2017 UP Election – BJP Desperately Trying to End its Exile

During Indian general elections, poll strategists, media personnel often satirically refer that Lucknow is major hub in the route of New Delhi. Uttar Pradesh is the home to approximate 200 million voters. This astronomical figure makes this Indian state the most populated subdivision of the world. So, it is the foremost goal of all leading political parties to emerge triumphant in the UP state elections. SP patriarch Mulayam Singh Yadav, Mayawati, protégé of late Kanshi Ram, Rahul Gandhi, scion of Indian national congress and Amit Shah, president of BJP are aware that electoral battle of Lucknow has to be won on any cost in this race for supremacy.

Elections in India are no longer sanctified fests of democracy but a game of show off where all tactics from muscle flexing to saber rattling are embraced heartily. Secularists even accuse Hindu nationalists (BJP) of misusing the name of Lord Rama, playing with religious sentiments and ultimately unsettling communal harmony. All these events have their impact upon UP state elections. But please wait, there is a twist here - the new generation of Indian voters has vehemently raised several topics that were shelved for many years. The most burning topic is development and corruption but appalling condition of poor law and order are also in the list. Narendra Modi, incumbent Prime Minister of India navigated chariot of BJP towards victory and promised to curb corruption, terrorism, hoarding, black money unemployment and accelerate the economy of country. Obviously, the saffron brigade is reminiscent of old memories and extremely desperate to deliver the same repeat performance.

BJP had gate crashed capital New Delhi with bag packed with lucrative promises but it seems that sugarcoated words of Modi have lost their sweetness. The disillusioned voters wait for opportunity and state elections have also blessed arch rivals (BSP, SP, INC) with an opportunity to settle the old scores. Undeniably, demonetization was a brave step but many honest Indians are cursing government for this extreme measure that disturbed people from all walks of life. Unfortunately, electoral battles in Uttar Pradesh are fought on the ground of religion and caste. This evil practice often eclipses other vital topics that ultimately remains shrouded in chaos.

Once again saffron party is about to play its trump card.  Narendra Modi will play an instrumental role in wooing the voters but without a projected or declared CM face this electoral battle would not be easy to win. The recent allegiance of SP and INC apparently unveils their clear cut strategy – to benefit from tapering popularity of BJP and emerge victorious in this semi-final of 2019 general elections.  It is now interesting to watch this tug of war where faction ridden SP/INC is on one end and confident/optimistic NDA on other. Both the camps are vying for power and many exit polls are predicting hung assembly. The final showdown on 11th march will evidently project the actual status of Modi mania and would be prelude to general elections 2019.
                                                   ---Shasvat Gethe

Test Paper: Analogy


Select the related letters/words/numbers from the given alternatives.

1.     BDAC:FHEG::NPHO:?

a.     RQTS  b. QTRC            c. TRQS                                             d. RTQS

2.     17:60::20:?
a.     57 b. 69 c. 81 d. 93

3.     Fish: Scales:: Bear:?

a.     Feather b. Leaves  c. Fur d. Skin

4.     Writer:Pen::?
a.     Needle:Tailor b. Artist:Brush c. Painter:Canvas d. Teacher:Class

5.     Framework:House:Skelton:?
a.     Ribs b. Skull c. Body d. Grace
6.     Editor: Magazine::?
a.     Novel:Writer b. Poem:Poet c. Chain:Carpenter d. Director: Film

7.     Dream:Reality:: Falsehood:?
a.     Untruth b. Truth c. Fairness d. Correctness

8.     Pound:Yen:Polo:?
a.     Hockey b. Horse c. Ride d. Stick

9.     Physician: Treatment:: Judge:?
a.     Punishment b. Judgement c. Lawyer d. Court

10.                        Self:Secure: Protect:?
a.     Guard b. Lock c. Sure d. Conserve

11.                        ABCD: WXYZ::EFGH:?
a.     STUV b. ZYXW c. VUTS d. WXZY
12.                        ………………………………………..
a.     96 b. 112 c. 120 d……

