Loopholes of Current Education System

Education is an enlightening experience which makes us able to live in a better world.  It is therefore the basic need for every being as education is not only about being literate, but it is also about how to behave, how to speak,  how to deal with your problems and to lead an ideal life and make the society better.

  Education in India has progressed in past few years in both urban and rural areas. But here the matter of concern is-- Is it really serving its purpose? As it is said there are two sides of every coin-- so there are two facets of this issue too. On one hand, it is making people literate, helping them to be aware of their day-to-day problems and issues but on the other hand somewhere people are not getting the fruit of education.

   In India, one needs to get very good marks or come in merit list just to get promotion in senior grades,  either schools or in colleges. Most of the students mug up the subjects or do assignments just to pass or to score good grades, but they may completely forget even the basics after shifting from one grade to another. Why it happens? What do you think?  Because those basics were learnt just to get the grades. Though, it is not the case of all the students, but of course most of us have to face it.

Coming to the assignments, they are given to develop students' skills, concept and understanding, but has somebody thought that do children really gain something from them? Along with their regular studies, these weekly assignments put pressure on them. That's why most of children get their weekly assignments done from their parents, guardians, tutors or seniors, etc.  Some of them get stressed out. One of my nieces got an assignment to make a model showing the effect of water conservation, when she was just six years old and  a student of UKG. She didn't even know the meaning of water conservation.  Then, just think how could she make her assignment on her own ? It's really a great matter of concern and the educationists of today, must not turn a Nelson’s eye on this.

     They may be counted as bright students in the class, but due to such pressure, they get affected physically and mentally. They cannot get involved  in family get- together, neither can spend good time with their relatives or friends,  or get time to take part in outdoor sports activities. Their all-time engagements make them aloof even from their hobbies and ultimately family matters take a back seat for them. This all makes them emotionally weak with the passing time. This leads to so many physical and psychological problems like--- hyper-tension, depression, insomnia, blood pressure, diabetes, etc. at very young age.

Apart from these, those children who get their assignments done by someone else,  do not get any idea of the basic concept behind these.

Some years back, government made value education necessary in primary classes. It aimed to make children learn basics of social and behavioural thinking and manners. Its assignments were created in such a manner so that it could help children develop an all-round personality. But unfortunately, most school administrations follow its syllabus very lightly, just for formality.

In such an education system, how can we expect our wards to be all-rounders, given the facts that the system fall short on providing concepts, but seems to be hell-bent on assignments and other less important things?
                                                                          ---Rakshika Priyadarshini