Mithila Mirror Raises Strong Voice for Jitendra Jha

Delhi: A senior Indian Civil Account s Services officer Mr. Jitendra Jha has been traceless since 11th December. A resident of Supaul district of Bihar, Mr. Jitendra is known as an officer of velour and courage.

Mr. Jha had gone to stroll from his Shivali Apartment located in Dwarka, New Delhi on Monday, but when he did not return to his house at the scheduled time, his family members got panic.  Mrs. Bhavna Jha, wife of the officer lodged an F.I.R in this regard with the Dwarka Police Station.
However, on Thursday, Police recovered a mutilated body at a place which is equidistant from both Palam Railway Station & Delhi Cantt. The Police claim that the body is that of Mr. Jha. A suicide note has also been recovered from the place.

The wife and other family members have though refused to claim the body saying it does not bear any semblance with the traceless officer. The body did not have any clothes and they have not received any suicide note.

A senior police officer, when contacted, has reasserted that it is a clear cut example of suicide as the suicide note unequivocally suggests. But, the officer also said that if the need arises, we will not hesitate to do a DNA test on the body to clear any ambiguity.
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The family members however repeatedly say that their Jitendra is not someone who can take his own life. He is known for his steely determination, courage and commitment for his job. The 40 year old Mr. Jha is employed with Human Resourced Development Ministry, Government of India. The family sources say that Mr. Jha has been transferred 6 times in the span of 4 years and that he also met with the Union Home Minister to make a complaint regarding his frequent transfers. Known for his dauntless attitude and dashing personality, Mr. Jha, is also a well- known RTI activist and always remains in the limelight.

Vigorous campaign has been launched on the social media for the Justice to Jitendra. Mr. Lalit Narayan Jha, the Editor of Mithila Mirror and Journalist has made an emotional appeal to the Maithil Community, Students’ Organizations and all those whose hearts have come out knowing about this incident. Importantly, before this incident, the patriarch of Mithila Mirror had also raised his Vociferous Voice in the cases like Nancy Jha Murder, Pradyumn Thakur murder and the likes.

                  ----Sobha Jha