Information Technology Types of Jobs

The field of information technology has always provided a great ground for individuals to build a promising career. And the beauty of this industry lies in the vast variety of jobs it offers. From the database to designing and development to maintenance, there are hundreds of sub-domains of work.
Here is a list of some of the top jobs related to Information technology:
·       Software engineer: One of the most sought after jobs in the IT field, this job requires good coding skills and efficient logical thinking. It is one of the highest paid jobs and is also known by the names software architect or application programmer.

·       Web Developer: Web development has always remained a very interesting field. Individuals who develop applications for web are known as a web developer. As the internet is growing, web developers now require carrying out some hardcore programming in order to create effective web apps.

·       System Analyst: This job requires some experience as it requires you to extract the information, analyse it and then work to develop the right system. Based on the requirements of clients, analyst needs to create feasible solutions.

·       Technical Support: The job requires you to have some amazing problem-solving skills. As most of the end-users are technically not so sound, they end up with some technical problems. It is the job of a technical support officer to listen to their problems patiently and provide the right solution. Patience is the key to success in this job.

·       Business Analyst: This role requires you to have a mix of technical knowledge and business management. The job requires an individual to listen to the requirements of clients and ask the technical team to carry it out. A great communication skill is the right way to excel in this job.

·       Technical Sales: The job profile is to sell some hardware or software products to customers. For this job, it is not necessary to have a technical degree, but knowledge about the product is very important. So technical knowledge plays an important role in this job profile.

·       Network Engineer: In this job the individual requires to create or maintain networks within the organization or among a number of organizations. The role consists of many sub roles inside like managing network, upgrading communication, ensuring security within the network and much more.

·       Technical Author: This job requires a combination of good quality skills and a technical knowledge. The individuals needs to write about technologies, technical details about and product, software operating guidelines, system requirements and much more.

·       Project Manager:  A lot of experience and a thorough understanding about project handling are required for this role. Project managers handle every aspect of a work right from start to finish. Organizational skills, ability to motivate team members and team work are among some of the qualities required. 
If you are interested to make a career in this field, you can choose any one of the domains mentioned below. IT is full of opportunities and a very good platform to make all you dream come true. 
                                             -----Ashish Jha

How to Repair Corrupted Data Files in QuickBooks?