13.                        MXN:13×14:: F×R:?
a.     14×15 b. 5×17 c 6×18 d 7×19

14.                        HKNQ:GDAX::SVYB:?
a.     TQMK b. ROLI c. ZVTQ d. ADGJ

15.                        SKIP: RIFL::KYKZ: ?
a.     WJHV b. WJVH c. JWVH d. JWHV

16.                        Camera: Lens::Flash?
a.     Bulb b. Night c. Light d. Shutter
a. 504 b. 343 c. 336 d. 330
18. Thunder: Rain:?: Night
a. Day b. Dusk c. Dark d. Evening
19. Genuine: Authentic:: Mirage:?
a. Illusion b. image c. Hideout d. Reflection
20. Detective: Informer:: Reporter:?
a. Source b. Editorial c. News d. Essay
21. 0.16:0.0016::1.02: ?
a. 10.20 b. 0.102 c. 0.0102 d. 1.020
22. 18:30::36:?
a. 64 b. 66 c. 54 d. 62
23. Smoke: Pollution::War:?
a. Victory b. Peace c. Treaty d. Destruction

Test Paper: Alphabet

Test                                           ALPHABETS        
Q1. In the following questions which one of the words cannot be formed from the letter of the given word?

aa.     Scissors   b. Scorpion c. Schedule      d. Semester            e. Sensitive

Q2.  How many pairs of letters are there in the word “BUCKET” which have as many letters between them in the word as in the alphabets?

aa. One          b. Two          c. Three           d. Four                        e. More than Four

Q3. How many letters are there in the cord ‘CREATIVE’ which has as many letters between them in the word as in the alphabets?

aa.     1          b. 2                     c. 3                 d. 4.                                      e. N.O.T.

Q4.  In the word ‘HOMEOPATHY’ has many pairs of letters are there which has as many letters between them in word as in the alphabets?
aa.    None   b. One    c. Two             d. Three                                            e. Four

Q5. In an alphabet which letter will be 7th to the right of the 13th letter from your left?

aa.      S         b. T      c. U                d. V                                                           e. N.O.T.

Q6.  Which letter will be the sixth to the right of the eleventh letter from the right end of the alphabets?

aa.  K        b. V       c. J                 d. U                                                      e. N.O.T.
Q 7.  Which letter in the word ‘SELFRIGHTEOUSNESS’ does not change its positions when the letters are reversed?

aa.     E     b. G            c. H             d. T

Q 8. If the position of first and sixth letters of the word ‘BENEFICIAL’ are interchanged; similarly the positions of the second and seventh letters are interchanged and so on, which letter will be third from the right end after rearrangement?

aa.      N.O.T    b. C    c. E    d. F        e. N

Q 9. How many letters are there in the word ‘Horizon’ which have as many letters between them in the word as in the English Alphabets?

aa.    One b. Two  c. Three  d. More than Three

Q 10. How many pairs of the letter in the word ‘DONATE’ which have as many letters between them as here in the alphabets?

aa.      Nil b. One c. Two d. Three e. N.O.T.

Q 11. From the given alternatives find the word which cannot be formed from the letters used in the given words?


aa.     HEAL b. REAL c. GAME d. LATER




aa.     ALONE b. NOTE c. LATER d. RADIO





The legacy of Mahatma

Years ago, Field Marshal Jan Smuts said about Gandhi, ' Gandhi is not just an individual. He's an idea.' So very true! Smuts beautifully encapsulated Gandhi's whole philosophy and persona. Those who killed Gandhi, failed to comprehend that they were not killing a mere individual. They were trying to eliminate an idea whose time had come. And when an idea comes of age, no force can unnerve or dislodge it. The eternal idea of Truth and the concept of non-violence propounded by Gandhi, couldn't be destroyed. In sooth, Gandhi's killers unwittingly elevated his status, which they least bargained for! 

