How to Prepare for Competitive Exams?

The common question before the exam aspirants of today is: Though the question is rife, the answer is not straightforward.  In fact, there are so many things that needed to be taken care of both by the students and their helping hands—the institutes, the faculty members the educational book publishers, to name a few.

How to prepare for competitive exams?

If your are the one who are preparing for the competitive exams for considerable number of years, you may have come across the recommendations made by the successful students on how to prepare for competitive exams, what are the books you should refer to, how much time you should devote for it on a daily basis, what are the books you should refer to, what are the online sources you should subscribe to, so on and so forth.

You might have been the ardent follower of all the recommendations made by the successful students. Nonetheless, success is still eluding you. And this is the reason you are searching for tips for competitive exams.

I have got good reasons to believe that despite so many resources, advancements in technology, method of teaching, availability of competent, caring, knowledgeable and experienced faculties, there is no one pathway for all those students who want to know as to how to prepare for competitive exams.

But, then you will say, what is the use of reading this article? Have you written (I) this article to lower my confidence level? Undermine my abilities? Do you think all that who became successful, their success was just a fluke? Do you think we students will lend any credence to what rubbish you write on how to prepare for competitive exams? So on and so forth. No not at all, and my apology is for all those students who got obliged to think like these, reading my article. Definitely not. I am here to help, and not to discourage.

Tips for Competitive Exams

Well, for me, the very purpose of writing this article is to give you those tips for competitive exams that you may not be aware of. Some of these are as follows:

Ø Develop your own pathway to success:  I can say with some authority that all the success mantras and formulas are mere words of advice. These advices may or may not click for you as you are a different person altogether, both physically and mentally. How to study, from where to study, which coaching institute will be best for a particular competitive exams, why you should read this, why you should skip that, may augur well for some and ma not for many. 

     And by writing these lines I just want to say you that tips for competitive exams are more general than specific. And as you will be writing your answer individually and not in group, you will definitely be concerned for you yourself and not all the aspirants. So, it is your own pathway to crack a competitive exam that is more important that all the tips, tricks, advises and guidance put together.

Ø Know your syllabus and question patterns: I have got good reasons to believe that both syllabus and question patterns are most important things for the preparing students. I have seen students hankering after sure success books, prominent coaching institutes  in the belief that the responsibility to get him/her selected will be on them, not on him/her. I will pay the fees, cost of the book, online seminars and they have to do justice with their tagline, that is sure success in the competitive examination I am preparing for.

    But, my dear student! There are/will not be only you. Even if 2 of 200 gets selected, these institutes and online sources will roam around advertising for their teaching methods. And you will be left out, thinking derogatively about the claims that these establishments make. Therefore, your first and foremost duty is to know your syllabus as well as the question patterns, if you want to find the answer of how to prepare for competitive exams.

Ø Run for Concept, not Coaching Institutes: I think it is one of the most important tips for competitive exams. Mind, if you know the concept of say, Tense, you will be invariably able to answer all the questions that appear in front of you. So, getting clear concept is of utmost importance. After you become able to know the concept, try to solve as many questions as you can. Today’s Internet world will provide you n number of questions. So, for this you do not have to run from the pillar to the post. Judicious use of Internet is very important and a perfect answer of how to prepare for competitive exams. The crucial thing in competitive exams is time. Though so many students can solve a particular question, but what prevents them is time and time only.

    So, you should be devoting time to learn on how to solve questions on a particular topic in few steps, with some formulas, etc. that could provide you instant right answer. I will like here to mention unequivocally that I am not against joining any institute, but I have used run for, so do not hanker after it, without preparing for what you can do on your own.

   Summary: Getting selected in competitive exams happens to be a long-cherished dream for all the students who prepare for these. The students of today, in a quest to get their names listed among the successful students, want to know about the tips for competitive exams. The present articles emphasizes more on individual preparation than to follow the general rules that are given for the masses.  It is important to here to note that above-mentioned tips include but not limited to the tips on how to prepare for competitive exams.