Security Forces Kills lashkar-e-taiba-commander bashir lashkari

In Anantnag area in Kashmir, security forces killed two terrorists, including LeT's top commander Bashir Lashkari, in an encounter on Saturday morning. Lashkari was involved in an attack on police team in Achhil last month. Six policemen, including police station in-charge Firoz Ahmed Dar, were killed in this attack. The terrorists had also mutilated the dead bodies of the martyrs and spoiled their faces. DGP and  S.P. of Jammu and Kashmir Police Vaid had told that the martyrs to get justice quickly and only 15 days after the incident, the security forces gunned down the Lashkar chieftain.

On Saturday morning the security forces surrounded the Lashkari and the rest of the 3 terrorists in a house, but due to the heavy protest of local people, the soldiers were facing huge difficulties in the operation. However, the army still managed to gun down the Lashkari. Two civilians, including a woman, were also killed in the firing between security forces and the militants.

A spokesman of the police said, "Bashir Lashkari and three other terrorists were trapped in the circle of security forces in Anantnag's Brendi village. These terrorists were involved in the killing of a police station officer and five other police personnel in the Achal area of South Kashmir on June 16th.

A woman was killed in the firing between with the security forces during a campaign run to capture the terrorists. Officials said that the 44-year-old Tahira was shot during an encounter. She was taken to the hospital, but her life could not be saved.

A police official said that after getting information about the presence of terrorists, including Lashkar-e-Taiba commander in Anantnag's Brenti Bitpora, they started the search operation by cordoning off the area. He said that during the search operation the terrorists started firing on security forces, after which both sides started exchanging bullets. Terrorists were using the common people as 'human shield' for their protection.

On 16th June, the Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists had attacked the police force in the Achal area of Anantnag district. Six policemen, including police station Firoz Ahmed Dar, were killed in this attack. According to the police, the Lashkar attacked the police force to take revenge for the killing of his commander Junaid Mattoo. The terrorists also spoiled their faces while destroying the bodies of the martyrs. After taking out the attack, the terrorists took the weapons of the police along with them. The day after this incident, DGP Vaid had assured of ‘prompt and quick action'.