How Drinking Reveals One's Character

'If you want to judge a man, offer him a drink'.

                                                    -Spanish proverb

'Alcohol brings out your true self.'

                                               -Austrian proverb

'Some people drink to enjoy and some to fight and abuse'.

                                                        -Irish proverb

'If you know how to hold your drinks, you can face life's unexpected and tricky situations.'

                                                           -Poet Walter De La Mare

'Kamzarf hain jo pee ke bahak jaate hain' (They're lowly creatures, who lose control and senses after drinking)

'Not how you eat, but how you drink determines what you're.'

                                                                                                  -Finnish adage

Alcohol is the most infallible barometer of one's character and social standing.
                                                              --Winston Churchill

                                                                                                     Whether or not drinking is good or bad is inconsequential. What's of paramount importance is how one behaves during and after drinking. It's a very delicate issue. Alcohol has a liberating influence on the senses and neurologically speaking, it hyper-activates neurons and brain cells. That's the reason, people tend to behave in a rather awkward manner after drinking for which they regret when the drinking session is over.  

You know, why drinking is prohibited in Islam? That Muslims drink a lot is immaterial. It'sharaam (prohibited) in Islam because it influences your thinking and makes you do things, which you won't do when you're in your elements. There's no denying the fact that most of the drinkers lose their marbles and behave quite foolishly after gulping down one or two pegs. The word 'sharaab' is an Arabic word. It's the combination of 'shar+aab'(Shar=Vices+ Aab=Water; water that begets vices). There's yet another term for it in Arabic: Ummul-khabayas (Ummul=Mother+Khabayas=Vices and ills; Mother of all vices).

Since drinking tends to make a drinker uninhibited, he/she acts, reacts and responds in a manner that's often unbecoming of the person's dignity. You may have noticed that very many people start talking too much and also incoherently after drinking. There's an old and rather condescending English adage that 'lowly people (people of England at that time) start conversing in French after consuming alcohol'. The logic behind this old English adage is that there was a time (14-16 centuries), when French was the language of the elites across entire Europe and English was the languages of petty thieves and pirates. By the way, English is still justifiably called the language of pirates and Vikings in aristocratic French societies. And it's called a patois by the French and German snobs. 

People with inferiority complex tried to converse in French after getting liberated, thanks to drinking. Many drinkers drink to hide their deep-seated inferiority complex and there're also many, who try to caress their over-bloated ego by drinking and behaving in an unruly fashion. One must enjoy one's drinks and see to it that the sanctity of the party or gathering must remain intact. There's no use drinking, abusing and making a fool of oneself when hemmed in by people. It's embarrassing for all and it only shows the frivolity of the person and causes others to opine: 'Ise sharaab pachti nahin' (this man cannot remain in senses after drinking).