Byron & Schopenhauer: The Men who Hated their Mothers

Can hatred for one's biological mother make someone great? It can, if the person happens to be Arthur Schopenhauer (Germany) or the great Lord George Gordon Byron (England). The former was a great philosopher, who inspired generations of philosophers like Nietzsche, Jean Paul Sartre, Albert Camus and all the existentialists and the latter is regarded as one of the greatest poets the world has ever seen. It's a great coincidence that both were born in the same year (1788) and hated their mothers so much that Byron never met his mother after the age of 19 and Schopenhauer called his mother 'a blot on motherhood and mankind.'

 It was Arthur Schopenhauer who said that, ' Mothers gave birth not because they had any affection or feelings for the child. They gave birth because they wanted to prove that they could conceive!! Affection for the child comes more of a burden'. Why Schopenhauer hated his mother so rabidly is a matter of speculations and it's said that because of an unloving mother, Schopenhauer gave the world his celebrated, 'Philosophy of pessimism'. It was because of his strained relationship with his mother, he could never love any woman wholeheartedly and found all women just the extensions of his mother. 

But Byron's hatred for his mother is well-documented. His mother never liked him. Neither did he ever bother to call her mother. He always called his biological mother Mrs Byron. She was herself a writer of some repute. They kept arguing over petty issues and one day things came to a head. Mrs Byron pushed her son down the staircase. Her maverick son regained his composure and told her, ' Now the world will know you through me.' Needless to say, no one knows Byron's mother but the entire world knows her genius son. Christopher Caudwell found professional rivalry between son and mother and James Havinge opined in his 'Byron: Life of an iconoclast' that when Byron's mother tried to seduce him at the age of 16, he spurned her. Not because Byron had any moral issue to have sex with his mother, he found her (mother) ugly. In fact, Augusta Leigh, Byron's half-sister was his first and the greatest love.
Having been rebuffed by her son, MrsByron became violent and never forgave her bohemian son, who'd more than hundred female friends in his rather short life. He died at the age of 36 in Greece. Women found him devilishly handsome, despite being lame. And in the case of Arthur Schopenhauer, though it's not yet been proven but a few German scholars are of the opinion that Schopenhauer was the product of a rape. His mother never wanted to give birth to him. Both the greats never acknowledged even an iota of contribution of their respective mothers and instead said that because of such useless mothers, they were greats. Schopenhauer always held parents responsible for bringing children into this squalid world.

In a letter to his friend, the reclusive Schopenhauer wrote: ' Mothers have their own interests in giving birth to offspring. Wish, my mother never existed. I'd not have had to come to this wretched world.' And the great Byron wrote to his beloved half-sister, 'A mother is not an angel. She's a devil's representative on earth.' And his sister wrote back, 'That's why, you're so devilishly handsome!'

 This is indeed interesting to know that how two really great personalities treated their mothers so disparagingly (and their mothers were actually at fault for getting such shabby treatment from their remarkable sons).      

SUMIT PAUL, from Pune

5 Things that your Business Plan Always Need

Every year new businesses come to the front but only a few of them survives for long and is able to create a success story. Do you know why does this happen? Because there is no plan to move forward and sustain the business for long. Therefore whether you’re starting your business or running it smoothly, plan is a must. Here we share 5 important things that your business plan always need:
·       Define the purpose:
The first and the essential thing is to determine the clear purpose of your business. The plan must be able to clarify why people should invest money in your business and why employees should get down from their beds every morning to work with you.

 How to make profit?
Your business plan must be able to clarify the way in which you’re going to make profit. This helps you to decide the business activities that are needed to be done. You should have a clear vision of increasing the profit and letting the business grow.

·       Consider your competitors
Instead of ignoring your competition, you should mention in your business plan that how are you going to stand out differently and earn more than your competitors.  This is a good sign of every businessperson and even your investors will be happy as you have a realistic approach to things.

·       Details about the Business model:
A business plan without a business model is nothing; therefore it is one of the important things you need to have. Before you decide other facts and figures of your business plan, it is important to identify and develop a business model that really works.

·       Review and update your plan on a regular basis:
Business planning is a thing that never ends; it’s an ongoing process and continues for a lifetime. Therefore you need to review it on a regular basis and try to find out whether you require any changes to make it better. The changes in the business plan finishes only when the company is finished.

These five essential things will help you to come up with a better business plan. 

