terrorists in Sadhus and Tantric customs and have spread in various districts in UP. After information of the M.P. Intelligence, all the captains and the DIG and the SSP railway have been alerted. Operation 'Krishna India' is being associated with all these.
Terrorists can attack in saffron guards
It has been informed in the letter sent to the police that the terrorists are planning a big event by invoking the customs of Hinduism and infiltrating the sect of saints. It is noteworthy that in connection with the IED blast in Bijnore on September 12, 2014, terrorists escaped from Khandwa jail symbol (all killed)  used to bear the Hindu symbols.

Operation Krishna India

Earlier, it was reported that the ISI operation is under the command of 'Krishna India' to attack the terrorists by offering Hindu customs and attacking them. The decision to increase the security of Uttar Pradesh's Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has already been taken. According to sources, the National Security Guard (NSG)'s Quick Response Team (QRT) will also be deployed in view of mounting threat to CM Yogi.

Conspiracy to kill CM Yogi is being Hatched in London

Earlier, the news came that the UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath was being targeted in a terrorist attack. The Asian Age newspaper quoted intelligence agencies as saying that some Kashmiri terrorists sitting in London are plotting to kill Modi and the chief minister. Security alert has been issued after this input from Intelligence agencies. It was informed in the news that more than a dozen trained terrorists have entered the UP. With the help of sleeper cell, he is currently underground. After this alert, all the District Magistrates and Police Superintendents of UP have been given special instructions.

Sukhan Sngh to Become the New DGP of Uttar Pradesh

With the change of government in UP, administrative changes have also started. In the same episode on Friday, the Yogi Sarkar has removed the DGP, Javid Ahmed, and has appointed Sulkhan Singh as the new DGP. Sulkhan Singh is the senior IPS officer of the 1980 batch.

New deployment has been done on many important posts including ADG law and order and notification. The government has transferred 12 IPS officers on Friday.

Sulakhan Singh resident of Banda district will be retiring on September 30, 2017. It is possible that the government should also recommend extension of their tenure as the Supreme Court's guideline is that the DGP will be deployed for two years.

Sulkhan Singh is regarded as a strict officer. During the BSP government, he had examined the recruitment scam. After the arrival of the SP government, he was posted to the unimportant post for a long time. Very soon he was made DG training.

During the elections, BJP repeatedly demanded the Election Commission to remove DGP Zavid Ahmed. It was then alleged that the SP government, ignoring the seniority of dozens of officers, has made Javid a DGP, so they can not expect fairness.

The SP government had made Javid Ahmed a DGP from the Muslim Angles. It was believed that Javid would be removed as soon as the BJP government was formed. Although Yogi Adityanath became the Chief Minister, he kept Javed Ahmed in the chair for more than a month.

They have also been transferred to important posts such as DG PAC. ADG Law and Order, Daljeet Singh Chaudhary has also been given important responsibility like EOW The BJP government has taken care of seniority in the new selection.

ADG Law and Order Aditya Mishra is a 1989 batch officer and he has also been the IG of Gorakhpur Zone. Apart from this, Bhavesh Kumar Singh, the 1987 batch IPS officer has been given the responsibility of ADG notification.

Bhavesh Kumar Singh has also been the IG of Gorakhpur Zone and has also discharged the responsibility of IG of Meerut and Agra zone.

                                                        ----Sashvat Gethe

Attack on an Army Camp in Afghanistan; 50 Soldiers Killed

Mazar-e-Sharif. The Taliban attacked the army camp near the Northern City of Mazar-e-Sharif in Afghanistan in which more than 50 soldiers died. The attackers wear in the uniforms of Afghan military. Mazar-e-Sharif is the capital of the Balk Province.

10 Assailants attacked ...

According to the News Agency, the attack on the Army base in the Balk Province occurred on Friday. The 10 assailants fired in a demolition, after which two assailants blew themselves. In the counter action of the Afghan commandos, 7 assailants were killed while one was captured.
- US military spokesperson said, "More than 50 Afghan soldiers died in the Taliban assault."
An Afghanistan official said, "The attackers had worn the Afghan Army uniform, so they did not have any problem in passing the checkpost, that's why they reached the Army camp."
The soldiers who were praying in the mosque
- US General John Nicholson, commander of NATO's Resolute Support Operations, said: "The attack was carried out on the people who were offering Namaz in a Mosque. 209th corps of the Afghan Army were also targeted who were eating food.”
- Afghan Defense Ministry spokesperson Davlat Waziri told that an attacker has been captured alive. There are dozens of soldiers injured in the attack.
According to a reporter, several military helicopters were seen carrying soldiers’ body from the spot during the attack.

