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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

China Issues Fresh Warning on Doklam Issue

China has issued a 15-page statement on Wednesday in the ongoing dispute over the issue of Doklam. In this statement, China has asked India to remove its army from Doklam without any condition. China has alleged that India is using Bhutan as an excuse, if there is a dispute between China and Bhutan, then the two countries should remain between the two countries. India has no role in it.

In its statement, China said that India is entering into this matter as a third party. India, which is debating in this issue, is challenging freedom of Bhutan and sovereignty of Bhutan, not just the sovereignty of China. This statement from China is similar to those statements that were continuously being done by the PLA and the Foreign Ministry since the dispute.

It is said in the statement that China is able to protect its land, no country can challenge our sovereignty. China has said that the Chinese army has the ability to withstand any kind of opposition. China said that more than 400 jawans of India had entered the Chinese territory on June 18 to about 180 meters. China is the area which is telling itself, it is the area of ​​Doklam Bhutan. China said that even in July, about 40 Indian soldiers were in the border with China with a bulldozer.

Earlier, China's President Xi Chinping said on Tuesday that China will never compromise on its sovereignty and security and its army is confident of failing every attack. Jinping said in his address in a special ceremony organized on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the People's Liberation Army, which has 23 lakh soldiers, that we should not allow any person, organization or political party to partake any part of China anytime from the country, in any way and it is loud and clear.

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