One person dies every 4 minutes in road accidents in India

India has the second largest road network in the world and we are proud of containing such a large network. But it is quite pity that road accidents makes this network shameful. In India, one person dies every four minutes in road accidents and this count one life every four minutes. According to reports of NGO working on safer roads, the cost of such accidents is about Rs 3.8 lakh crore or 3 per cent of the GDP and this figure may increase to one death in three minutes by 2020. Driving on Indians roads is a major challenge, reasons might be so many but how to resolve this problem is very important.

Planning Road Safety to Save Life

In India, planning and its implementations on road safety can avoid these accidents. For implementing road safety, safer vehicles are one of the pillars, i.e. international labels given on safety standards. These safety standards should not be compromised and precautions have to be taken while giving safety standard to these vehicles. It is shameful that one million Indians lost their lives to road accidents in the last decade. If we talk about accidents data in India, Uttar Pradesh had maximum number of road accident deaths in 2014. On the other hand, Tamil Nadu stood second with 15,176 deaths. Driving on Indians roads is another major reason on these roads accidents. To drive more than a speed limit is becoming ‘status symbol’ among young generations. It is important to drive vehicles within speed limit to avoid these accidents.

Cause of Road Accidents

Exceeding the set speed limit by four wheelers, car, jeeps and taxis were estimated to be the major reasons of accidents in India. In Rajasthan, national highways proved to be more deadly than state highways as more fatalities were recorded on it in 2013. Accidents caused due to intake of alcohol and drugs are one of the reasons of road accidents. In 2013, alcohol influence has caused 1,451 accidents and its the fifth highest accidents in India. These accidents resulted in 696 fatalities and 1,621 injured people.

 Precautions to Avoid Accidents

Awareness of road safety among people can avoid these road accidents. The country has progressed; more people now have cars, even multiple cars but the roads designed years back. These roads cannot handle so much traffic. So, it is important to maintain these roads and give proper designs to handle so much traffic. Proper training has to be given for the government and private organizations to trained people. Awareness of speed limit, traffic rules and other safety precautions can avoid these accidents. Drinking and driving, may cost your life. By following these precautions can save your life and your loved ones. Always try to spread these awareness among people, so that you can safe once life. Driving fast cannot be your ‘status symbol’ but it can coast your life. So, drive slow and stay safe.

Mobiles Available Under 10000

The world is being powered by mobiles today and every individual is looking for a great smartphone in his/her budget. The prices have come down lately and there are a plenty of options available. Here we are providing a list for all those who want to know about the best smartphones under 10,000. The below mentioned phones are the best combination of features, price, quality and look that you can get at this price range. 

Lenovo K3 Note

The list cannot be completed with mentioning this phone. Available at a price of 9,999 it is the first phone to offer FHD display under this price range. Backed by 2GB RAM, a Octa Core processor, and 2500mAH batteries this phone is a great option to consider. It has a beautiful and large 5.5 inches screen with a wonderful HD display. The phone runs on the latest version of Android i.e the Lollipop. It has a 13MP primary camera and a 5MP secondary camera. It’s simply the best to get at this price.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Max

This phone was a chance for the Samsung to hit the 10k-15k segments that it has lost while focusing on higher range phones. This smartphone is quite popular and is amongst the top selling phones by Samsung. The device runs on the Snapdragon 401 processor backed by 1GB of RAM and a 3000mAH battery.  It has an internal memory of 16GB and an expandable upto 64GB. The primary camera of this phone is 13MP while the secondary camera is 5MP. It has a 5.25 inches screen with a resolution of 720x1280 pixels.

Asus Zenfone 2 Laser

Available at a price of 9,999 Asus Zenfone 2 Laser is a great phone. Running on the Android v5.0 Lollipop this phone has 5.5 inches screen along with corning gorilla glass 4. The phone is powered by a 2GB RAM and a 1.2GHz Quad Core Processor. The phone has a 13MP primary camera and a 5MP secondary camera.  The internal memory of this phone is 16GB along with a 128GB expandable memory. The metallic finish of the body makes it to be a great option.

Motorola Moto G (2nd Gen)

It is a phone that delivers great user experience. Available at a range of 9,999 this phone runs on the Android v4.4.4 Kitkat and is powered by a Quad Core Processor. Other features include 1GB RAM and a non removable 2070 mAh battery. The phone has a 5inch IPS capacitive Touch screen and a 720x1280 pixel resolution. The phone has 8MP primary camera and a 2MP secondary camera. Talking about the memory, it has a 16GB internal memory while an expandable one upto 32GB.