The attack was earlier in March also
- The Taliban issued a statement and took responsibility for the attack on Army camps. Earlier, the army was targeted in March this year in Afghanistan.

- Nearly 8,400 soldiers in the US are currently posted in Afghanistan. While there are about 5,000 NATO soldiers. This country has long been in the possession of the Taliban and other Islamic militants.

                                                            ----Sonu Sanghvi

Terrorist Attack Jolts France; ISIS Takes Responsibility

An armed man attacked a police bus in Paris, France's capital. There is news of the death of a policeman in the attack while two others have been seriously injured. However, according to Sky News, another injured policeman has died in the hospital. According to French President Francois Hollande, he is sure that this was a terrorist attack.

Time of Occurrence of Attack

The attack took place on the main street of the city in the Elihe region of Paris. Shan Eliege is one of Paris's famous places, and there is a gathering of foreign tourists all the time here. According to the French media, the attacker landed with a car and started firing on the police bus from an automatic gun. After the incident the whole area was sealed. The attacker tried to flee but the security forces followed him and killed him in an encounter. French government spokesman Pierre Henry Brandt told the media that the assailant targeted the policemen under a conspiracy.

ISIS Takes Responsibility

According to the French media, the terrorist organization ISIS has taken responsibility for the attack. The Paris Administration claims that the attacker has been identified. However, his identity has not been released by the government. But the ISIS supporter, the news agency Amak, has issued a statement on the website quoting a terrorist organization in which the gunman has been described as the organization's fighter, and it has been claimed to be Abu Yusuf al-Baljiki. In Paris, his house and neighborhood are being searched. The police are finding out whether more terrorists were involved in the attack. After the attack, anti-terrorism campaign has been launched throughout France.

Attack Before the Presidential Election

The attack took place just before the Presidential election that is scheduled to be held in France on Sunday. In the honor of the policemen killed in the attack, more than 11 candidates have finished their promotion. In France, more than 238 people have been killed in terror attacks since 2015. Most of these attacks have been carried out by ISIS. Therefore, terrorism is one of the biggest issues in the elections. The right-wing candidate Marine Lee Pin is the strongest candidate to win. It is believed that the attack can benefit them.

Worldwide Condemnation

The countries including Europe and America have condemned the attacks. American President Donald Trump has advised the people of France to remain strong and alert. They said, 'We express sympathy with the people of France. This was another terrorist attack. What can we say? ‘Such attacks keep on taking place across the globe.' After the attack, the British Prime Minister has expressed condolences with the French President.
                                                                ---Ashish Jha

Corruption: Salary of Engineer 60 Thousand, Gets 600 Crore Black Money

In the UP and Uttarakhand, the Income Tax Department has been carrying out raid for the last two days. In the Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, the Income Tax Department has raided 20 premises of four officials of government and PSU companies. Even today, the raid of the department continues. Early in the morning it was reported that Noida authority has raided the premises of former OSD YP Tyagi. Their four bases have been raided. Earlier, the property worth Rs. 600 crore was disclosed to Shiva Ashra Sharma, Additional General Manager of the State Construction Corporation.

In the investigation of the income tax department, it was disclosed that Dehradun unit General Manager, UP State Construction Corporation, Shiva Ashra Sharma, has misused the post and created assets worth more than Rs.600 crores. GM bought real estate through the name of his family members after earning through his favorite contractors. On Tuesday, the income-tax department raided the premises of GM, his favorite contractor Amit Sharma and eight places of a news channel in Dehradun. Income tax investigation continued on Wednesday.

In the investigation of income tax officials, it has been found that the lifestyle of GM is very lavish. He has owned a 100 acres of farmhouse in Dehradun and has lands in so many cities. His family members have got luxury cars like Rangerover, Audi, BMW.

Not only this, family members often used to go abroad in the holidays. Income tax officials have received such records. During the raid in the farmhouse, officials got expensive goods. There were expensive 15 LEDs up to Rs 5 lakh and expensive furniture of different companies.

In 2015, GM bought five bigha land in the industrial area near Dehradun in the name of his son but could not show it on the paper. There was a state-of-the-art gym in 1500 square feet while guest houses and swimming pools are under construction. He could not show any record of all the expenses incurred for them. Not only that, the exercise of buying 60 bigha farm houses in the Rs 10.50 crores was being run by an NRI. This purchase was not made but huge amount was given in advance and it was not taken back.

