Book Review

Book Review: "Main Hijra .... Main Laxmi"
Publissher: Vani Publication
Price: Rs. 175
ISBN 978-93-5229-318-6
Reviewer: Rachna Priyadarshini
Pushtak Sameeksha

The book " Main Hijra .... Main Laxmi... published by Vani Prakashan, is actually the autobiography of a transgender Woman Laxminarayan Tripathi, who lives in Mumbai. The wordings are of  Vaishali Rode, whereas the language has been translated by Dr. Shashikala Rai and Surekha Banna.

Through its autobiography, the author has tried to tell its readers that being a Hijra or transgender does not mean to be uncommon. This is a separation of gender sense, which has now been accepted by medical science. Lakshmi says, 'We are not made to joke. We can also be taken seriously like you’. You should do the same with us as you do with the rest of the people, 'his statement then makes the readers really think that why does this society behave them like the untouchables? Why do not we accept them as an important part of the society like the common women/ men? What are they, physically,  what is their fault? Nothing. They are equally sensitive and emotional, as we and you.

 Lakshmi also says that "the attitude of society towards the Hijras is also contributed by some of us. According to her, if the transgenders mingle in the mainstream society, share their stories, then surely the attitude of the people in the society towards them will also change. Perhaps for this reason, Lakshmi had decided in her initial years that she will become a 'progressive' Hijra and will  make her entire community progressive.

 It is not that through this autobiography, the author has only given information about the transgender community and her life. She explicitly says that 'The questions which are in the minds of readers about the Hijras will not be answered in few pages.' They have just tried to state that 'ours (i.e, the Hijras) are nothing different. Our colloquial interpretation may be different, but our emotions, the ways to think and understand everything, are the same as you do. 'Lakshmi believes that despite being different sexually, if a person gets support from his/her home, she can do anything, "As Lakshmi did sherself”.

For the rest part of the world, she may be a Hijra, but for his family and home, she will always be the elder son of Chandradev Chandini Tripathi and Vidyavati Chandradev Tripathi, Mr. Laxmi Narayan Tripathi.

 Lakshmi says that in a TV show her father said, "I have given some family values ​​to my children, of which honesty is paramount." Live fullest, live honestly. Being a fatsher, his responsibility is definitely on me, but this does not mean that I have any right to interfere in his personal life’. This statement of his fatsher shelps sher being honest with all his relationships while leading his life as Hijra.  Through such examples, Lakshmi has highlighted the important role of the family in personal and social development of the person.

  On the whole, every page of this book opens to the reader a layer of human aspect, by which it is possible to break many misconceptions, and connect to the world of transgender community. The readers come to know that there is nothing different between them and the transgenders, what is different is their own view that needs to be changed.

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