                                                                                                           QuickBooks is as "bug" .It is a free product in the market and is like a troublesome for applications. Intuit is incredible beta testing process for new version and the company. Many issues are released periodically throughout the year as users report and the programmers resolve those issues. Intuit’s ability is to resolve almost every issue in the application which users report according to size. With almost 4 million users and a single click error reporting option, Intuit is able to catalog issues quickly. Intuit is a database and all databases and all applications do have issues from time to time. Intuit Advisors are to resolve many issues as possible for our clients. The alternative is to work through Intuit's data repair department.
 Focus on QuickBooks
   The focus on QuickBooks data repair is to, fold, involving both risk reduction and repair. This article addresses both. Reducing the Risk of File Corruption and Reducing Corruption Risk - File Size, monitoring database fragments, our Client's Local Area Network, Wireless Networks, General Network maintenance Terminal Servers.
Reducing the Risk of File Corruption                                                                             
There are many clients to reduce the risk of QuickBooks file corruption. Interpreting the Product Window shows valuable information about the QuickBooks program, when you open the data file, while analyzing your client, QuickBooks files important information. We must keep in our mind that our clients installed the most recent QuickBooks update, the size of the QuickBooks file is reasonable and the client lists should not exceed the 28,000 limitation for Items and the 14,000 limitation for customers, vendors, employees and other names. When factoring file growth, consider both the historical growth of the file, and projected growth of the company and any changes the company intends to make in the use of QuickBooks like preparing their own payroll.To access the Product Information window shown below, open the QuickBooks data file and then press F2.
Reducing Corruption Risk - File Size                                                                The size of the file is a major factor in corruption prevention. The larger files do not necessarily become corrupted, the larger the file the greater the risk. In our experience (and there are many variables) this increase in risk escalates quickly as the file size reaches about 500MB for QuickBooks Pro and Premier and about 1GB for QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. We should monitor the size of our clients’ QuickBooks files and keep the sizes at or below these levels if at all possible. There are numerous ways to reduce the size of your client's data files. Use the Portable Company File process to reduce file size.
Reducing Corruption Risk - Monitoring Database Fragments            
The Product Information window also shows you the number of database fragments for any given file. According to a source at Intuit's data repair department,  running Rebuild Data utility too frequently increase your risk of file corruption. It is simple math subject the law of averages. The utility is very safe and requires you to backup the file prior to the rebuild. We should limit the prevention intended rebuilds to a handful per year.
Reducing Corruption Risk - Your Client's Local Area Network 
 The condition of the client's Local Area Network (LAN) can have a significant impact on the propensity for QuickBooks data file corruption. The Wireless Networks are the "arch nemesis" of the QuickBooks data file. The QuickBooks file is sensitive to unexpected disconnections and wireless networks have a much greater propensity to have connection interruptions than connections via Ethernet cable. Strongly caution your clients not to use network QuickBooks using wireless connections. If the network has a wireless router at all, consider that some computers may have both Ethernet and wireless network adapters. To ensure the computer uses the Ethernet connection and not the wireless connection, the client should either turn off the wireless signal completely or take steps to prevent the computers with wireless network adapters from connecting to the wireless router.
General Network Maintenance   
  Substandard, obsolete or poorly configured routers can impact both the performance of QuickBooks in a multiuser environment and can increase the risk of file corruption. The concept here is the similar to wireless connections. If the configuration of the server or the condition of the hardware causes periodic interruptions in a user's connection, this interruption can cause a QuickBooks file corruption.
Terminal Servers                                                                                                Terminal Services allows each workstation to share the server¡¯s desktop ¨C much like Desktop Sharing only much faster. When you use Terminal Services, you still need a QuickBooks license for each unique QuickBooks user, but you do not install QuickBooks on each workstation. Instead, you install one license of QuickBooks on the server and you store the data file on the server as well. Then, all QuickBooks users on the network run the QuickBooks application stored on the server ¨C up to 30 users running a single installation of QuickBooks (for QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions). This networking model is very different from the standard network configuration where QuickBooks resides on each workstation. Because the data file and the application are on the same hard drive, QuickBooks will perform significantly better and each QuickBooks user's connection to the QuickBooks data file is much more stable. In a Terminal Services environment the workstations do not need to be as powerful, but you will need to purchase a high end server. You may also prefer to use a separate server just for the QuickBooks program.
Repairing QuickBooks Data Files       
The types of data file corruptions are numerous and the methods to repair them are even more numerous. We should use the most effective and practical repair techniques, designed to repair the widest range of issues. Repairing Problems Detected by the Verify Data Utility.
Data corruptions can cause imbalances in the Balance Sheet and typically do so on both the cash and accrual basis. Performing the steps above will often resolve the imbalance.

                                               ------Ashish Jha

8 Tips to Get your Site Ready for Christmas

 It’s only November and the holiday season is a month away, getting ready for the holiday season is something you have to do well in advance. Ready your site for the festive season as it have a major effect on the sales.

If you want to drive more traffic and increase sales this Christmas go through these 8 tips:

 1. Handle holiday traffic

To avoid losing sales, "ensure your website can handle traffic increases, especially when large promotions hit. Generally during festive season traffic increases at a tremendous rate, as a result, the speed of the site get slow down which leads to a compromised user experience. So optimized your site in a way that it can efficiently handle the extra traffic.

2. Have a mobile friendly website

 As in today’s world mobile shoppers are more in numbers. Now each and every person doing online task mostly on their smartphones and tablets, so it is essential to launch a mobile-friendly website. The mobile friendly website will significantly help you to connect to your target audience.

3. Use images and give your site a festive feel

Images play a big role in attracting customers, photos play a big role in capturing the attention and hearts of shoppers. So try to keep the photo of the product in high resolution. Same with graphics and theme change your theme and background into the festive season. Because picture and theme approach always appeal directly to the customer.

4. Offer live chat facility

It is simple that who spend bucks, need assurance that whether he is spending his money on the right product or not. For this site should also give its full cooperation by giving the facility of live chat. Prepare your live chat operations to accommodate consumer expectations and changes in traffic during the festive season.