The Income Tax Department took action and sealed two lockers. The people of his family are filing ITR but can not show the source of income. The notice has been issued to them. According to income tax sources, GM has raised an undisclosed income of more than 600 million.

On the spot, raiding and investigation is going on at the Rishikesh residence of contractor Amit Sharma. He has received payment reports worth crores rupees from the construction corporation but its record has not been shown in ITR. The Income Tax Department has sealed the paper of FD of 18.50 from him. Apart from this, a locker, 40 lakh rupees cash and two kg of ornaments were also found which were siezed.

                                   ---Kanhaiya Jha

Ready for Nuclear Holocaust: North Korea

North Korea warned the United States on Saturday that it would respond to provocative actions in the region, otherwise it is ready for a nuclear attack. North Korea gave this warning on the occasion of 105th anniversary of its founder President Kim Il Sung. Sung was the grandfather of North Korea’s current leader Kim Jong.
North Korean dictator Kim Jong arrived in this huge military parade for the Western style suit. When he reached the venue, the soldiers standing there gave him salute and shouted, 'Long live'.

In this atmosphere of tension, North Korea has demonstrated this parade as an occasion to show its strength, especially for its submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBM), in the parade, for the first time. At the same time, US officials are afraid that dictator can test sixth nuclear weapon on this occasion.

On the other hand, the second North Korean official has said that the country is ready to respond to any kind of nuclear strike emanating from America. Prior to the launch of the grand military parade, Cho Ryeong-O said that we are prepared for the battle and we are ready to respond to any nuclear attack in our own way.

Pyongyang is facing many UN sanctions due to nuclear and ballistic missile programs. Its ambition is to create a rocket capable of delivering arms to the American mainland. US President Donald Trump has resolved that this will not happen.

North Korea has conducted five nuclear tests so far. Two of these were conducted last year. Along with nuclear tests, this country has also launched several missiles. Last month three rockets fell into the watershed near Japan.

There is speculation that North Korea may conduct its sixth nuclear test in the days to come. White House officials say that military options are being assessed to deal with the Pyongyang administration. American President Trump has sent the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson along with a war group to the Korean Peninsula. Trump told the Fox Business Network, we are sending a naval fleet, which is very powerful. Kim is doing the wrong thing and making a big mistake.

On the other hand, North Korea's only big ally China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi warned that the conflict could start at any moment. Both China and Russia have appealed for restraint.

                                                                  ----Ashish Jha

Most ministers of Bihar Government Angry with Order to Remove Red Beacon

Patna: If the decision of the central cabinet is implemented in the state, more than four and a half hundred VVIP and VIP trains will lose the red-blue light. Among those who have red and yellow lights are the government ministers, the chairmanship of various committees of the Legislature and the IAS and IPS officers sitting in secretariat from the subdivision. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar already does not have any red beacon. Now the red light will be removed from all the ministers of the government including Deputy Chief Minister. In addition to the ministers, the red light will be removed from the presidents of 58 different committees of Bihar Legislature. Giriraj Singh who is in a Bihar tour, was the first VVIP to remove red beacon from his car.

After this decision, Bihar's leaders reacted like this. Deputy Chief Minister Tejasvi Yadav told the media that they are already against the Lalbatti culture. Serving the public is an important task, not the VIP status. Ministers who have got red beacons include Minister of State Abdul Jalil Mastan, Finance Minister Abdul Bari Siddiqui, Power Minister Vijender Yadav, Rural Development Minister Shailesh Kumar, Water Resources Minister Lalan Singh and Education Minister Ashok Chaudhary. On this decision of the Center, Power Minister Vijender Yadav and Rural Development Minister Shailesh were seemingly unhappy. Responding to a question asked by a TV channel, Vijender Yadav said that this decision of the central government is not bound to the state governments. At the same time, Water Resources Minister Lalon Singh became so angry with the question that he went inside the secretariat without answering the question.

Lal and blue lights will also get off the District Council President, District Collector, Deputy Development Commissioner, Sub-Divisional Magistrates and even SP of all the districts. Similarly, blue light is used in 270 vehicles including Principal Secretary and Secretary, Additional Secretary and ADM of different departments in the government which will no longer be seen. Emergency trains such as police, ambulance and fire fighting will only use blue light. The decision of the central cabinet is now taken into consideration by the state governments.
With the inclusion of transport in the concurrent list, the state government has the right to make decisions besides the Center. Now the Bihar government has to take a decision in this matter. 
 No Red Beacon on the Car of CM Nitish Kumar
Red beacon does not burn on the car of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. For the last several years, VVIP lights are not lit in their vehicles. Now even the sirens are not played in cars  of CM's convoy. Last year, the government had refused to impose sirens on VVIP cars except the cars of the Governor and the Chief Justice.

