Why Online College is better than its Traditional Counterpart?

In the lines of Bobby Scott, “it is virtually impossible to compete in today’s global economy without a college degree”. Yes, indeed a college degree is a sine qua non to advance career and augment earning potential. In the recent decade, a new format of college degree has come up, thanks to the advent and advancement of Internet throughout the world. It is known as online college degree. This format is extremely beneficial for all those students for whom the traditional colleges are rather luxury, due to the obligations, geography or compelling situations in family.

In fact, online college has all those things what a traditional college lacked. The first and foremost thing is that you do not have to commute to the place where your college is situated. Distance is indeed a great problem in almost every major country of the world and the online format of education gives a concept of Death of Distance. If you get enrolled and pursue your career in this format, you will not have to commute to the place where your college is. You just have to present virtually, not physically.

Another major reason why the online colleges have got an edge over the traditional colleges is that you can pursue your career even if you are doing job because of your financial compulsions. As you will not be needed to waste 3-4 hours daily in commutation, you can do both these things simultaneously and that too without any less knowledge that you might think that you could have gained had you been commuting to a college regularly. In fact, there will be lots of online sources like Youtube videos of classes, forums, groups where you can attend the classes and interact with your virtual friends and professors and get same or even more amount of knowledge in comparison with the colleges that require your physical presence.

Cost is also a major attribute associated with the online college that makes it more preferable than its traditional counterpart. Student life is the life where every single penny counts. And when you juxtapose these two formats of education on the Criterion of Cost, you will come to know that you will have to pay less if you opt for the online college. Not only you will have to pay more college fees, but you will also have to spend more on commutation and time.

online college is even better in the number of options that it provides. If you live in a developed or even developing country, you will yourself come to know about it. Just type online college in the search engine and see the astronomical search results. You will always find the search that you would get in traditional college a distant second. And the multiple numbers of options will equip you more to decide as to how to select the best online colleges.

How to Choose an Online College?

Accreditation: Accreditation is the term you should be fully acquainted and aware with if you are among those students who want to know as to how to choose an online college. Actually, accreditation is the process by which any educational higher institute is evaluated. A college facilitating online degree is given accreditation by the peer review boards. The members of these boards are selected from the various accredited schools and these members set evaluation standards of a particular college. And the college has to meet those standards in order to achieve accreditation. Only those colleges are provided accreditations that maintain high quality of education and faculty reputation. So, if you are in the process of finalizing a college for an online degree, go only for the accredited college.

Know your Requirement: After knowing about accreditation, it is important to know your specific need and  requirement. In the US, colleges are accredited either by national or regional accredited bodies. Here, there are nationally and regionally accredited colleges. It is important to know that most nationally accredited colleges have lower academic standards vis-à-vis their regional counterparts. So, first know your requirements—either you are searching for national or regional accredited college. Mind, if you are willing to search for nationally accredited college, you should carefully research the academic reputation of that college and juxtapose it with the standards set by the regional organizations.

Bank on Big Players: If you are running out of time and hence you have to decide a college almost instantly, opt for the big player in online education. A big name, especially in the country like US is not built overnight. And hence you can capitalize on the big name here. I think if you bank on the college the reputation of which is unblemished since it came into existence, you will not repent later by getting enrolled in it today.