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Saturday, August 12, 2017

All that you may want to know about Car donation in California

It is rightly said that if you are a resident of California and you have an element of altruism inside you, Car donation in California is the best thing that you can do. California is not better than Los Angeles in public transportation. You can see long queue of elderly aged people, children waiting endlessly for a bus. The subways are the best examples of traffic snarls, not allowing any public transport run fast. The situation becomes chaotic in rush hours. In the morning and evening, the commuting people want to reach their destination fast. But, the disgustingly congested traffic adds insult to their injuries.

Car donation California is very propitious to help the hapless commuters combat this disgustingly devious discomfort. If you have purchased a new car and hence the car that you were droving hitherto, is no longer indispensable for your commutation, you can certainly help one person, or rather I will say one family to feel better on road of California.

You can opt for Car donation California in so many ways. You may donate your car to the man next to your door, whom you see quite often toiling hard to catch bus and failing miserably to reach destination quite often, due to the heavy congestion in the public transportation plying route. It will be quite heartening to see your neighbor on the road with your car driving with ease and convenience, reaching the destination on time, increasing his productivity and thereby contributing towards his organization in particular and to the USA in general.

You can also choose a charity to donate your car. You can either decide a charity that you know for long time, the credibility of which is unquestionable. If there is no any, you can ask for reference to your close friends, colleagues, long acquaintances, etc. Most probably you will get a name of repute from any of these contacts. If still your quest to find a suitable name based on your criteria is not fulfilled, just Google it with suitable titles(keywords), such as car donation California, car donation in California and the likes.

Onething that I think is important to know about in Google page results is that you need not get enamored by the top pages result. You may find your match in second page, third page, or even seventh page. The charity that is surfaced in Google first page may not necessarily be the most trusted. So, in your quest for car donation California, you need to be carefully observant, circumspect and to do extensive probe and thorough research. You may ask a charity that you prima facie think,  will be better for you to show as to how much percentage of the proceed of your car will go to fund its various welfare projects, its track record, philanthropic activities, so on and so forth.

Important things to know about car donation California
California is the state that is known for providing hassle-free car donation procedure. Nonetheless, I will like to enlighten you of some of the important things that you should know regarding car donation in California.

Ø Some Special Rules for the CA DMV(Division of Motor Vehicles): You will have to leave the license plates on the vehicles and duly fill a Release of Liability Form. You can either take it from the office directly and fill out on your own, or may download from the website of CA DMW.

Ø Non-running car is not a bar: You may be thinking hundred times to donate your old car, but every time you prevent yourself from speaking about your intention or making any effort in this direction, for you believe how can your car be accepted, when it is not even in running condition. But, from now onward, just stop entertaining these kinds of thought, for even a non-running car is accepted for car donation in California and it is rather accepted gleefully.

Moreover, if you donated the vehicle that is of more than $500, you can even claim more than the standard five hundred bucks tax reduction.

Ø No time-consuming inconveniences: Once you decide a particular charity for your car donation in California, you might start thinking about some time-consuming inconveniences, like towing away your car(if it is not in running condition), freeing your parking space to accommodate your new car, so many formalities that may kill your productive times, so on and so forth. But, you will be happily surprised to know that you may send all these inconveniences for a toss, as you are not going to face any  inconvenience, no matter of what nature it is. Right from the arrangement of vehicle to tow away your car, to make a foolproof legal arrangement, you need not think a bit about any of these inconveniences.

Ø Beware of Cunning  Charities: The world is full of bogus charities and California is of course not an exception. So many charities are mushroomed in California and do only onething: hoodwink the credulous people and capitalize on their ignorance. And you would rather like to make your old car meet to its natural end than to donate a charity that does all things, but charity. So, beware of these kinds of charity, opt for only trusted one, take your time, and decide only when there is an iron-clad guaranty of the veracity of the claim made by a particular charity, you are planning to donate your car in California.

                                                                                ----Ashish Jha