Who had the right of Red Beacon? 

Five government vehicles of finance department, vehicles used in the Central Government and other states, officers of higher posts, Deputy Chairman of Bihar Legislative Council, Vice President of VIS, Minister, Minister of State, Deputy Minister, State Election Commissioner, State Planning Council , Chief Secretary, Advocate General, Bihar Minority Commission, SC-ST Commission, MLC, Mahadalit Commission, Commission for Upper Castes, Chairman of the Backward Classes Commission and President of BPSC, Principal Additional Advocate General, Chairman of the Assembly Committee and Chairman of the Council of Legislative Council.
                                                    -----Ashish Jha

Babri Masjid Demolition Case: Criminal Conspiracy against Advani

The Supreme Court on Wednesday directed that the Ayodhya-Babri Masjid dispute should end in two years without a postponement of the case in a 25-year case.
New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Wednesday, in connection with the Ayodhya-Babri Masjid dispute, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders LK Reviving the 25-year-old lawsuit by allowing new charges of criminal conspiracy against Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi, Uma Bharti and 13 others

Justice P.C. A Bench Ghosh and Rohinton Nariman have also directed a court from Rae Bareli to transfer cases in a special court in Lucknow, which is hearing some related matters on the 1992 Babri Masjid demolition issue.

The Supreme Court also directed that the trial should end in two years without postponing the case. The court also said that unless the trial is complete, the special judge will not be transferred.

The developments of events in the Ayodhya-Babri Masjid dispute are as follows:

April 19, 2017: SC issues criminal conspiracy against leaders including Advani, Joshi and Union Cabinet Minister Uma Bharti, and prosecutes in the pending cases against VIPs and Karswakas.

April 6: Supports the timeliness of the trial in SC case and supports the Reserve order on CBI's petition.

March 21: Scheduled Caste Ayodhya suggests new attempts to resolve the dispute.

March 6: The SC explains that the Babri Masjid may consider resurrecting the charge of conspiracy against BJP leaders in the demolition case.

31 March 2015: The notice has been issued to Senior BJP leaders including LKAdvani, Murli Manohar Joshi, Uma Bharti and Kalyan Singh on the petition to leave the criminal conspiracy case against them in the Babri Masjid demolition case.

3 September 2013: SC extends nearly two months on the date of hearing in the Babri Masjid demolition case against LB. After the advance hearing of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Advani and others did not oppose the opposition of senior BJP leader.

February 2011: The CBI runs the Supreme Court against the order of the High Court.

28 September 2010: Supreme Court rejects the petition to postpone, and let the Allahabad High Court go ahead to make decisions on the title issue of Ayodhya. The High Court chooses the day of judgment on September 30.

September 14: A petition is filed for postponement of the decision but later the High Court rejected it.

September 8: High court verdict will be pronounced on September 24.

July 2010: The bench has reserved its decision and asked all the parties to resolve this issue pleasantly. But nobody is curious.

May 20: High court rejects petitions and no amendment has been made in CBI's amended petition

June 2009: Liberhan Commission, which investigates the events related to the demolition of the mosque, submitted its report - 17 years after its investigation began. Its contents are not made public

July 2005: The complex Islamic terrorists attack the explosive site, using a jeep filled with explosives to throw a hole in the complex wall. Security forces killed five people, they say that there are terrorists, and a sixth who could not immediately identify.

November 2, 2004: The CBI present challenges before the Lucknow bench of Allahabad High Court, leaving the proceedings against BJP leaders on a technical basis. Court Issues Issues

September 2003: A court decides that seven Hindu leaders should be prosecuted for inciting the destruction of Babri Masjid, but in 1992 no charges were brought against then Deputy Prime Minister Advani.

31 August 2003: All India Muslim Personal Law Board has announced that it will challenge the ASI report.

Earlier, the ASI survey said that there is evidence of a temple below the mosque, but Muslims dispute the findings. At the last rites of Vajpayee Hindu activist Ram Chandra Das Paramahansa, he says that he will fulfill the wishes of those who die and build a temple in Ayodhya. However, he expects the courts and negotiations to resolve this issue.

April: The judges of the three High Court have started hearing the matter on which the religious site is owned by.

February: BJP refuses to establish itself for building a temple in its election manifesto for its assembly elections. VHP verifies the deadline for March 15 to begin construction. Hundreds volunteers united on the site.

