Jihad: A saga of gore and violence

The notorious Pakistani terrorist Azhar Masood is instigating fidayeens (suicide bombers) to wage 'Jihad' (Holy War) against India. This very word of Arabic language is so exasperatingly contradictory. How can a war be holy? The same idiocy was a part of early and medieval Christianity that justified the belligerent concept of crusade (same as jihad).

You shed blood of people and call it holy! It's so paradoxical. This Jihad by Muslim fanatics has become an excuse to kill the innocent people and spread Islam. The Semitic faiths (particularly Christianity and Islam) have this tendency to resort to the comforting shelter of such misleading terms to kill the infidels (Kafirs, vidharmi).

A religion (read Islam) that has always approved of bloodshed and perpetuation of its sanguinary ideology, cannot be called 'a religion of peace'. Rather, it's become a 'religion of pieces' (pieces of human bodies caused by relentless blasts). Look at the bloody scenario in Pakistan. People are dying everyday, thanks to blasts and explosions masterminded and perpetrated by religious goons, Talibanis. 

A religion that ideologically supports war is seriously flawedIt won't be wide off the mark to opine that Islam has become a potential threat to the very idea of peaceful co-existence because of its bellicose ideology that ushers its followers in the amphitheater of gory violence. In fine, Jihad spells disaster, not only for Islam but also for the entire mankind.