Career in Food Industry

There are some people who not only like to eat a variety of dishes, but they also recognize good taste well. If you are one of them, who have a special attachment to specific types of recipes, then you can make a career in food industry. There are lots of choices in the food industry. Career in food industry is very interesting as well as challenging. Let's learn about the options available in the food industry.

Food Critics

Food Critics have an important task to reach out to people through their writing skills, from which new food products have come up in the market, from which to what delicious dishes are available in the restaurant so on and so forth. Food critics also give full information about the restaurant's service as well as the service of the restaurant. There is no special educational qualification required to become a food critic. But, it is necessary to have a Bachelor’s degree,  provided you have the art of knowing the taste of food, knowing how to make it and writing.


If you know a lot about food scientifically, you can become a nutritionist. You can become outstandingly successful, if you are aware of more and more food and also have the comprehensive understanding about the effects of various foods on taste and health as well. Likwise, what to eat to be fat and what to eat to be thinner or what is beneficial in diabetes, what are the things people should avoid to prevent heart attack. If you have all these information, you can make a career as Nutritionist.
To show a food better or in a more creative way is as essential as taste itself in food. The way food is served, also makes or mars the taste of a food. If you are endowed with the quality of decorating any food in such a way so that it could catch the eyes of the onlookers, you have the potential of becoming a food stylist. Food analysts are in high demand today as the Five Star Hotels and big restaurants of today need them badly. In order to become a food stylist, you have to have a creative to the core.

Culinary Trendologist

Trends are changing not only in the fashion world, but also in the food industry. Culinary trendologists routinely inform customers about the changing likes and dislikes of foods and which items are being served at which restaurant.  The keynote of the restaurant is that the people are more interested in the particular thing, the collection of all these information is of the Culinary trendologist. They also keep an eye on food bloggers to know about the changes in the food industry.

Food Photographers

Those people who like food and want to do some creative, they can also do food photography with these things. Food photography has emerged as a good career option, on which the youth are attracted too. As a food photographer you can work for any restaurant or magazine.

Restaurant Promotor
A restaurant promotor is entrusted with the responsibility of making a restaurant or hotel popular among common people through food bloggers, media houses, magazines, or TV show producers. Their main objective is to attract as many customers as possible to their restaurant.

Degrees Associated with Food Industry 

Bachelor Degree in Catering Technology and Culinary Orts
Craft Certification Course in Food Production
Diploma in Food and Beverage Service
Diploma in Bakery and Confectionary
Diploma in Kitchen Management
Diploma in Guest Service Management
Diploma in Housekeeping Management
Advanced Diploma in Calnary Arts
Post Graduate Diploma in Colinary Arts
MSc in Hospitality Administration
MSc in Dietetics and Food Service Management
                                                                                           ---Pratibha Singh

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