Karva Chauth in India

Karva Chauth is a major festival of Hindus. This festival is celebrated in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan of India. This is celebrated on the fourth part of the Kartik month's Krishna Paksha. This festival  is celebrated by the married women. This fast begins after around 4 o'clock in the morning before sunrise and completes after the moon observation.

From rural women to modern women, all vows of Karva Chauth are kept with great reverence and enthusiasm. According to the scriptures, this fast should be done on the day of Chandrodayavidini Chaturthi of Krishna Pax of Kartik Mass. Bhalchandra Ganesh ji is celebrated on this day to achieve the longevity and long fortune of husband. Even in Karawachoth, like the catastrophic Chaturthi, it is the practice of eating food after fasting throughout the day after giving it to the moon. At present, Karavachoth Vratosv is being celebrated by most women according to the customary practice in their family, but most women await Chandrodaya while remaining in fast.

It is the law of fasting karakchuturni (karva-chauhan) to the Chaturthi of Kartik Krishna Paksha. The specialty of this fast is that only fortunate women have the right to fast. Women should be of any age, race, sect, everyone has the right to do this fast. Those fortunate women (happy) wish for the age, health and good fortune of their husbands by keeping fast.

    When Karva Chauth is Celebrated?

Karva Chauth is celebrated in the Chaturthi date of Krishna Prabha of Kartik Month. Women keep this fast while staying in the desert for the wishes of the husband's Mangal and Dighariu. By fasting the moon is considered complete. Today we are telling you the time of seeing the moon on the day of Karwa Chauth and the way of worship
     Time to see the moon

Moon sighting: 8:10 pm to 8:40 pm
Doing Pooja Time: 5:54 to 7: 07

The Method of Worship

- Build the altar of white clay and install all the deities mentioned above.
- Install 10 or 13 according to your strengths.
Bake the flour in pure ghee and mix the sugar in it and make the Modak.
- Provide arghya by worshiping the Moon after the moon is over.

Precautions in Taking Food

-First use juice or sorbet to break the fast
- Eat light and easily digestible food
-Do avoid excessive spicy food
-Must include cucumber and other fruits in the form of a salad
Use yogurt, Lassi, etc. in the food.
-After eating, take rest

Poojan Method

 Establish Shiva-Parvati, Swami Kartikeya, Ganesh and Moon on the altar of sand or white clay. In the absence of the idol, establish a kalava on the betel and set it by the spirit of the deity.

Poojan Mantra

Uma Divya Namah: From Parvati to Namah Shivaya, worship the moon from Sammukhaaya Namah to Kartikeya, Ganeshaya Namah to Ganesh and Somai Namah.

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