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Thursday, August 10, 2017

What Makes Disneyland the Most Happening Place of the World

Disneyland Park is located in Anaheim, California, USA. It runs the Walt Disney Parks company and it owns it too. Disneyland Park was officially inaugurated on 17 July 1955 and on 18th July it was opened to all the people. It was built by Walt Disney. And it was named Disneyland after the name of Walt Disney. That Disneyland is numero uno park can be easily understood from the single fact that it has the largest cumulative attendance than any other theme park of the world with more than 650 million visitors.
Disneyland has undergone through series of expansions and renovations since it came into existence. The first major renovation dates back to 1966 when the New Orleans Square was added. The subsequent renovations of Disneyland included Bear Country in 1972, Mickey’s Toontown in 1993. There is also a major renovation that is scheduled to be taken place in the year 2019.

Description of Disneyland Park
So far, 51.5 million people have traveled in this park, including many dignitaries, the royal president, the imperial people and the royal president. In 1978, it was named Disneyland Park. In 2007, about 1.5 million tourists came to roam around. The story of how the Disney Land Park came into existence is also interesting. Walt Disney, a resident of the US, went with his two children to visit a park in Giffish Park. He saw that all the other children were having fun, but the children of Walt Disney did not like anything good. And Walt Disney was also boring somewhat there. He thought that why not such a park should be made that could entertain even the elders along with children. He then envisioned the Walt Disney Park, and he fulfilled this dream with tireless efforts and endeavors. Today, Disneyland has become synonymous with all-round amusement park for children as well as the adults.

Closest Airport to Disney Land
If you are among those prospective Disneyland visitors who are willing to know as to which is the closest airport to Disney Land, you will be happy to know that there are so many options.
Ø John Wayne Airport: Located in the Irvine, CA, John Wayne Airport is 12 miles away from Disneyland. You can name it the closest airport. It is a moderate-sized airport, that has the services of almost all the major airlines, United and US Airways, Northwest ( earstwhile Delta), Continental, American, Alaska airlines. In addition to these, the Virgin America also flies into John Wayne Airport.

Ø Long Beach Airport: This airport is 18 miles away from Disneyland airport. It is the small Long Beach Airport. The other airlines that fly into this airport include Delta, Alaska and the US Airways.

Ø Los Angeles International Airport: This airport is 35 miles away from Disneyland airport. Although it is farthest international airport, but it is the cheapest to fly into too. Here, you will get very low-priced rental cars, cheaper than the two regional airports.

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