5. Product shareable

Encourage customers to share favorite products from your site across their social networks by integrating social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ etc buttons onto pages.
Also, show the likes, favorites and recommendations of other influencers.

6. Use video and 360-degree images

The power of videos and 360-degree photography is effective to engage customers on your store. Videos and 360-degree images build customer confidence and increase time spent on site which dramatically increases your SEO, traffic, conversions, and revenue.
This approach will transform your customer experience by better showcasing your products.

7. Free or discounted shipping -- and provide shipment tracking

Try to provide the comfort zone to your customer as far as possible cut their shipping cost in the form of discount. Or make the shipping service free. With this provide service of shipment tracking, so that customers can easily track his order without any delay if it fails to deliver on a due date.

8. Reach out to old customers

Holiday or any festive season is the best time to knock at the door of your old customers and bring them to your store again. Send them personal emails, greetings, and coupons. Contacting them early, before most people begin thinking about the holidays, can help you get their attention.

So don’t sit idle, follow these 8 master tips and earn on this festive season as much as you can.

                                     -----Ashish Jha

How to Celebrate Father’s Day?

June 21st is coming close and you might be thinking about the right ways to celebrate father’s day. The first thing is to ensure that your darling daddy has no other plans for the day. By hook or by crook you must ensure that the day is available for you so that you could plan something great.  To help out all the guys and the girls, we have come up with some of these amazing ways in which you can make the day special for your father.
·       Go on jogging with him: Father always complains of the bad habits of kids waking up late in the morning. So try to get up early on the father’s day and give him company while jogging. The happiness on his face will be priceless.
·       Plan a secret lunch and invite his friends: Make a list of all his favourite foods, prepare them or order whatever you like. Apart from this invite some of his friends for the lunch, as there is nothing better than meeting an old friend. If the weather is nice then you can plan for a barbeque too.
·       Unite the family: If your father always longs for his family and haven’t met them for a long time, then uniting generations would be a good idea. Just call your grandfather, grandmother, uncle and aunts to find out whether they are free for the day. And if luckily they are you can plan for a small get together, where your father can relive hi childhood memories.
·       Spend the whole day with your day: Usually when it comes to expressing emotions and sharing time, the mother gets most of the share. But on this father’s day try to ensure that you have the entire day for your dad. No phone, no social media, no Whatsapp, no friends, just you and your dad. This will make him really happy.
Try for anyone these ways to celebrate father’s day and see your dad smiling.
Different gifts on father’s day for different daddy types
Your best friend is buying a cool pair of sunglasses for his dad to gift on this father’s day. But your father doesn’t like wearing shades, then what to present him on the birthday? Every dad his different from the other, and therefore you must choose the gift based in his likings. It’s not important what your friend is gifting to his dad might be the best option for your father.
Below are mentioned some of the gift options for different daddy types:
·       The music lover: If your daddy is a music lover, then gifting him with some great music speaker can be a great option. Or what about an iPod? There are plenty of options available for a music lover; you just need to go to a music store.
·       The gadget lover: It’s not necessary that the young generation is gadget freak; your dad can also be one of them. There are plenty of cool gadgets available in the market like the Apple watches, and Google glass. So just pick any of them and gift your dad on this June 21. 
·       The beer lover: If you’re young enough to have a glass of beer with your dad, then take him to some local beer event on this father’s day. In case there is no such event on the day, then you can gift him some super cool beer holders and glasses that are available in the market.
·       The garden lover: If gardening is the thing that makes your dad really happy, then buy some gardening aprons and gardening gloves for him. So next time when he spends his time in the garden, he won’t be worried about his hand and clothes getting dirty. 
So recognize and find in which category your daddy falls. Once you’ve figured it out, finding gifts for him would be easy.
                              -----Ashish Jha

Cricket Literature on the Syllabus!!!!!!

The news is that the slightly conservative Oxford University will soon incorporate cricket literature written by the finest cricket scribes into its PG course of 'appreciation of liberal arts and English literature.' This's a heartening news. The students of English literature will surely benefit from this innovative decision because cricket is the only game that lends itself to sublime literature. No other game has fascinated the wielders of pen the way cricket has. Right from the beginning, there've been cricket writers like Sir Neville Cardus, West Indian Sir C L R James, Ausralian Sir Ray Robinson, Noel Coward, Peter Roebuck, Lawrence Booth, to name but a few. Cardus, who was basically a music critic, wrote musical prose.
His magnum opus, " Cardus on Cricket," is regarded by many as the most fascinating piece of written English.

