Constitution Club Resonates with Mellifluous voices of Maithils

Delhi:  Maithili Sahitya Mahasabha today organized third annual congregation of Vidyapati Smriti at Constitutional Club, Deputy Speaker Hall in the city. Mr Uday Narayan Singh, Nachiketa, one of the greatest exponents of Maithili language graced the dice and spell-bound the audience with his intellectual fertility and his extempore flow of carefully-chosen and appreciably uttered words. There were thunderous claps throughout his address to the distinguished Maithils from all across India.

The congregation was chaired by Nagendra Nath Jha. Born on January 05, 1935, in Darbhanga, Bihar, he was an Indian diplomat. After doing his graduation from Delhi Univesity, he moved to Cambridge, England for higher study. In the year 1957, he joined the Indian Foreign Service and served as Indian ambassador to Ireland (1977-1979), to Turkey (1979–1981), to Kuwait (1984-1989), to Yugoslavia (1989-1990) and to Sri Lanka (1990-1993). After his retirement, he held the office of Lt. Givernor of Andaman and Ncobar Islands(2001-2004 and Lieutenant Governor of Pondicherry in the year 2004. Mr Jha is a member of Bhartiya Janta Party. Ranjana Jha, the vice president of Maithili Sahitya Mahasabha played instrumental role for the smooth arrangement in the venue.

The book ‘Khand Khand Mein Batait Stri’, written by Mrs Kamini(original name Phool Kumari)  won the award of the best book.  Born on 10 March, 1978, she hails from Jaidevpatti, Darbhanga, Bihar and is known for her intellectual fertility. She has also won ‘Yuva Kavi Puraskar’ for her poetry ‘Pita Chup Chathi’ and ‘Maheshwari  Singh Mahesh’ award for ‘Samay sa Samvad Karait’ by Chetna Samiti’.
Press Release Copy:
Maithili Sahitya  Mahasabha honored the Young Poetess of Maithili, Kamini Chaudhary with the honor of Masam 2017 Young Poetry award. The ceremony was held on Sunday in the Deputy Speaker hall, Constitution Club, New Delhi. Kamini ji got this award by the former Governor, Andaman and Nicobar island and Pondicherry(now Puducherry) Dr. Nagendra Nath Jha and former Vice Chancellor of Shanti Niketan Dr Uday Narayan Singh Nachiketa. Importantly, 25,000 rupees is provided along with citations under the Mausam Yuva Kavi Samman. This year, in the jury members, were Doctor Sefalika Verma, Dr. Devshanker Naveen and Doctor Shree Dharam. All the jury members put their views on the selection of the book.

Doctor Uday Narayan Singh put his views on ‘today’s crisis of civilization and culture’—Maithili’s Perspective’. He opined, “our country is a land of multi culture, which is a great boon for us. But, any disharmony between majority and minority (not based on religion) is a threat to it.”

Doctor Nagendra Jha expressed his opinion on the indispensableness of the development of Maithili and Mithila. Doctor Amarnath Jha, while opening the debate, talked at length about the organization. Mr Kant Saran conducted the stage and ensured that the ceremony runs smoothly.

In the program, a special homage was paid to the child of Bihar Pradumna, who got killed in a suspicious circumstance at Ryan School. In the end, Office Secretary Vimal Ji Mishra gave a vote of thanks.

The core members of Maithili Sahitya Mahasabha include Ranjana Jha, Hemant Kumar Jha, Sanjeev Sinha, Shree Chand Kamat(All Vice Presidents), Babita Jha, Vineet Kumar, Ram Babu, Aditya Bhushan Mishra(All Secretaries),  Santosh Singh Rathod(Treasurer), Vimal Jee Mishra(office secretary), Manikant Jha, Akhilanand Jha, Sudha Jha, Keshav Jha, Sanjeet Jha, Mahesh Dakhrami, Tapan Jha and Tripurari Thakur(members of the executive body).
                                                                       ---Ashish Jha