How to Increase Internet Speed on your Android Phone?

Whether the 3G phone or 4G in the phone of Android phone users, the problem is one and only, the Internet speed. If you are also struggling with this problem, then these 5 tips will prove to be very helpful for you:

1. Virus scanner
Whenever you are browsing the Internet, the risk of virus remains. These viruses slow down and damage your internet speed, so you should try that first of all, use the virus scanner in your phone. This will not only keep the phone safe, but also improve the internet speed.

2. Cache Memory
With the removal of unmanaged files from internal memory, you will be better off keeping the phone's cache memory clean.

3. Keep Care of RAM
Keep in mind the phone's internal memory and RAM memory to get fast internet speed. Not only this, it is better to choose a powerful processor, because RAM and processor are helpful in improving phone and performance of the Internet.

4. Clean up the downloads
We always keep on dialing something from the Internet. In this way, the download is filled up, try to keep the code always clean. Also, do not make heavy downloads, it will be much better.

5. Clean internal memory

The more you keep the internal memory as empty as the phone's use, the better the performance of the phone. As soon the internal memory becomes full, the phone will slow down and its impact will fall on it when you are browsing.