President Pranab Mukherjee addresses the nation on the eve of demiting office

President Pranab Mukherjee spoke on Monday the power of tolerance, pluralism and non-violence in the country in his last address to the nation. Mukherjee said that India's soul resides in pluralism and tolerance. He said, "We can argue, agree, disagree with each other, but we cannot deny the existence of different ideas." He said that unity in diversity is the identity of the country.

The 13th President of the country, Mukherjee said, "By adopting various ideas, pluralism has been created in our society. We get strength from tolerance. If you look at the increasing violence around us every day, it hurts. We should not condemn it. We have to awaken the power of non-violence. Mahatma Gandhi saw India as a nation where there is an inclusive environment. We have to make such a nation. '

Mukherjee said, 'I will always be indebted to the people of India. When I took the oath of office five years ago, it was also sworn in to protect the constitution. In the last 5 years, I made every effort to protect the country's constitution. I visited many places during my tenure. Meet intellectuals, students and learned a lot from them. I have done a great effort as a President. How successful I am in my efforts, it will be tested in history now. The Constitution has been my holy book. I have a desire to serve the people of India. '

Mukherjee congratulated the new President Ramnath Kovind, who is going to take oath on Tuesday. The President also expressed concern over the changing climate change. He said, 'Changes in the environment have affected agriculture. We all have to work together. Education and educational institutions will have to be world-class. Only then can we get promotion. '

The President said, "I have tried to create a good atmosphere in the last 5 years. I'm going out now. I repeat what I said in the occasion of the Independence Day of 2012. The biggest honor of democracy is to be a citizen of the motherland. We are all children of Bharat Mata. Whatever responsibility we have, we all should fulfill it with complete loyalty. When I am talking to you tomorrow, I will be a general citizen of India and not a President. Our goal should be the advancement of the country. ' Significantly, Mukherjee was on the last day as President on Monday. On Tuesday, Kovind will take oath as the country's 14th President. The swearing ceremony is scheduled at 12.25 pm.