Plight of Pakistani Hindus

Some liberal Pakistani human rights activists and sane Muslims are of the opinion that the way Hindus, mostly Sindhi Hindus in Gujranwalan, Shikarpur, Sukkur, Nawabshah and Quetta in the Sindh and Balochistan provinces are being forcibly converted to Islam, there'll soon be no Hindus in Pakistan. Now Hindu girls are being abducted and converted to Islam. This has become a disturbingly frequent phenomenon.

The blasphemy laws in Pakistan have been designed in such a way that the minorities are forever at the receiving end with the sword of Damocles constantly hovering over their heads. The representation of Pakistani minorities in any sphere has been almost negligible right from its formation in 1947. Apart from just a couple of Christian cricketers, there's never been a single Hindu cricketer to play at the highest level. Agreed, Danish Kaneria, a Kachchi Hindu played tests for Pakistan but wasn't his original name Dinesh, that was changed to Danish (Arabic for wisdom, commonsense and intelligence)? Anil Dalpat played in the Pakistan under-25 team as a wicket-keeper batsman but the late Taslim Arif was given preference over him.

 Asma Jahangir wrote in 2010 that there has never been a single case of a boy from the minorities wooing a Muslim girl in Pakistan. It's unheard-of. He'll be publicly be-headed. When Qura'an says 'La Iqra Fid Deen' (There's no force or coercion in religion) and 'Lakum Dinakum walaya deen' (You've your faith, I've mine) then why this morbid insistence on conversion to Islam? Where will this deep-seated mentality of Pan-Islamisation lead the Muslims to?

 When I interact with Talrejas (Hindu Sindhis who were mostly in Pakistan's Shikarpur town) at Pimpri-Chinchwad in Poona, I feel sorry for them. They suffered a lot and eventually came to India in the 90s. Now the exodus of Hindus is all the more intense. It's time, Indian government made arrangement for their settlement in India. When the government can welcome the Bangladeshi Muslims and let them settle and create all sorts of trouble in Assam, why can't it let the terrified and more grateful Hindus of Pakistan live in India?