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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Chairman of the Planning Commission offers Resignation

Arvind Pangariya, the chairman of the Planning Commission has offered to resign. In order to give new direction to the country's policy and development process, the Modi government started the Niti Ayog by abolishing the Planning Commission under the chairmanship of Pangarhiya.

Pangriya has also conveyed to PMO about this decision. Although Prime Minister Narendra Modi is currently on tour to flood affected areas of Assam, therefore, the last decision on the resignation of Pangriya has not been taken.

Experience of Pangarhia
Arvind Pangariya, who worked in the Columbia University of America, was selected by the Prime Minister himself as the first Vice President of the Policy Commission. He is recognized as one of the most competent and experienced economists of the world.
It is said that no person in Columbia University retires. He can work as a teacher throughout his life. A notice was sent by the University of Columbia two times to Arvind Pangariya enlightening him that the future of its students is suffering due to his long absence. The letter asks further, “if you do not want to continue further with us, resign.

Fond of teaching
A senior source said that Arvind Pangariya's first love is to teach. That is why he has made the intention of taking a leave of the policy from here on the voice of conscience. That is why he has offered to resign from his post.

PhD in economics at Princeten University, Arvind Pangariya first used to teach Indian Political Economy at the Columbia University of America. Earlier he had also been the Chief Economist of the Asian Development Bank. Apart from this, he has also served as an economics professor at the College Park of the University of Maryland. World Bank, IMF and UNCTAD have also worked on several posts.

Arvind Pangariya has written several books too. In his book India The Emerging Giant 2008, the Economists across the globe rate it the most read book. In March 2012, he has been awarded the country's third highest civilian award Padam Vibhushan.

The government had decided to sell Air India on the advice of Pangriya, who identified himself as an economist in a cordial manner, in a cordial way. Prior to this, all the economists wanted such a thing about Air India but no one has initiated the initiative to say in front of the government.

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