Gandhi became an iconic figure in his lifetime. Such was his greatness!! He became sacrosanct following his martyrdom. At this crucial juncture of human civilization when violence and religious differences are at their worst, Gandhi's irenic philosophy is all the more relevant.

A sanguinary future for the mankind is undesirable to all peace-loving human beings. It's non-violence of Gandhi, Gautam and Jesus that can save the mankind from complete annihilation. Remember, 'a bullet catapulted Gandhian philosophy to the stratosphere of all philosophies.' Gandhi's non-violence didn't go in vain. Gandhi was relevant and will continue to be germane to the world encumbered with bloodshed.

Some ideologies assume greater significance as time glides by. Gandhi's pacifism has drawn greater attention in recent years because somewhere we all have realised that if we're to survive, we need to listen to the voice of our collective conscience and consciousness. Gandhi's universal message is the voice of conscience that can never be suppressed or ignored.

Let's salute the Mahatma and learn from his life to make our own lives worthwhile.          
                        ---Sumit Paul

Must Try Navratri Recipes

Navratri which in English means “Nine Nights” are the days Hindus worship the various incarnations of the Goddess Durga. From Gujrat to Bengal and Madhya Pradesh to Delhi a large part of the India is immersed in the celebration that continues for nine days. Traditionally many people observe fasting too, some for the all nine days while others at the first and the last day. But this doesn’t means fast got to be boring with just eating fruits, aloo and peanuts.

Here are some of the recipes to make your navratri fasting interesting this season:
·        Sabudana Ki Khichdi: Sabudana also known as the Tapioca Pearls along with aloo, peanuts, sendha namak and mild species ends up with a mouth watering dish that is both healthy and fulfilling. Very easy to prepare this khichdi is a must try for not just Navratri but every fast.
·        Rajgira ki Kadhi:  The kadhi is prepared by using Rajgira flour instead of the usual gram flour we use. You just need yougurt, flour and spices that are easily available at your home to enjoy this side dish that can be used with several vrat dishes.
·        Kuttu Ka Dosa: Bored with eating Kutti ki Puris? Try something new with these dosas this season. Made from Kuttu ka ata or the Buckwheat flour along with potatoes filling this dish is quite tasty and fulfilling.
·        Samvat Rice Kheer: Samvat Rice or the Banyard Millet is a great and healthier alternative for rice. They are quite rich in antioxidants too. You just need the millets, milk, sugar and some raisins to prepare this mouth savoring sweet dish.

·        Singhare ke Ate ka Samosa: Now all your time favorite snack samosa can be eaten on the days of fast too. Use the chestnut or the Singhare ka ata for the covering and use the charoli or the chironji seeds for filling. The dish may sound different but it’s as tasty as the usually aloo ka samosa.

·        Kaddu, Palak and Khire ke Pakoras: Replace the gram flour with the chestnut flour and make delicious pakoras by using kaddu, palak, khire or even the Paneer for the filling. Easy to prepare dish that you can even enjoy with your evening tea.
·        Mix fruit Raita: Who doesn’t love fruits dipped in yogurts? So just pick some apples and pomegranates from your kitchen, add yogurt and some spices that are allowed in fast to prepare this healthy and delicious dish.
·        Banana Akhrot Lassi: Charge yourself with this great drink made from bananas yogurt and walnuts. A nourishing drink that keeps you full of energy when you’re devoted yourself to Mata’s bhakti.
·        Chironji Ki Daal: Yes you can make daal from the charoli seeds to get a change for all the usual dishes you have on the fasting days.

These recipes are a great to be tried and the fact that none of them require hours to prepare. So prepare these dishes and become a become a star cook this navratra.  

How to Crack SSC (MTS)?

How to Crack SSC (MTS)?

