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Monday, August 7, 2017

Leaked Documents of Google Creates Controversy

After the leak of an internal Google document that blamed 'biological causes' for the lack of female leadership in the field of technology, the company has become involved in controversy since then. Google’s involvement in gender discrimination has raised many eyebrows. In the leaked document, an unknown male software engineer of the company has said that, "I am just saying that the preference and capacities between women and men vary due to biological reasons and that is the reason why do not we see equal representation in technology and leadership.

At the time when all companies claim to be gender-neutral, Google’s involvement in gender discrimination has sparked fresh controversy and created world-wide curiosity and attention. According to the author, the natural tendency of the man makes them a better computer programmer. According to them, women tend to lean towards emotions and art rather than ideas, which means they prefer to work in the social field or artistic field. The American media has termed this leaked document as gender bias and this has again triggered debate over gender discrimination and lack of diversity in the tech sector.

This debate is also important in this regard because a large number of women are making common complaints about gender discrimination in Silicon Valley and Google’s involvement in gender discrimination will prove to be the testament of what they are complaining for. Although the document leaked, Google's new Vice President Daniel Brown emailed his employees and said, 'These are not the opinions that I or the company endorses and promotes.

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