Meanwhile, at an estimated event, at least 58 people were killed in a train attack in Godhra, where Hindu workers returning from Ayodhya.

January: Archaeologists ordered from Allahabad High Court to start the survey, whether or not the temple of Lord Rama was present at the site. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Vajpayee established Ayodhya cell in his office and appointed Shastrughan Singh, a senior officer, to interact with Hindu and Muslim leaders.

May 4, 2001: Special CBI court starts proceedings against the accused, including Advani, Joshi, Uma Bharati, Bal Thackeray and others.

December 1993: One against the unknown caravans for the demolition of two FIRs filed in the case. Other prominent name is BJP leaders Advani.

                                                                 ----Sushmita Jha

Lalu gets Exasperated over Ouestion of his Property

Patna: Rashtriya Janata Dal President Laloo Prasad Yadav got angry iver questions about his property. On Tuesday, legitimate papers were found regarding his house in Delhi and many lands in Patna. Today, when he was asked about this, he had a quick reply, 'Do not talk all this lightly, my house is in London, America, Benaras everywhere. Go find out whoever we are, we all understand everything. I am the one who is in our public domain and if you ask, then you will give such an answer.

Certainly Laloo Yadav is troubled by the disclosure of his property, and even on Wednesday, he did not respond to the allegations saying that everything was public. But why did not the Lalu Yadav sons give this information in their election affidavits or the annual information of the mantris, they did not answer him.

On the issue of Triple divorce, Lalu Yadav said on the statement of the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath that why did not the Yogi marry and how he became Brahmachari. Lalu Yadav said that the great sage Maharishi also broke Brahmacharya. He asked the Yogi in a tone, "How do you maintain it?" Do you have a right to the husband's wife's point of speech?

Lalu Yadav said that our customs are different and there is no right to interfere in their case. Lalu Yadav said that those who debated this issue are not interested in Muslims.

Laloo Yadav, on the verdict on the Supreme Court's Babri Masjid demolition case, said that the CBI is under Prime Minister Narendra Modi and when the agency's verdict on this issue seems to be that the claim for L.K. Advani's presidency was terminated.


Trump Traumatizes IT Companies

US President Donald Trump has issued an executive order by saying 'Bye American, Higher American' giving strong jolts to Indian IT companies. Now for the companies in the US there will be priority for its citizens in the jobs. The Trump Administration argues that this step has been taken to prevent the abuse of H-1B visas. US President Trump promised to stop the abuse of this visa during his election campaign. His move will affect most Indian IT businessmen.

H-1B visas are very popular among Indian IT professionals. With this order of trump, it will be difficult for Indian IT professionals to get a job in the US. Trump says that Americans' jobs were being snatched through the H-1B visa, which has been taken to prevent this. Earlier, the US Citizenship and Immigration Service had announced the strictness to provide H-1B visas. Trump promised to tighten the H-1B visa rule during its election campaign.
Indians were found on low salary
Through this visa, American and Indian IT companies get employees on low salary. In such cases, these companies keep foreign workers in low salaries instead of paying more salaries to American employees. According to one figure, 80 percent of the people who work, they are given less than the fixed wages. In the US, 85 thousand foreigners have been issued H-1B visas every year. The largest number of Indian IT businessmen.
$ 150 billion is the business of Indian IT industry
The Indian IT industry has a turnover of $ 150 billion. Indian IT companies had earned revenue of $ 64.8 billion last year. In such a situation, if companies have to hire American employees, they will have to suffer more. Plus their benefits will be cut.
Federal agencies will buy goods from American companies
After this order of trump, US federal agencies will now be required to buy goods from American companies. Apart from this, the Americans will have to file the FIR in the job. Although American and Indian IT companies say that American people are not willing to work in the IT sector. So foreigners are kept in these jobs. Apart from this, they have to pay lesser salary to foreign business than the Americans. At the same time, supporters of Trump and his protectionist policy say that this plea of ​​companies is not true.
Do not aim to prevent foreign talent from coming to America
The purpose of this order of Trump is not to prevent foreign talent from coming to America, but to prevent misuse of it. Also, to protect the jobs of Americans. Less skilled workers will be affected most by the order of trump. This visa is extensively used by Indian IT professionals. The new American government will have a great deal of harm to the Indian IT sector.
What is h1b visa?
H1B visas are issued for foreign professionals who are skilled for such 'special' tasks. According to American Citizenship and Immigration Services, these 'special' works include scientists, engineers and computer programmers. About 85,000 such visas are issued every year. IT companies are more dependent on these professionals. Total visas are issued from the lottery system, which the Trump Administration describes as the biggest abuse of this visa.
No change on H-2B visa
This new order of Trump will not affect the US Seasonal Worker Visa working in other fields including agriculture. This visa is given for working foreigners in the agricultural season, which is for a set time. Apart from this, no mention has been made about the H-4 visa that is available to the life partner of the H-1B visa holders in order of trump.
                              ---Aparna Jha