 Lots of aspirants preparing for SSC want to know as to how to crack SSC? Sushmita Jha has the tips for all those aspirants:

Staff Selection Commission Announces Vacancy for the Post of Multitasking Staff(MTS)
Number of Vacancies: 8300

How to Apply
Age: Minimum 18 year and Maximum 25 year
Qualification: Matriculation

Date of Applying Online-031-12-2016
Last Date- 30th January 2017
Examination Date- 16th April, 30th April and 07th May, 2017
Exam Pattern
Sub.                                  Marks                                      Time
Maths                               25
Reasoning                       25
English                            25
G.K.                                25
*0.25 Negative Marking
Maths: Percentage, Profit & Loss, Age, Average, Time & Work, Speed & Distance, Boat & Stream, Partnership, Train, Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Mensuration, Geometry, Trigonometry, Ratio & Proportion, Algebra, etc.

Reasoning: Alphabets, Direction, Coding-Decoding, Cube, Dice, Input-Output, Ranking, Sitting Arrangement, Calendar, Puzzle, Blood Relation, Syllogism, Clock, Matrix, Venn Diagram, Statement Assumption, Word Formation, Statement-Arrangements, Statements Conclusion, Statements-Courses of Action & Non-verbal
G.K. & Current Affairs: Polity, Geography, History, Economics, Comp. , Monthly Updates

English: Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Preposition, Conjunction, Narration, Question Tag, Common Error, Sentence Arrangement, Synonyms, Antonyms

Important Notes:
Solve one practice set daily Statement Assumption, Word Formation, Statement-Arrangements, Statements Conclusion, Statements-Courses of Action & Non-verbal
G.K. & Current Affairs: Polity, Geography, History, Economics, Comp. , Monthly Updates

1.     Solve one practice set daily from previous paper.
2.     Analyse & Evaluate set.
3.     Note down solution of problem(that you have either not attempted or have attempted but it’s not correct)
4.     Learn from every set and improve in next test paper
5.     Try to solve at least 25 set papers before examination
6.     For reasoning avoid non-verbal & analytical only focus on verbal reasoning
7.     For English recommended book “A mirror of Common Error” improve word power
8.     For Maths: Preparation of Formulae Copy where each chapter formula is mentioned and learn that copy on daily basis
9.     General Knowledge: Lucent General Knowledge Book is more than enough for SSC(MTS).
Solve Objective Question(at least 50) from Lucent Objective General Knowledge Book
  In SSC(MTS) Exam Question level is low so you have to prepare from basic level of each chapter 

                               ----Sushmita Jha

Mahatma: An Apostle of Non-violence

From the Champaran Satyagrah in Bihar,1917 to the day (i.e., 30 January, 1948 ) he fell to the assassin’s bullet, he steadfastly remained committed to the very idea of dharma : truth, justice and freedom. He always remained in speech and action, humble but firm, soft-spoken but determined, loving but objective. Gurudeva Rabindranath was prophetic when he called Gandhiji “ Mahatma “,the epithet that got tagged to  his surname for ever. That’s why his legacy is still relevant in the present atmosphere of violence, intolerance and chicanery.

Is Gandhi Still Relevant?

It seems ironical that such a solemn occasion would most likely to be politicized.The question is often asked: Is Mahatma Gandhi still relevant? The answer is: a resounding Yes! He is relevant today, perhaps more than what he was when he returned to India from South Africa in the early 1915. He had come home practically after more than two decades and half. He sailed to England in 1888 as a lad of nineteen to study law in the Inner Temple. He returned from South Africa with a formidable reputation of being a sustained and committed political campaigner for the Indian’s rights.

The Articles of Gandhi’s  Faith

  Gandhiji’s political movements in India were the result of moral lessons he had learned in England and South Africa. In England he was very conscientious student of law. The three-year (1888-91) stay there was his baptism by fire. He remembered the promises he had made to his mother at the time of his departure. The celibacy,vegetarianism?? Can we delete this word, thrift, commitment as a student became the article of his faith. As a law student, for example, he would never employ short cuts for moral reasons.

A Saviour who had to Struggle Hard for his own Survival

But when he set up his practice in India, he failed miserably. This was a big disappointment for him as well as for his extended family. So he accepted the offer to represent as a lawyer the firm, Dada,Abdulla and Co. in South Africa. For him, it was more an escape than an opportunity to be grabbed. He had an extremely sad and humiliating experience within a few days of his arrival in South Africa.