 In one of his essays in this book, he described Carribean George Hedlee, the black Bradman, as "A batsman so exalted and infallible that even if he desired to get out, angels stopped him to commit a cricketing harakiri and the opponents commiserated...! " Or when he described Sir Garfield St. Auburn Sobers in full flow in the first ever tie in Test cricket at Brisbane in 1961, " Gary's 132 in the first innings had all the ingredients of Beethoven's symphonies. His every shot reminded the lovers of music, the nuances of a well-orchestrated symphony...." But  Oxford is not the first University to introduce cricket literature to its Masters degree course in contemporary English literature.

Jamaica and Barbados Universities among the Carribean islands along with Adelaide and Christchurch varsities in Australia and New Zealand respectively, have been teaching cricket literature to their post graduate students of English literature. Indian universities can also take a cue from these universities as cricket is a religion in India and most of the students, even female students, can also relate to it. Instead of age-old format of all the Indian universities teaching same English poets, American literature, post modernism and commonwealth literature at college and university levels and churning out the same stupid students as well as utterly monotonous professors, isn't it a pathbreaking decision to emulate Oxford and other universities while chalking out the syllabus for English literature?

 India has also produced a few wonderful cricket scribes like K N Prabhu, Rajan Bala and to some extent, Sumil Gavaskar, who never had his books ghost-written. The late Rajan Bala's English was so beautiful in his numerous pieces that Pakistan's late cricket commentator and scribe, Umar Qureshi, requested University of Lahore to incorporate one of Bala's pieces on the famed 3 Ws of West Indis into the syllabus of degree courses. It was finally incorporated. And here in India, students have still been studying the same old stuff with no innovation and imagination. Can't the UGC take a leaf out of the books of these varsities and spruce up the overall syllabus of literature?        

                                                         -----Sumit Paul

Information Technology jobs without a Degree

The exorbitant cost of a traditional four-year college education has made a lot of people think whether they can go for it or not. Apart from this the interest rates on student’s loans are increasing every year. Some students may even leave their home for a degree in technical field which adds up to the charges of staying and accommodation too. This inflation and increasing expenditure has made many high school grads to find a more affordable path to make a career in the technology field.  But the alternative path is not so easy, as it requires to you to attend community colleges, get certifications, learning on your own, and, gain experience at the similar time. You need to be very hardworking and focused during this learning phase.

According to the recruitment officers present in some of the largest tech-companies, when they go to find the right candidate the only thing that matters to them is the skills and experience. Having a four year degree is a secondary thing. If you have the right set of skills, then degree cannot become a block in your path to success.  So the best way to get experience before grabbing your first job is through the various internship programs. These programs help you to know about the work in real time.
There are a number of companies present in the market ranging from small ones, to mid-sized and the giants, who are hiring individuals without the pre-requisite of having a technical degree. Here are some of the jobs that you can probably fetch in spites of not having a degree in the field of information technology. 
1: Junior Data Analyst
For this job you need to have knowledge of SQL or Oracle which you can easily get by joining a class. You can even get certifications, to find this sort of job easily. The job would involve mining and analysis of data at small organizations. After some years of experience, you can be a database administrator at a leading tech-organization.
2: Front-End Web Designer
This job is purely based on your creativity and knowledge about some front-end developing software. It has very little to do with your college degree. There are a number of online tutorials present in the internet which could help you to learn CSS, HTML5, JavaScript and other such tools.
3: Consultant:
Business consultant is another very good option for you if have a flare in it. To kick career in this direction you need to believe in yourself.  A four-year degree becomes less important if you have the right set of skills along with a business mind.

4: Mainframe Support Technician
This job is very great and opportunities are increasing as cloud-based technologies are making their way in the market. All you require is just a basic training which is currently being provided by many of the employers’ themselves. Companies like IBM are having huge demands of these technicians. It is a very good paying job.
5: Mobile Application Developer
As the smartphone app market is expanding day by day, companies are looking for individuals having a little bit of experience in this field, whether they have a technical degree or not. It is a very interesting and challenging field allowing you a chance to show your creativity by providing out-of-the-box solutions.