Mallya Arrested and Freed Dramatically

Vijay Mallya, who remained in Britain for the past one year, was arrested in Britain on Tuesday. Mallya was arrested on the request of the Indian government for his extradition to the charges of fraud. Although Westminster Court granted him bail after  few hours. Mallya is accused of not paying a loan of Rs 9000 crore. In India, Mallya has been declared a 'defaulter' and he left the country on March 2 last year to avoid arrest.
The 61-year-old Mallya, who once called himself 'The King of Good Times' , was arrested on Tuesday morning and appeared in the Central London Police Station.

Scotland Yard said, 'The extradition unit of the Metropolitan Police arrested a person on an extradition warrant in the morning today (Tuesday, April 18). Vijay Mallya was arrested on behalf of the Indian officials in connection with the allegations of cheating. '

Mallya,  present at Central London Police Station Metropolitan Police said that he was arrested and was appeared in the Central London Police Station.
He appeared in Westminster Magistrate Court in London and after a few hours he was seen coming out with his legal team after getting bail.
A member of the team of Mallya said in court without giving any details of the bail conditions, 'It was a voluntary action. He will come out in a few minutes. '

Mallya wielded the media

After getting the bail, the liquor trader said, 'Generally it is a sensation spreading by the Indian media. Extradition hearings in court began on Tuesday '
Mallya's passive Kingfisher Airlines has liability for more than nine thousand crores of different banks. He ran from India on March 2, 2016 and reached Britain. In January an Indian court ordered a group of banks to begin the process of collection of debt.

 Successes of Indian Efforts

Senior Indian officials said that his arrest was the first success in the case, now in the UK it will be a legal process to decide if Mallya can be extradited to face charges in Indian courts.

Mallya's arrest happened after weeks of the sign given by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in which he had said that during his visit to UK, the issue of extradition of Mallya will include the issue.

India had formally requested for extradition of Mallya through a 'note verbale' on February 8, in line with an extradition treaty with Britain. New Delhi had given the insistence that he had a 'justified' case against Mallya. It had mentioned that if extradition inspection is respected, then it will display Britain's 'sensitivity' towards 'our concerns'.

Extradition process

Last month, the British government had certified the request of India in relation to Mallya's extradition process and sent it to a district judge for further action.
The process of extradition from Britain involves several steps including issuing arrest warrants by the judge. In the case of a warrant, the person is arrested and brought to court for initial hearing. Then there is an extradition hearing before the External Affairs Minister makes a final decision. The desired person has the right to appeal to the Supreme Court against any decision in the higher courts.

Earlier this year, a CBI court had issued non-bailable warrants against Mallya in the default IDBI Bank loan case of Rs 720 crore.

                                                       ------Ashish Jha

SC to Decide the Fate of Advani on Babri Muszid Case

New Delhi: The Supreme Court can hear the verdict on Wednesday whether the case of criminal conspiracy involving LK Advani and 13 people, in the case of demolition of the disputed structure of Babri Masjid in Ayodhya. On December 6, 1992, the disputed structure was demolished. Case against unknown Karasakas is registered in the Lucknow court whereas that of the BJP leaders is in the Rae Bareli Court.

Decision on joint trial ...

- During the hearing on April 6, the Supreme Court had asked to consider the option of hearing simultaneous two FIR related matters. Even today, a decision on Wednesday can be decided today.
During the hearing, the Bench had said, "In this case, 25 years have passed, keeping the justice in mind, can order the hearing on the Day-to-day basis, which can be completed within two years. May be. "
- SC also said that relief on mere technical ground can not be given.
Joint Trial of Advani's Counsel
- Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi's lawyer KK Venugopal opposed the transfer of the case of Joint Trial and Rae Bareli both cases.
- Venugopal had said, "In different cases, different people are accused, both are being run on the trial advance stage." The new procedures will start in the joint trial run. "
CBI had said - case against everyone should be
- In the previous hearing, the CBI told the Supreme Court, "There should be a case of criminal conspiracy against 13 people, including LK Advani, Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi and Uma Bharti.
According to the ANI, the CBI counsel told the court that the testimony of 57 people has been taken in Rae Bareli. At the same time, more than 100 people have to be testified. It also said that the charges against all 21 accused were withdrawn. Among them are BJP leaders. Apart from this, two FIRs were registered against all the accused in the demolition of Babri Masjid.

