Top 10 Speeches of Sushma Swaraj in UN

United Nations: In the United Nations General Assembly, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj has been successful in introducing new equations for India at the global level, and with its effective speeches, it has also been successful in leaving an indelible impression all over the world. Where he was flouting Pakistan, he openly discussed the issue of terrorism and India's progress. Know about her 10 effective speech which left the mark in the heart of the world .

* Sushma Swaraj inaugurated the Enlightenment with the programs being run by the Government of India and the first goal of eliminating poverty is the first goal. He said that all our schemes have been made only for empowerment of the poor. During this, he made a special mention of the Janhana Yojana and said that people of India do not have money but bank account is definitely.

* He told that India's second plan is a money scheme. In this 70 percent loans are being given to women. In the Ujjwala scheme, poor women are being provided free gas cylinders. Beti Bachao- Beti Teacho, Jhanhan Yojana, Remuneration, special mention of India's development framework. All the governments made in India today have given credit for continuous work in the field of development.

During his speech, Sushma jumped to Pakistan and took a dig at Prime Minister AB Sasi. Sushma said that the Prime Minister of Pakistan alleged that democracy was being killed in India, human rights were being assassinated, then representatives of all the countries present in the UN said that 'Look Who Is Talking'?

* He reminded Pakistan that the Comprehensive Balletral Dialogue had promised not to mediate any other country in talks between all the disputes between Kashmir and Kashmir, but Pakistan broke it. We were free together but where are we today and where is Pakistan?

* He told that India and Pakistan became independent together but Pakistan became a terrorist country and India became the head of IT. Pakistan has created jehadi, terrorism. We created IIT, IIM, AIIMS, Pakistan. Pakistan created Jaish-e-Mohammed, Hizbul Mujahiddin and Haqqani network. He said that Pakistan is also accused of spreading terrorism in neighboring countries, including Bangladesh, Afghanistan.

 * Sushma also emphasized that whenever India used to say terrorism to all the world's nations to unite, then the biggest countries of the world used to call it an issue of law and order. But today when it was on his head, everyone had to believe in terrorism.

* He said that all the streams of CCIT supported by India have been agreed upon but there is no consensus on terrorism that the definition of terrorism will be done.

* In his speeches, Sushma said that forgetting the good and bad terrorism should be one after all. All the countries of the world should try to pass by making an opinion on CCIT, unite the world on the issue of terrorism.

* Sushana emphasized the need to create an opinion on climate change and said that we did not support it for any benefit because we have an old resolve that peace in the world remains peaceful. We wish peace for everyone in the world. Recently coming Hurricane is a warning that we should focus on climate change. Support for advanced transfer of technology to developed countries undeveloped countries.

* He emphasized the need for expanding the UN Security Council and said that there is a need to improve in the United Nations Peace Keeping. In this, Chairman should do something. We wish Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

* The moment of Sushma's speech was memorable when she gave her address with the verse. Survey Bhawan Sukhrin, Sarve Satya Niramaya, Survey Bhadrani Pisanta, Mother Kastid Sadgory Bhagavat. After which Sushma Swaraj got a standing ovation and she was supported by the loud voice of applause.