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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

PM Modi Addresses Nation on the Occasion of Independence Day

New Delhi: The country is celebrating 71th anniversary of Independence today. There is an atmosphere of joy in the whole country. Independence is celebrated in every state of the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi hoisted the national flag on the Red Fort for the fourth time today. Today, PM has congratulated the people of the country on the Independence Day through his tweet. On this occasion, PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation from the rampart of Lal Quila.

Addressing the nation, PM Modi said:

Best wishes to the countrymen on the auspicious occasion of Independence. He said that today the entire country is celebrating the festival of Janmashtami along with the Independence Day. He said that from Sudarshan Chakra Dhari Mohan to Charkha Dhari Mohan are in attendance today.
 Our inheritance is our heritage. For the country's independence, thousands of people sacrificed for the pride of the country, thousands of people have sacrificed their lives for the glory of the country and all the countrymen bow their heads in respect for those great teachers, mothers and sisters.
PM Modi said that sometimes natural disaster becomes a challenge for us. Good rain contributes to the flowering of the country. But there was a natural disaster due to climate change.

He also mentioned the incident of Gorakhpur. He said that at the time the whole country is with them. He said that we will do everything to facilitate the people. He said that 75 years of Quit India has been completed. The PM said that by 1942-47 people of the country fought hard and forced the British to quit Hindustan. He said that the slogan of 'Quit India' was, now is the slogan of 'Add India'.

PM Modi said that there is no small person who is not small and no one is big. A squirrel also forms part of the process of change. He said that in 2022 we can bring changes through collective power. Everyone in New India will get equal opportunities. Our countrymen have made their presence felt across the globe. PM Modi said that we will take the resolution of New India for the next five years.

PM Modi said that everyone was doing their job and now everyone has a feeling that he was contributing to the country's independence. PM Modi said that in order to liberate the country from poverty, our very duty must have in the spirit of nationalism. This increases the strength of the result several times. PM said that 2018 is special for people born in the 21st century. He said that they would all be of 18 years old this year. They can make their contribution in the country.

PM Modi said that gone are the days of Chalta Hai attitude. He said that we are changing now, we should have faith on change, change for better will invariably take place. PM Modi said that when there is a means and faith, then only there comes a change.

The PM said that the security of the country in the independent India is a natural issue. He said that every uniform force has done its duty on every urgent occasion. He said that terrorism or Naxalism is not accepted in the civilized society. When there was a surgical strike, the world knew the strength of our people, considered our might. He said that security of the country is our priority. Whether it is ocean or soil or sky, our safety is our priority.

PM Modi said that people who have robbed the poor are now robbed of their sleep. People have come to have new faith. He said that the law of Anonymous property was kept for years. We implemented in such a short time, an unaccounted property worth 800 crores was seized.

He said that the case of OROP was stuck for 30-40 years. This government has completed it. He said that Federalism has been promoted by GST. PM said that GST has been implemented successfully. It succeeded in such a short time. Today the road is going on at double speed. Today rail tracks are being set at double speed.

He said that bank accounts of 29 crore poor are opened. 9 crore farmers become a health card holder. Now, the country will go on the fast track of progress. The youth get loans for employment. Now, the entrepreneurs get less money on interest. Then the country moves forward and people believe in it. He said what the government says today, does it. Third and fourth grade job interviews have been abolished.

PM Modi said that today India’s credibility is increasing in the world. Today the whole world is with us in action against terrorism. People are giving us all the information. We are giving our support on black money. He said that global peace is also being used in the peace and security of India.

He said that along with the government of Jammu and Kashmir the country is with them. We will build Kashmir again  heaven. PM Modi said that the problem will not be solved by abusive, nor will the problem be solved by the bullet , but only by embracing them. At the same time, PM Modi said there would be no compromise with terrorism. Everyone will be connected to mainstream. He said that with the efforts of the security forces, people are now joining the mainstream. Naxalism is decreasing substantially.

He said that the Government of India is launching a website which will have information about the people receiving the Gallantry Award. He said that with the help of technical help, our fight against black money will continue. He said that the basic transparency is being brought. Corruption is no longer a norm.

PM Modi said that there was always a mismatch on the style of functioning in the central and the states on several issues. Urea was also an issue in this. It is now over. He said that now there is a time of competitive Federalism. Center and state are working together in the electricity business too.
All the states of our country are working side by side with the Indian government. Democracy can not be restricted to ballots. He said that Swaraj is our birthright. There is a right in the state. He said that when it came to abandoning gas subsidies, people came forward themselves. People in the blockade supported the government. Today the government is getting successful in cracking down against corruption.

He said that the country is moving forward with the tradition of people's participation. He said, referring to Lal Bahadur Shastri, Jai Jawan Jai Kisan Kisan. He said that the production of pulses has been started . He said that there was no tradition of buying pulses in the country.

PM Modi said that the farmers of the country are facing water problem. We are working in this direction and soon they will end this problem. He said that farmers' problems will be eliminated from seed to market.

PM Modi said that youth have got jobs with the money scheme. He said that the government has done a lot of work in the field of education. The job of linking education to the job is being done. Changes have been made in employment law for mothers and sisters.

He talked about the issue of three divorce issues. He said that the victim women did a strong movement. He said that the country has created an atmosphere of justice for all, injustice for none. He said Hindustan would help him in this fight of these women.

He said that some people do wrong things in the name of faith. He said that the poison of communalism and racism damages the country. He said that violence can not be given place in the name of faith.

PM Modi said that in three years, the government did many things. He said that we are trying to take the country to new track and are trying to make the progress of the country not slow down. We have promoted every kind of infrastructure.

After making SIT on black money, PM Modi said that so far, Rs. 1.25 crore has caught in black money. He said that the government also carried out black money through the ban on bondage. He said that nearly three lakh crores have returned to the banking system after the crack down on black money. He said that the amount of two lakh crores of rupees is in the circle of doubt. He said that now everyone has to answer. He said that millions of new people have filled ITR. He said that 18 lakh people have been identified, whose income is very high.

PM Modi said that after the ban, it was discovered that three lakhs of companies were found who were working as hawala. The cancellation of two million registrations was canceled. There were 400 companies running at the same address. He said that the youth of this country is fighting for the future. He said that GST will help in this fight considerably.

He said that due to GST the benefit of the transport world has been benefited. He said that digital learning is on the rise. We should move on a low-cash plan. He said that dialysis has been delivered in every district of Hindustan.

We are making names in the world by Tejas airplane. The use of Bhima app has increased. He said we proceed with the resolution of New India. If no work is done at the right time, then the desired results are not achieved. For Team India, we have to take a resolution. Take a resolution of New India till 2022. The poor have a strong house, electricity, water. The farmer of the country does not sleep in peace.

PM Modi went to Rajghat before going to Red Fort. He offered floral tributes there and paid tribute. 

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