Focus on any particular job you like, and get ready to make a career in IT field without a degree.

 Ashish Jha

Challenge the Views, not the Individual

Recently, a 77-year-old lady took umbrage at one of my articles and called me a pervert, insane, unstable and wonky. I too hit back because she deserved the comeuppance. After that, I began to think, why some people directly hit the individuals and not his/her views. I've absolutely no problem if someone disagrees with me or condemn my ideas. He/she has every right to do so because I also criticise and often pooh-pooh many an idea and view. But why should I be condemned? This is the problem with all of us. We tend to get personal and hit the person below the belt. Here, I'm not justifying my hitting back. I'll again do the same if someone choose to target me and not my views. 'Mukhalfat insaan ki nahin uske khayalaat ki karo/ Jab bhi kisi se uljho dhang ki baat karo' (Argue not with the individual but with his thoughts/ Whenever you oppose, oppose in a sane manner).
Why do some people abuse, condemn and excoriate an individual? Because they don't have the calibre to argue in the same convincing manner. They lack knowledge, reading, argumentative skills, class, status and so many things. Their views don't hold water and more often than not, they're rabidly envious of the individual. Since they don't have the capacity and calibre to challenge the individual's views on the same plane, they find abusing him/her the easiest way to resort to. People who come to blows are often those who lack necessary as well as basic intelligence to hold and continue a debate. The easiest thing in the world is to abuse someone. 'Calling names is much easier than creating a name for oneself,' aptly stated English statesman G K Chesterton. 

One more thing that I've noticed over the years is that people who fail to accomplish anything worthwhile in life, often criticise others and become quite personal. Great Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib's coeval Yaas Yaghana Changezi of Lucknow, who himself was a very high class poet, criticised Ghalib's difficult and recondite poetry throughout his life but never cast aspersions on Ghalib as an individual. When other petty poets were gloating over Ghalib's known and alleged affairs with women of all hues, the ultra-refined Changezi chose to keep mum. This quality cannot be expected of petty minds because petty people love to discuss people. It's indeed very difficult to be able to be like the person you're criticising. First of all, reach his/her level and then play with your scissors and scalpels.  

                                          ----Sumit Paul

Why NCERT Textbooks in CBSE Schools should not be Mandatory?

Why NCERT Textbooks in CBSE Schools should not be Mandatory?

All the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Schools will now have to use NCERT textbooks from the next academic session, i.e. 2017-18. And the move to make NCERT study material mandatory for all the CBSE schools across the country is expected to standardize the curriculum across the country.

But, will the move really be beneficial or a bane to the education system in India? At least the Union Minister for Human Resource Development Mr Prakash Javdekar while taking decision at a review meeting, did not think about the flip side of the decision.
Here is why NCERT Textbooks in CBSE Schools should not be mandatory:

Ø NCERT Textbooks are not for all Students: NCERT Textbooks, who read it (especially the teachers), opine unequivocally that it not comprehensive, complete. Students need to get some extra doses of materials to imbibe the concept that is in the NCERT books. And since these textbooks are not cure-all for the problems of students, how can only these be allowed to reach to the hands of students on the pretext that private publishers charge big bucks for their textbooks.

Ø It will shoot up Unemployment: Those who opine that the decision has been taken by the Government to prevent private publishers extort money from the parents, perhaps forget that the Government could have done something substantial to rationalize the price of the books. A knee-jerk reaction by the Government will make hundreds of thousands of people across India jobless overnight.

Ø The Move will be More Disservice than good: Think about a situation: all students started reading through NCERT, the books also became available in adequate numbers, but the only thing that they did not get is knowledge. And if the fruit of knowledge does not reach to them, in the long run mandatory NCERT books will prove to be more disservice than good. There will be another bunch of students, who are without knowledge without skill to grab good job.

Ø Mandatory NCERT Books will Make Job of Teachers Difficult: The rise of private players in school books was largely due to the inability of the NCERT books to educate the students and clear the concept. Had the Government been cautious enough at that time, a situation like today could not have arisen. And the private players have done their job remarkably by being able to provide concept for the NCERT books. The teachers of today, already overloaded doing all the things for their students, will start crying foul when there will be nothing (no book of private publishers) to help them wriggle out of problem.

