How to Handle a job Interview Successfully?

Many times we think that our interview was very good and try hard to know the reasons why we did not get selected. In such a situation, you should refrain from overconfidence and think about where the mistake is happening. Today, we will tell you what to do if you invariably fail in interviews. Keep on reading of you want to make your interview successful.

Many of us often follow the great expectations of getting a job here by giving interviews in a particular place, but when there is a negative answer from there, it gets repulsed. It is often in our country that the candidate has to wait a long time for the results of the interview. Companies here not only take time to tell the results, but also perform many actions during that time. Hence, it is very difficult for a candidate in waiting. If the answer is not in affirmative after good interview and long wait, it is often difficult to guess as to where the mistake was done, or what are the grey areas you need to work on?

Given below are some of the tips that will help remove your obstacle and make yourself successful in interview:

Make a Firm Handshake and Present yourself impressively

It is rightly said that an impressive presentation is like answering 100 questions correctly. The moment the interviewers see you, they should get an impression that you are calm, composed, pleasant and interesting to talk to. The moment you present yourself, give them a firm handshake with genuine smile on your face and a gentle glance on each of the interviewers. Take your chair after your interviewers and make yourself at ease on your chair impressively.

 No Body is the Answer of All Questions

Take home this notion: no body is the answer of all questions. You may not know some questions and you need not pretend that you know these. Mind, you can’t outsmart your interviewers. Instead of pretending that you know the answer (that you do not know) a straight answer  “I do not know” will make a good impression of yours. But, you should be able to satisfy your interviewers with your answer and welcome their questions with a pleasing and contagious smile. Eye contact does also play an important role while answering questions. You may change your attention from one person to another to make your presence more emphatic.

Be positive for the result

Many people give interviews to get a job. So while giving an interview, think that you are not alone to get this job. So keep your view positive. In fact, the reasons and decisions related to hiring a suitable candidate for vacancy in any institute are not clear to the candidates who are interviewed frequently. Despite your good performance, there may be some reasons for which it is necessary for the management to think. Your rejection may not necessarily mean, you are not capable of. There are so many things that the management members have to keep into consideration and any rejection may not relate to your competence or capability.

Know the opinions of  other

If the result of your interview was not favourable, do not feel dejected and rejected. Do not waste even a single moment in despondency. Rather, utilize this time talking to your seniors, the persons you know will provide you tips for the next interview. You may introspect and come to know as to where the mistake was done. Were you little bit nervous, or some questions went wrong in over-confidence. Expert opinion along with introspection will best serve your purpose.
Shortly after the result of the interview, you can ask eloquently to recruit the politician to get detailed feedback about which side you are lacking or how you can improve your performance in the future. This will be your second upcoming interview and you can succeed in it.

Talk to HR

How was your interview? To find out this, you can also consult the HR professional who can help know about your shortcomings and also provide you the tips on how to overcome it/these. HR professional conducts several interviews so she/he understands what is best, how to perform best with regard to an interview.

                                                                                                ----Sushmita Jha

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