New Year Resolutions

Aren't new year resolutions like dew-drops on the leaves of grass; destined to fizzle out on the very first day of the new year? They're. New year resolutions are like a lover's promises or a politician's assurances. Both are never fulfilled. They're are like eggs, so easily breakable. Yet, many of us make grandiose resolutions just to leave them behind like the last year. Why do we fail to adhere to them? We fail because we often make impractical and outlandish resolutions and are never serious about implementing them in our lives.

 If you want to get rid of a bad habit, why should you wait for the next year to divest yourself of it? Drop it the moment you think that this is not good. Tomorrow never comes. Kal kare so aaj kar, aaj kare so ab (What's to be done tomorrow, do it today and what needs to be done today must be finished right now). ' It's the procrastination in implementation that causes new year resolutions to peter out, ' wrote a famous psychologist.

We make new year resolutions, not because we want to turn a new leaf in the new year, we make them because we know that they're useless. A new year is just an increase in the number, a mere digital shift (as Carl Sagan put it). It's a change in the calendar and man's limited attempt to measure the time's endlessness. And that's it. Isn't every new day as big an event as the new year? Well, back to New Year resolutions. In the earliest Greek Orthodox Church in 34 AD, a resolution was passed that delinquent followers would take a solemn vow in the last month of the year to be more regular in their religious duties in the ensuing year.

 It was seen as a sort of ' perfunctory leniency ' on the part of the earliest church, a delayed way to mend the ways in the due course of time. Very few people followed their religious duties in the new year despite their firm resolutions in the dying year. People have forgotten the origin, but the perfunctoriness in approach and intent has survived.

 We somehow manage to deceive ourselves as it's the easiest thing to do. We therefore make resolutions and shelve them the way the almanac of the last year is shelved and forgotten forever. So what's your new year resolution for the year 2018 ?