The above mentioned reasons include but not limited to the reasons why NCERT Textbooks in CBSE Schools should not be mandatory.

                                                          ----Ashish Jha

Best Accounting Software for Your Android Mobile

Accounting apps for Android
If you are planning to start a small business, it is important to manage business communications, calendar management and a lot more. It can be achieved by using Smartphone.  It is very convenient to find an Android app to streamline virtually and run every aspect of their business. However, they can also use finance management for their business. 

It is not possible for Android Accounting apps to manage this task on a large scale. For manage large number of date, users will need a larger monitor, a full keyboard and deeper features found in desktop software. But for managing basic accounting tasks, mobile apps will have various advantages. By using Android Smartphone or tablets, one can login and access their account from virtually anywhere. It has its own benefits; user’s information will be up-to-date on all your devices because users account information is stored in the cloud.

Android finance and accounting apps
To manage your business, users can use following Android finance and accounting apps:
·       Shoeboxed
Shoeboxed is an Android app which is used for managing receipts, bills and other financial documents in an organized manner. It is an easy app as snapping a photo. Once users document is uploaded via the Shoeboxed app, its important information like vendor, date, total and payment type are automatically extracted. This creates a fully searchable digital database of your transactions.
·       Book Keeper Accounting
The top-rated accounting apps for Android are Book Keeper Accounting. It supports a simple layout but covers all of the tools that small and medium-size businesses need. By using this app, users can track transactions, payments, sales, receipts and more. It features also include deep inventory management. This app also allows generating and managing invoices.

·       Mint
A personal finance app is also known as Mint. It is a useful application for entrepreneurs and very small businesses to track spending and tweak budgets. It adds bank accounts and credit cards, it also allow automatic pulls in and categorizes your transactions. Mint will manage users finance and focus on business operations.
·       QuickBooks for Android
It is a tool which offers elegant accounting. It helps users to track and manage finances. Quick Books is not fully featured mobile version of the QuickBooks desktop application. This app is a mobile companion app with useful tools which support users to track sales, send out invoices and review recent payments when you're away from the office.
·       FreshBooks
Another option of QuickBooks is FreshBooks. It includes tight cloud integration and an easy-to-use interface. It is a system which helps you record and track your business's expenses and profits. It also include some extra functionalities, like ability to track how much you or your employees work on a project, for easier invoice generation. It also help is business decisions and file your taxes.

                                                              ------Ashish Jha

The Pitfalls of Surrogacy

 A 'blue-stocking' Muslim lady, who teaches at an MBA institute in Gurgaon wrote to a very dynamic and brilliant friend of mine that she wants to be impregnated by him! Her hubby's impotent and has been suffering from erectile dysfunction for a long time. What will you call it: Advancement, promiscuity, urgency or sheer fun? Just because someone's brilliant and virile as well, doesn't mean that the child with him will also inherit the same attributes. And what'll be the emotional implications of such births?

Surrogacy is always a tricky issue. It somwhere lacks emotional equilibrium. Taking someone else's help other than that of one's spouse makes the conception ' psychologically lopsided' (Germaine Greer's phrase). 
That a rabid feminist like Greer terms such births as 'lopsided' ones, underlines a host of factors obscuring it . The Reader's Digest (Canadian edition) carried a piece in 1984. A woman took a handsomely endowed stranger's help to conceive her as she was desparate to become a mother. Her hubby was suffering from penile cancer. But no one  knew. That woman had a psychologist friend, who knew of this make-shift arrangement. She kept a close watch and found that after giving birth to a baby boy, that woman started becoming indifferent to that child and a point came that when she couldn't bear him any longer. Her psychologist friend contacted that stranger who helped that woman conceive and asked him whether he'd take away the child. That man didn't think twice and wholeheartedly accepted his 'son.' Why did that woman get disillusioned with her own child? First of all, that child was a product of her 'motherly arrogance', according to Sigmund Freud. Once she proved that she too could become a mother, her primary objective came to an end. Because it's the intrinsic longing of almost every woman to become a mother, to prove her womanhood as well as motherhood.