A Clandestine Claim on Congress’ Gandhi?

The Congress and other so-called secular parties have always  “ castigated” BJP for its supposed inheritance of the militant  and divisive  Hindutva philosophy that resulted in his assassination in 1948. BJP would always rebut it by exploding this myth “ unjustly “ created by the Congress Party using the official propaganda machinery at its command. The Congress Party, on the other hand, may blame once again the government for blatantly misusing the name of the father of the nation for its narrow political gains.

The Bitter Night at Pietermaritzburg

People say that the short journey from Durban to Pretoria in South Africa was for the Mahatma not only highly dramatic but also catalystic and transformative. During the journey, as we all know, the Piertermaritzburg incident happened. The bitter night in the shivering winter he had to spend at the small railway station at Pietermaritzburg transformed him into a man of indomitable courage and conviction. Now he would stand up to any authority, no matter how ruthless and insensitive it was, to ensure justice and dignity as if the iron had entered into his soul. Of course, his trial and tribulation there is now the part of common folklore.

The Dimension of his Being

  The religiosity was an essential dimension of his being. Conscious as he was of the noble traditions of all faiths including Christianity and Islam, he always showed what he had inherited from his Moth Bania family of Gujarat, the influence of powerful “Vaishnavism” with strong dose of Jainism. His whole attitude to life showed what he had learned from the Shrimad Bhagawatgita : “ aparigraha “(non-possession)  and “"samabhava” (equality ).

                                              ----Sailendra Misra 

Dengue in Childhood can Increase Early Heart Attack Risk

The new research revealed that people who have suffered from dengue and other infectious diseases during childhood and get cured are at more risk of early heart attack. This risk is going to increase more due to unhealthy lifestyle during adulthood and it will grow with the increase in time. Apart from dengue, other infectious diseases that increase the cause for heart attack are measles, typhoid fever, bronchitis and chicken pox. According to researchers these diseases might badly damage a person's vascular system. This result in atherosclerosis or the hardening of the arteries and it would cause early heart attack.
Study of Early Heart Attacks

The study begins at European Society of Cardiology where Dr. Andriany Qanitha from the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands informed about case-control study based on population in Makassar, Indonesia. The participants who took part in this survey, most of them were male Indonesians whose average age was 47 years old. For this research, several people who were suffering from fever or more than three days, or hospitalization because of an infection were inspected. First they divide the study into two groups. In first group, they comprised 153 patients who have had a history of acute coronary syndrome (ACS) before turning 56 years old. However, in second group they comprised another 153 patients with no history of the disease.  After this, they surveyed each group and interviewed about infections of family members. Participants were asked about them and their family member’s infections they suffered during early stages of life, such as infancy, pre-school, and elementary school to junior high school and senior high school. From this information, researchers calculated an infection score from 0 to 4 and found 2 as the indicator for positive infection during early life.

Impact of Research

Researchers collected the data from from participants such as gender, age, educational level, monthly income, occupation, physical activity and dietary pattern to assess risk factors for cardiovascular diseases (CVD). In this data participants' family history of CVD also includes diabetes, hypertension and smoking habits. They come across with the result that the risk of early heart attack elevated with increasing CVD risk factors. However, the limitation of this study was that the participants were all from Indonesia, and that living conditions in other countries are different. But still it can be applied on other countries in Southeast Asia where the disease is prevalent.

Preventions for Heart Attacks

If we talk about number of heart attacks, it is increasing day by day. In the United States, 610,000 people die every year because of heart attacks. The reasons for heart disease in this country are due to diabetes, poor diet, smoking habits, alcohol abuse, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. In this matter, health officials advice that the best way to prevent heart attack and other CDVs are living a healthy lifestyle which means  eating a healthy diet, exercising, limiting alcohol use, and avoiding smoking. A person should also consult with doctor for any further concerns about their health.
                     ----Sheetal Gaur