Christmas Day Celebrations this Year

Christmas is a very important festival for Christians, although it is celebrated by people of other religions as well. It is celebrated every year throughout the world as with other celebrations, with joy enthusiasm. It comes every year on the 25th of December winter season. Christmas Day is celebrated on the occasion of the Birthday of Gesus Christ.  Jesus Christ was born from  Joseph (Father) and Mary (Mother), in the Bethlehem on December 25,

On this day, all the houses and churches are cleaned up, white pottery get decorated with lots of colorful lights, scenery, candles, flowers and other decorative things. All are involved in this festival together, whether they are poor or rich. They all celebrate this festival with great gaiety and fervor. On this very festive day, people decorate all Christmas trees in the middle of their homes. They decorate it with electric lights, gifts, balloons, flowers, toys, green leaves and other items. The Christmas tree looks very beautiful and attractive. This festival is celebrated by all the people in front of the Christmas tree with friends, family, relatives and neighbors. All dance in exuberance sharing gifts and joining the celebration with delicate dishes.

On this day Christian people pray to God. In front of the Lord God, the devotees apologize for their misdeeds. People sing sacred hymns in the praise of their Lord Jesus Christ. Later they share Christmas gifts for their children and guests. This is the tradition of giving Christmas cards to their friends and relatives on this very day. All are involved in the big celebration of Christmas banquet and take delight in happy dishes with their family members and friends.

Children look forward to this day very excitedly because they get lots of gifts and chocolate on this very day. Christmas celebration is celebrated on December 24, in schools and colleges.  Children wear Santa Claus's dress or hat and go to school on that day.

On this day people celebrate by getting engaged in a social gathering, music shows, or visiting malls and restaurants late at night. People of Christian religion worship the Lord Jesus. It is believed that the Lord (the children of God) was sent to the earth to save their lives and protect them from sin and misery. To celebrate the good works of Christ, the Christians celebrate this festival with full festivity, exuberance and devotion to their Lord. This is a public and religious holiday when on which all government and non-governmental institutions are closed.