The case is in the Supreme Court
- The Rae Bareli court had removed the criminal conspiracy charges against 13 BJP leaders, including Advani, Joshi, Uma Bharati. In 2010 Allahabad High Court also upheld this decision.
- In the Supreme Court, Haji Mahbub Ahmed and the CBI had appealed in the Supreme Court against the removal of contariation charges and also appealed to dismiss the Allahabad High Court order. On March 6, the Supreme Court had decided to execute the appeal of the cancellation of conspiracy charges.

- In this case, 21 people were charged with conspiracy, 8 of them have died. Haji Mahbub, who appealed in SC, has passed away.

                                                         -----Ashish Jha

Scotland Yard arrests Vijay Mallya in London; Indian Banks Owed More than 9000 Crores

New Delhi: Scotland Yard has arrested Vijay Mallya. They will be presented in London court. The Scotland Yard police arrested on 9:30 am (Indian time) on Tuesday, on the order of the Westminster Court, who is running away from the 2016 liquor businessman. He is accused of not paying a loan of more than Rs.12000 crores, including 9000 crores of Indian banks.

According to the information, a team of CBI will go to London for further action. Mallya's chances of extradition from Britain to India went up now. They will be presented at the Westminster Magistrates' Court in London. Vijay Mallya's arrest has been on the order of the Westminster Court. On February 8, the Indian government sent an application to the UK government for the extradition of Vijay Mallya. In January 2017, the CBI court issued non-bailable warrants against Mallya.

Which bank is on how much debt

1600 crores on State Bank of India, 800 crores on Punjab National Bank, 800 crores on IDBI Bank, 650 crores on Bank of India, 550 crores on Bank of Baroda, 430 crores on United Bank of India, 410 crores on Central Bank of India , 320 crores on UCO Bank, 310 on Corporation Bank, 150 crores on State Bank of Mysore, 140 crores on Indian Overseas Bank, 90 crores on Federal Bank, 60 crores on Punjab and Sind Bank and 50 crores on Axis Bank Rupee debt.

What is the case?

Mallya has debt liability of over nine thousand crores taken from public sector banks. Mallya had taken about Rs.22,000 crores in the name of several companies, including its own company Kingfisher Airlines. On the complaint of banks, many agencies including the Directorate of Enforcement of Government of India and the Central Bureau of Investigation are investigating against him. Against him are too many cases of financial embezzlement. In some cases, the ownership of the companies owned by Mallya has been seized on the directive of the court. Due to non-payment of debts and leaving the country, the government has to face a lot of embarrassment in the case of Mallya. When the banks approached the court for recovery of debt, Mallya ran away in March 2016.

Demand Mallya's extradition was approved by the UK Government

Earlier, the UK government had approved India's request to extradite Vijay Mallya, a fugitive alcohol businessman living in London on Friday (March 24). Government of India sent the request to London's Westminster District Court. After the warrant is issued by the court, action will be taken to extradite Vijay Mallya.
                                                     ----Ashish Jha

Nuclear Holocaust:North Korea Speaks of Nuclear Test Every Week

The situation of nuclear war between North Korea and the US has caused global peace to endanger the situation. In the United States, North Korea's diplomat Kim In Rayong clearly stated that his country will conduct nuclear tests every week and if the US takes action to provoke it, then he will not hesitate to attack it at the same time. He directly attributed America to the situation of the nuclear war in the Korean Peninsula. He said that at any time a devastating nuclear war could spill.

At the same time, American Vice President Mike Pence said in a tone that if North Korea does not take the test of the patience of North American President Donald Trump, then it will be better. Indeed, America wants to close North Korea's nuclear and missile programs in every situation, but North Korea is not ready to retreat. In this case, the nuclear war between the two countries is being decided. According to experts, the US can change its international strategy against North Korea and attack it at any time. US Vice President Mike Pains warned North Korea not to conduct nuclear and missile tests.

Trump Warns North Korea 

U.S. President Donald Trump has warned that if China does not rein in North Korea's nuclear program, then America will take action alone. Trump had said in response to a question that China has a lot of influence on North Korea and either China will decide whether or not to help us with North Korea. If China decides to help us, it would be great for her and if she does not do it, then it will not be good for anyone.

