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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Nitish is a Paltoo Ram: Lalu

RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav on Tuesday lashed out at Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Laloo called him a Paltoo of Politics(the one who changes side most frequently) and said that nobody in the history of politics has done like Nitish. Nitish has been typing with the BJP since the beginning. Even if Tejashvi had resigned, Nitish would accompany the BJP, everything was fixed.

On Tuesday, at a press conference held at the residence of Rabri Devi, Lalu said that I am senior to Nitish Kumar. I was listening to his press conference on Monday. He was not ashamed to say that we made Laloo Yadav a leader. At the time when I met the student union's first meeting, then Nitish Kumar was not even viable. Nitish Kumar was included in the Steering Committee of the student organization. I never saw Nitish Kumar in any movement.

Lalu Prasad said that I know Nitish Kumar's political character, so he did not want to be the leader of the alliance, but on the request  of Mulayam Singh Yadav, he announced his name. I did not call Nitish Kumar poison. Actually,  I  had said that to fight against communal forces, I can even drink poison.
RJD supremo said that Nitish is a greedy and selfish leader of power. They wanted to sacrifice our boy. He came to my house and told us to give a term. Next, these children will handle.
Lalu Prasad said that I became MP in 1977. What was the contribution of Nitish Kumar? Asked, when Nitish Kumar was a machine-maker, why did he lose assembly elections twice? I made them MP from the Barh constituency. Ramlakhan Singh Yadav celebrated for this. He sent a saw and talked of making his son MLC.

RJD supremo on alcoholism said it completely failed. Now home delivery has started. Thousands of Pasi were arrested and sent to jail Say you will make Neera. One gram tadi also did not reach the workshop.
Lalu said that the government has sued him with the intention of discouraging RJD MLA Virendra. This happened because of political rivalry. Actually brother Virendra was a little more vocal.

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