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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Muslim Girls have to spend one night with Maulavi to save their Marriage

It is as brutal as it sounds as if a large number of clerics take advantage of the compulsions of divorced Muslim women. The Maulavis or clerics whatever you can call them  spend a night with the girl, who want to save their weddings under Islamic Law. This disclosure has come from the investigation of a prominent news channel Investigating Team.

These people also take amount from Rs 20,000 to Rs 1.5 lakh to be part of the disbanded Halala's disputed process. According to Nodoh Halala, if a Muslim woman is divorced and she wants to reconnect with her husband, then she has to spend a night before marrying someone else. Then the person can get divorced. After this, she can marry again with her first husband. There is a similar provision in the personal law.

Maulvi gets exposed in the investigation of INDIA TODAY

The Investigating Team has focused on this taboo ritual in the investigation, on which notice has not been taken as it should have been. During the debate in the three divorces on the media and in the Supreme Court of India, the aspect of Halala remained untouched. The investigation of  a news channel exposed many Islamic clerics who, with their charge, looked ready for Halala with such women who are desperate to save their broken marriage.

Imam ready to be one night's Husband
The Under Cover Reporters in Ghaziabad first met Mohammad Nadeem. Imam is in Madina Mosque in Lalbagh adjacent to Nadeem Moradabad. The investigation revealed that Nadeem was already married. Underscoring Reporters spoke from Nadeem as a relative of a fictitious divorced Muslim woman. Nadeem showed respect for this woman to become 'one night's husband'. When the reporter asked Nadeem whether your wife did not refuse, then if there was a reply on whether or not she got the answer, she will not have any objection. The reporter asked again whether you have talked about it with your wife. On this Nadeem said, 'No, I have not talked to him. I have not told him. What is the need to tell him? '

Divorce with guaranty after the night
Imam Nadeem of the Madina Mosque of Lalbagh confessed that he had already done many marriage Halala weddings before. This time, he cited the package deal for his entire "service", which included sex. Nadeem demanded one lakh rupees. He also gave the guaranty divorce after spending a night with the woman, so that according to the personal law, she becomes able to reconnect with her first husband. The investigating team of the news channel  found that the business of 'one night bride' has become widespread.

Maulvi manages easily with 2 wives
The Under Cover cover reporters of Jamia Nagar, Delhi turned to Jubair Kasami. Jubair, who was Maulana, already has two wives. In spite of this, Jubair did not take a lot of time to get ready for marriage for the third time in exchange for money. Zubar burst out and said, "I stay out of the night. Managing with two (wives) becomes very easy. Whenever I am away with a stranger, the first wife thinks that I am with the second one and the second wife also thinks in the same line.
This is not much harder with two wives. 'Jubber told' Fees' on the basis of Mehr. Mehr is a money or gift that promises to give during the Muslim bride's marriage. Jubair said, "Do not worry about anything. I will make all arrangements. If 30,000 rupees of Mehr is fixed, then 40,000 or 50,000 rupees (for taking part in the marriage). There is no problem in this. '

Divorce is the aftermath of sex
The Investigative team approached Mohammad Mustaqim, the next day in Delhi's Darul Uloom Mahmudiya Madarsa. Mastikim, educated in Islamic studies, is ready to spend a night with the divorced women for the marriage of Halala. Moutakim claimed that he had done this work many times before. Moutakim believed, 'There was a woman in the room, I went there and had sex. Before leaving for the morning at 2:30, I divorced him. '

Marriage without formal procedures
Moutakim did the marriage without any pre-defined procedues. The Under Cover Reporter asked Moutakim, 'You have been involved in three Halala. Just really married one occasion. The other two married acknowledged Dia.'mustkim consequences as marriage without Halala, so without marriage, after sleeping with her I went 1 pm Gyak'mustkim donated to the seminary in fees to the 'Service'. Moutakim said, 'You have to pay Rs 20,000 for madarsas. I am willing to do this for any amount. I have done this many times before. '

Three Supreme Court judgments on divorce

The Supreme Court's decision on three divorces be awaited. INDIA TODAY investigation found that divorced Halala marriage for Muslim women dangerous labyrinth is still open. In some cases, the clerics themselves execute the potential deal. Imam Jhirullah the Mewatian mosque Tilganv Bulandshahr introduced to a man as the proposed groom Hlala marriage front under cover reporters to India Today. This man, named Arif, did not give up on his masculinity in spite of having a great age. Arif said, 'My program is set. Today, tomorrow and tomorrow. I am always fit (24x7), mashallah. 'Arif told his fee is  Rs 25000.

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