Threats Emanating from US 

Kim In Ryong, North Korea's Deputy Ambassador said that if the US takes military action, then North Korea is ready for any kind of war. He said that the United States has created dangerous conditions in the world's largest hotspot Korean Peninsula. This is not the first time that the quarrel between North Korea and the US continues. Even before this, there have been several Jubani jungs between the US and North Korea. Not only that, North Korea, bypassing UN sanctions including the United States, tested last year's two atomic bombs and 24 ballistic missiles. Not only this, he also conducted several missile tests this year.

Ready to Wage War

Now North Korea is ready to wage  the war against  America. North Korean Deputy Foreign Minister Han Song Rayol said that his country will test maximum missiles every week, every month and every year. He said that the act of provocation from the United States is a rivalry.

US Vice President Visits Civilian Territory

After North Korea's missile test, the US Vice President visited the civilian zone on Sunday between North Korea and South Korea. Earlier, the US had tried to intimidate North Korea by attacking Syrian missiles and dismantling its largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan, but North Korea is not ready to retreat at any cost. He has warned in the reverse that America should not forget to understand Syria, otherwise it will have to suffer from it.

                                                                 ----Ashish Jha

Tamil Nadu: Attempts on to Reconcile in Palani-Pannier Groups

Chennai, Patra. The clouds of crisis in Tamil Nadu politics are still being sorted out. 25 ministers held an emergency meeting on Monday night for the merger of Panierselvam and Palaniswamy factions. The proposal related to the merger of the two factions was welcomed in the meeting. At the same time, AIADMK convened a meeting in Chennai on Tuesday for all its legislators. According to the ANI sources, talks will be held on the merger of Shashikala and Panneerselvam groups in this meeting.

25 ministers held an emergency meeting on Monday night for the merger of Panierselvam and Palaniswamy factions.

Earlier, some ministers and senior leaders in the Palaniswamy government had met Paniers Selvam. Senior leader of AIADMK (Amma) and Lok Sabha Deputy Speaker M Thambidurai has said that former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O Panneerselvam and Dinakaran Dasa are ready to interact with each other, to prepare the path for the merger of both.

They said that we are ready to negotiate, let them come to the disputes that went away. They said that there is no difference in the party, there is no difference between anyone. There can be differences in democracy but they should be removed.
                                                          -----Ashish Jha

Pakistan: No Diplomatic Access to Kulbhushan Jadhav

ISLAMABAD: Even after all the opposition and threats of India, Pakistan is not ready to leave its nefarious intention on the Kulhushan issue. Pakistan's army has refused to grant diplomatic access to Indian citizen Kulbhushan Jadhav.

A few days ago, India had demanded diplomatic access strongly. Jadhav (46) was awarded death sentence by Field General Court Marshal in the case of alleged espionage. India reacted sharply and warned Pakistan that if Jadhav's "predetermined murder" was executed which could harm bilateral relations.
Pakistani Army spokesman Maj Gen Asif Gafoor told reporters, "Under the law, we can not allow diplomatic access to Kulbhushan Jadhav, who is involved in espionage." However, Indian officials in New Delhi said that diplomatic access to refusal No information has been given from Pakistan regarding this.

Pakistan has turned India's demand of diplomatic access to Jadhav nearly a dozen times in the last one year. Maj Gen Gafoor said that Jadhav was involved in anti-national activities, so he had to face court martial.

He said, "It was the duty of the army (to catch and punish Jadhav). We did not compromise on this and punished him. We will not compromise on this issue in the future too. "The Army spokesman said that all the legal requirements were met for hearing against Jadhav.
                                                        ----Sushmita Jha

Pankaj Pahun: The Rising Singer of Mithila

Pankaj Pahun is not just another name in the world of Maithili Songs. He has rather revolutionized the way Maithili songs were hitherto sung. His husky voice, clear pronunciation, emphasis on particular words and the enthusiasm with which he sings a Maithili song is exquisite. In just few albums of his songs, he has been able to make his presence felt far and wide.

Born and brought up in Koilakh, unarguably the most prominent village of  Mithila, he is endowed with the divine voice. Though he had a penchant for singing Bollywood and Maithili song, but he never had any godfather. His father Mr Chandrakant Mishra(the villagers would call him Chander) was the most popular football player of his locality.

Today, he has so many offers to his credit. Not even a single month passes without any of his new song. He enjoys the patronage of good company and he prospers remarkably under the auspices of some of the great singers. Mr Pankaj is planning to make stage show in the months to come. All those Maithils who have heard him once, wait for his new album impatiently.
                                  ---Ashish Jha