It's not just in India but everywhere in the world, we get to hear the derogatory words like 'a barren woman', 'an arid ground' or the downright demeaning'baanjh' in the Hindi belt. A woman's considered to be inauspicious if she's unable to conceive. Even in the western societies, the famous sociologists MacIver and Page observed that women who were unable to conceive were looked down upon by other women.
After all, human spirit's everywhere same. We all talk about love, compassion, emotion and all that jazz. These are all superficial words. A couple gives birth to a child because woman (wife) wants to prove her motherhood (that she ain't a 'baanjh' and man (hubby) asserts his 'manhood' (literally as well as metaphorically). Love for the child comes because you can't throw it. Otherwise, both have fulfilled their 'cardinal familial requirements' by giving birth to an offspring. And when a child's born through surrogacy, this bond is even weaker and there're relatively less  familial bindings to retain such a child because that closeness never comes, however hard one may try.

We call a woman, an eternal mother, forgetting that it was a woman who gave birth to an illegitimate child, Kabir, and abandoned him because she was a widow. The fear of disreputation eclipsed her affection for the child, she carried in her womb for nine months. She didn't think of that when she slept with a man. If Kabir lambasted women by calling them zahreeli nagin or 'doors to hell', was he too caustic?           
                                                                                                                                                                Sumit Paul

Happy Marriage Anniversary DIDI and JJ

Marriage is a wedlock of two souls. There is nothing more beautiful in the world when two people who love each other deeply, promise to stay together for the rest of their life. It’s a birth of a new relation. It’s not only relation between two person, it’s marriage of two families. Wedding Anniversary is a particular day where people re-think about their commitments which were made by them with each other in the past.

On the special day of Marriage Anniversary people set new commitments which can strengthen their bond with each other. It’s a perfect time to thank each other for all the services which are rendered to you by your partner along with the joys which you both experienced with each other along with the acceptance of your strengths and weakness and promised which are delivered.

Best Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes
Your anniversary marks the day
When you both said “I do.”
The two of you became as one,
A marriage bright and new.
Now time has passed; your love is strong;
You passed the early test.
Your tender bond grows with passing time;
Your marriage is the kind that’s best!

                                                                                                        ------From Today Twig Family

Some Interesting Stories about the Origin of Father’s Day

Father’s day is one of the official celebrations in the USA to mark the strong emotional bond between a kid and father. Though Harry C Meek, the member of Lion’s club claim to be the originator of father’s day, but there are several other stories related to the celebration of this day. Here is a brief description about some of the most popular tales associated with the origin of father’s day:
·       Some people claim that it was a church service in West Virginia that started this celebration in the year 1908.
·       According to another tale, the first father’s day celebration was conducted in Vancouver.

·       The story connected to Harry C Meek is that his organization, Lion’s Club celebrated the first father’s day in the year 1915. The day was chosen as third June because it was very near to Meek’s birthday. Though it is a very strange explanation, as the date should have been close to his father’s birthday.

·        A very close and pretty proven fact about the celebration is the efforts of Mrs. Dodd. Her father was a civil war veteran and she believed she had a great father. Therefore in 1909, she approached the church service and discussed dedicating the birthday of his father i.e. 5th June to be celebrated as father’s day. The church accepted her request but as 5th June was very close, so they decided to put on a later date and in this way it shifted to the third Sunday of June.
Though whatever may be the reasons it is a wonderful day to celebrate the spirit of fatherhood. So plan something great and make your dad happy.

 Fathers Day Messages

1.No matter how many boys come into my life, Daddy you will always be the first
     man I’ve ever loved. I love you so much. Happy Father’s day to you.

2. Wishing a special dad a Father’s day filled with all the things that give you a warm
    and happy feeling and leave you with bright memories to look back through the year.
    Happy Fathers Day

3. I am indeed blessed to have Someone like you as my father On this special day I'd like
    to thank you for everything You are my hero dad.I Love You. Happy Fathers Day

4. A dad is someone who wants to keep you from making mistakes. Thank You Dad

5.Not a day goes by when I don't remember how lucky I'm to have a careful father
   like you! No matter how much time passes you will always be my superdad!

6.You don't have to deserve your mother's love. You have to deserve your father's.

7. Who need a friend when i have a dad like you Dad you are my best friend.
   Happy fathers day