Waking Call for Parents after Pradyuman Case

CBI has arrested a class 11 student two days back for murdering a class 2 kid Pradyuman in an international school at  Gurgaon. The gory incident took place on September 8. Pradyuman was found dead with his throat slit just 15 minutes after he with his elder sister were dropped off by their father in the morning. Earlier the police arrested the school bus conductor.

Seven hours later, the police declared that the killer was a school bus conductor named Ashok Kumar. He was seen in the security video trying to sexually assault Pradyuman. When the child protested, he murdered him brutally with a sharp knife. The police had claimed that they recovered the knife from him, but CBI sources say a knife could have been planted.

So seeing the delicacy and because of immense pressure by the victim's parents, media attention, public outcry and political interference,  the case was handed over to CBI. Upon investigation, CBI found out that the murder was carried out by a class-11 student, just to postpone the exams and parent teacher meeting. He didn't score as per expectations. Therefore he had apprehension of not scoring even pass marks so he hatched the conspiracy.         

 This is the happening news now and obviously has shocked the entire country as none expected that this crime was carried out by a 16 year old for a very silly reason. Though the father of 16 year-old-boy is pleading innocence of his son, the juvenile court has granted 3 days of remand under CBI custody. So, this indicates that CBI has enough evidence against the accused.

This is really scary. Gone are the days when we used to fight for pencil, pen and rubber. The current generation is very very advanced in fighting; albeit sizeable number resort to criminality, which is not acceptable to a civilized society. Doctors also say that out of every four cases of children being sexually abused, three of the victims were boys. Boys are more vulnerable to sexual abuse than girls as parents do not make boys aware regarding good and bad touches.

Experts say that these cases can be reduced by making the boys aware and sensitive towards the touches that are unacceptable. Be careful of strangers who are overtly friendly and helpful to the children. Experts warned that people who appeared to be overwhelmingly friendly to children often turned out to be psychopaths.

Also keep a close eye on your children and their activities and handle them appropriately as and when the situation of the circumstance necessitates it. We need to consciously avoid situations that would encourage our kids to take the short cuts to escape from failures. We need to make them understand that failures will teach us good lessons and everyone has to undergo that phase but with a positive intent. Rest up to each one of your style and discretion as to how to monitor and keep them away from these thoughts. 

We should make our kids tolerant, provide  them moral values and learn to accept and handle the temporary  failures. These cases are increasing because our society is losing attachment and trust. So don't always spend only money on kids, spend time with  kids, which is equally important.
                                                         ---Rachna Priyadarshini