HRD Officer Loses Life for Raising Voice against Corruption in Centre

New Delhi: It cost dearly for a senior officer to raise voice over many scandals and irregularities regarding contracts and constructions in the Central Government. The missing officer’s body was finally recovered on the Palam Vihar railway line on Thursday. Indian Civil Accounts Services officer,  Jitendra Jha was missing from Dwarka area of Delhi. The family feared the abduction. At this time he was posted in the Human Resources Ministry. He was also training in the Indian Institute of Public Administration. The family has alleged that in the ministries deployed in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and earlier, they opened a poll of several irregularities during the audit.

Many were Enemies-Wife
Police claimed to have recovered a suicide note from Jitendra Jha's body. The police are on the forefront of suicides as a case of suicide. However, the way the family is accusing, the case looks very faintly. It is also feared that the body was put to death on the railway line by killing the officer. Wife says that Jitendra was known for his honesty. He said that many people have become enemies due to vocal voices in corruption in their department, who tried to make pressure in different ways. So there can be a case of murder. The police said that every angle is being investigated.

Frequent Transfers for Raising Voice
Jitendra was earlier in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. There he talked about corruption in contracts and other things. During the audit, the clutches of scandal were opened and the senior officers went into a rage. On which he was transferred to the Human Resources Ministry. Wife says that due to honesty, Jitendra was being transferred every five to six months. He was utterly upset with the apathetic behaviour of the system and frequent transfers.

Suspicious Circumstances
From the Dwarka area of the capital, an officer of the Indian Civil Accounts Services of the Indian Government suddenly disappeared on Monday morning in suspicious circumstances. Officials of Jitendra Kumar Jha, who had left for a walk from his house on Monday morning, did not return home after that. During that time his mobile was also at home. He is posted in the HRD Ministry and was also training from the Indian Institute of Public Administration these days. He came out of the Society at around 9.30 in CCTV. But after that, where did he go, it was not known to anyone. At present, the police has sent his dead body to post-mortem.

DCP Dwarka Shibesh Singh said that a suicide note was found near the corpse. In the initial investigation, the police say that this case is being seen as suicide. But the police is conducting a thorough investigation of this case and suicide note. Police say that every angle of the case will be examined.

The deceased Jitendra Kumar Jha was the officer of Indian Civil News Services. He had suddenly disappeared at around 10 am on Monday morning. On that day, Jitendra went out of his house for a walk. At that time his mobile was also at home, but since then he did not return home. According to his wife, he came out of the house at around 9.30 in the morning on Monday. After a long time, when no one came to know about it, the missing information was lodged in the police station at night.

Demand for a CBI Probe

The family of the deceased has demanded a CBI inquiry of the alleged murder. Mr. Lalita Narayan Jha, the patriarch of Mithila Mirror has
lent his support to the demand of the family and vigorously campaigned in the social media for the deceased. The Hashtag "Justice of Jitendra is gaining ground and getting tremendous response from the online community. Mr. Lalit has been a front face in the previous cases also Nancy Jha and Pradumn Thakur murder case.