Interesting Facts about Mohan Jodaro

The words of Mohan Jodaro are very famous in the pages of history. Mohan Jodro is a mysterious metropolis of ancient Indus Valley which is present in Larkana Distict, Pakistan, on the west side of the Indus river in southern Asia. The meaning of Mohan Jodro is " The Mound of Dead". It is considered as the oldest city in the world created by man, which is connected to the civilization of Indus Valley. It was earlier in India but after Pakistan's separation from 1947, it is a part of Pakistan.

Mohan Jodaro was discovered in the year 1922 by the Officer of the Archaeological Survey of India, R. D. Banerjee. This city is located in Sakkhar district on the banks of the Indus River. After thorough excavation for two years in Hadda, Mohan Joddo was discovered in some 590 kilometers north of Hadda. As per the instructions of Dixit, Ernest Maize, comprehensive excavation took place in this place.

Later, excavation of Mohan Jodaro was done in the year 1964-1965. F. Dales did it. After this, its excavation was stopped so that its structures could be kept safe and prevented from wasting and withering. It is believed that this city spread over 200 hectare area and is said to be digging in 100 years. That is only one third of the city. In this excavation, large scale buildings, metal statues and stamps are found.

In the comprehensive Vastu document of the year 1980, Mohan Jodaro's detailed surface survey and surface were examined by the team of German and Italian Dr. Michael Jansen and Dr. Morizo ​​Tosci.

Some Interesting Facts about Mohan Jodaro

1.     It is said that this civilization was 5500 years old and its population was more than 40000. But scientists of IIT Kharagpur, 'Archaeological Survey of India' (ASI) have recently opined with the evidence that the Indus Valley Civilization and Mohan Jodaro are not 5500, but 8000 years old civilization.

2.    Several places have been found in Indus Valley Culture where people used to live, as well as from the remains, it was also known that there was no name of war at that time. And also that  they used wells for water.

3. Mohan Jodaro has been found as the world's largest civilization, which is associated with 4 ancient rivers, and it is spread over a total area of 1.2 million square kilometers in Pakistan, India and Afghanistan.

4. At  the time of Mohan Jodado, people used to wear ornaments in stone. These ornaments were made from very precious stones.

5. Mohan Jodaro's street of God path, about forty feet tall, twenty-five feet wide and six feet deeply popular water reservoir which has been built very strongly.

 6.  According to historian Irfan Habib, people of Mohan Jodaro used to harvest rabi, where wheat, saro, cotton, barley and gram were cultivated.  Agriculture has found strong evidence in excavation.

7.  One factory has also been found in Mohan Jodaro which was used to paint the clothes.

 8.  On excavation, a very big and beautiful Buddha Stupa has also been found.

9.  In Mohan Jodaro, even today you can roam in the streets of the city. The walls of it are still very strong.

10. Even today, there is a museum of items collected from Mohan Joddo in Karachi, Lahore, Delhi and London. This collection contains blackened wheat, copper and bronze utensils, seals, instruments, huge ceramics made of chalk, black-brown paintings on them, rounds of pots, lamps, measure-weights, stone, copper mirror, mud Bullock carts and other toys, two roofed grinders, comb, clay bracelets, necklaces with colored stones, and stone tools.

11. During the excavation of Mohan Jodaro, too much food reserves have been found, from which it is concluded that people of that time also knew to collect grains.

12. The reason for the collapse of the Indus Valley Civilization has not been properly known till date, however, researchers say that the reason was radioactive radiation.

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