MicroMax Yu Yureka Plus

Available at a price of 8,999 this phone is also a great option in the 10000 range. With 5.5 inches display, corning gorilla glass 3 and a 1080x920 pixel resolution this phone looks wonderful. The phone has an internal storage of 16GB while an expandable storage of upto 32GB.  It comes along with a 13MP front camera and a 5MP rear camera. The phone offers a great gaming experience too.

With these 5 wonderful options in this price range you don’t need to spend extra budget to get a quality phone. All great features available under 10000 range. 
                                                     ---Vasundhara Bundela

Mobiles Available Under 5000

Do you want to buy a great smartphone for yourself and have a limited budget of around 5000? You don’t need to worry as today there are plenty of options available under this range. The prices of mobile phones have come down as companies want to target more customers who have a limited budget yet want to have smartphones in their pocket.

Checkout some of the great options that you can go for in this range:

Intex Aqua Y2 Ultra

Available at a price of just 4, 490 Intex Aqua Y2 Ultra is a great looking phone. Not just the looks but the phone is packed with powerful features too. The phone features a 4inch screen and a 480X854 px resolution. It has a 5MP primary camera with LED flash and a secondary VGA camera. The internal memory storage is also great and can hold upto 8GBof data. Apart from this the phone supports microSD cards upto 32GB. 

Karbonn Titanium S2 plus

Available at a price of 4,800 Karbonn Titanium S2 plus is a great option for those who are looking for large screen phones within this price range. The phone has a great 5inch display along with a 800X480 pixels resolution. It has an 8MP primary camera and a 0.3MP secondary camera. The phones has a $GB internal storage and supports micro sd card upto 32GB. The phone is powered by a 512MB RAM and a 1.3GHz Quad Core Processor.

Micromax Canvas Spark

Available at a price of 4,999 is a great and powerful phone that any mobile user would love. Running on Android v5.0(Lollipop) and powered by a 1.3 GHz, Quad Core Processor it is a great smartphone in this range.  The phone has an 8MP primary camera while the secondary camera is 2MP. The screen is also wonderful with a size of 4.7 inches and a 960x540 px resolution. It has a 8GB internal storage and a memory card slot to use a expandable memory upto 32GB.


Available at a price of 4, 444, it is one of the latest additions to the range of best smartphones under the 5000 range. The most striking feature of this device is its support for OTG which let users easily transfer data from smartphone to pen drive and vice versa. This phone has a 5inch screen along with an 854x480 pixels HD resolution. The phone is powered by a 1GB RAM and a 1.2GHz Quad Core Processor. The phone has a 8GB internal memory and a expandable upto 32GB using a micro SD card. The phone has a great 8MP primary camera and a 2MP secondary camera.


Available at a price of 5000 this is a great option for those who want a Windows based smartphone in this range. The phone is powered by Windows phone 8.1 OS and runs on a Quad core processor. It has a 1GB RAM and a 1950maH battery.  The phone has a 5MP primary camera and a 0.3MP secondary camera. It has 8GB internal memory storage and a expandable up to 32GB using the external memory card slot.
These 5 phones are the best when it comes to under the range of 5000. Great features, powerful display and low price is what you get on buying these phones. So select the one you like the most and start enjoying wonderful features of a smartphone.  

                                      ---Vasundhara Bundela 

Job-hopping: A 'positive-bee syndrome'

Gone are the days when a job-hopper would be considered frivolous and even disloyal to an organization. But we forget one thing very conveniently that those were the salad-days of corporate culture and most of the people were either government servants or a part of a select few, working for a small-scale household company known as a coterie company.

Leaving Jobs is No Longer a Sign of Frivolity

At that time and context, leaving jobs and constant hopping for greener pastures was indeed a sign of frivolity on the part of a job-hopper. But the scenario has undergone a sea-change. Today, job-hopping is integral to corporate culture and is not frowned upon any longer. With changing times, change the values and perceptions as well. We're living in financially and emotionally turbulent times. In such times, interpersonal relations also go through a paradigm shift and security suffers. Then, why shouldn't a person look for new job avenues all the time and grab the best in the bargain?

Hiring and Firing a Norm in the Companies

What's wrong with that? When companies' head-honchos don't hesitate in hiring and firing and feel no qualms in handing you a pink slip or a golden hand-shake any time, shouldn't employees also be on the lookout for new job opportunities that would be better than the previous one/s? The whole corporate world is fiercely competitive and there's no sagacity in letting the grass grow under one's feet and feel complacent.

Positive bee-Syndrome

Complacency is inimical to career progress and one must keep widening his/her horizons by searching for new companies and exciting portfolios. This is called ' positive bee-syndrome.' A honey-bee visits scores of flowers for its ounce of honey. A job-hopper can be likened to a honey-bee for his/her indomitable urge to change jobs for getting the best or his/her portion of honey. After all, money is honey and the new social dynamics can be defined in terms of money and a tad desirable ruthlessness in approach. It's therefore, wise on the part of youngsters as well as for the seniors to keep finding new meadows to create new landscapes. We all know career dynamics have shifted dramatically over the years.

Gone are Staying for Life Era

Gone are the days when college grads joined a company and stayed for life, rising through the ranks to win that ultimate workplace trophy: the corner office. Workers feel less incentive to stay put. Pensions, in the traditional sense, are virtually obsolete. We’re increasingly paying the price for our employer-sponsored healthcare. Loyalty is no longer about putting in your time, or paying your dues. It’s about providing measurable value and being rewarded for it.

Changing Job is Quality

Corporate culture has changed, and employees are responding to it in the only way that makes sense to them. So stop condemning job-hopping and jump on to the bandwagon. We must remember that a job-hopper carries with him/her a spectrum of experiences and insights because he/she is in a perpetual flux. This is indeed a quality that could be very helpful to an organization. A job-hopper is vastly experienced and a virtual juggler. So, his/her experience is of paramount importance to an organization or a corporate set-up. The famous US job consultant Richard Keys is of the opinion that 'chair-warmers' (US slang for those who are too lazy to search for a new job and is forever happy with his/her existing portfolio; in other words, an unambitious fellow) lack corporate dynamism and are callow in approach and attitude, whereas job-hoppers are always active and their positivism adds to the reputation of the organisation, no matter they leave it shortly for a greater and better opening.

                                   -----Sumit Paul, Pune

Beef Eating Bad for Environment

With the Beef eating issue becoming a national rage and the most talked about issue in the country, and the Dadri incident has give a fuel to all the matter. Eating beef has always remained a taboo among the Hindus in the country but now reports have confirmed that consuming beef is not good for the environment too. Beef production has around 11 times more environmental impact compared to others livestock.

How is beef bad for environment?

The United Nations Environment Program has released a report which states that Beef consumption is harmful for the environment. The UNEP has stated beef as a “climate harmful meat”. According to the agency a lot of energy is required to cook the meat which results in increased carbon emissions. For every hamburger the beef meat that is cooked releases around 3 Kg of the carbon. Beef requires very high energy of fuel which is quite harmful for the environment. Today the issues of the carbon emission and global warming are a serious thing therefore if we really want to opt for a sustainable living then it’s quite good to opt out from such environmental degrading activities.
The Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome that reports to the United Nation stated that beef production on a global scale is one of the major culprits for the climate change that has been taking place. Giving up beef will help to reduce the carbon footprint. Though they strongly condemned the killing a man just on the basis that he eats beef, and touted it as an inhuman act.

More carbon footprint than the transport sector

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) further proved their points by sharing a study named 'Livestock's Long Shadow: Environmental Issues and Options’ they had recently done. According to FAO the Livestock industry has more contributions to climate change as compared to the transport sector. The livestock sector is the leading factor for the carbon emissions and therefore one should try to reduce it.  According to the survey, Transport sector is responsible for the 15% of the carbon emission as opposed to Livestock that is responsible for 18% of the greenhouses. The greenhouse emission from the consumption of 1kg beef is around the same for automobile running for around 160 kilometers. 

Other Concerns:

Beef production requires around 28 times more land compared other livestock. Apart from this it is bad for water conservation too. The cattle require more water compared to any other livestock or the staple crops that we grow. Apart from this, cattle also release a gas called methane which is almost 21 times more harmful than the carbon di-oxide.

How we can help?

Staying away from Beef consumption is the best way to reduce the carbon footprint and if you can’t stop eating it, then you should at least try to reduce the consumption. Healthy eating is not just important for you but it saves the whole planet from the disastrous effects of the global warming too.