Pakistan pokes its nose in Doklam Standoff

Pakistan, which has been consistently violating the ceasefire on the LoC, is now trying to strike its foot in the ongoing Doklam controversy between Bhutan-China and India. In the wake of the dispute, Pakistani High Commissioner Abdul Basit met the Chinese High Commissioner Lu Zhaohi in India. Not only this, Basat can meet Bhutan's High Commissioner Wetsop Namgyel too.

If the sources are to be believed Basit negotiated the Chinese ambassador on Wednesday. Sources have also confirmed that he will also meet Bhutan's ambassador soon.

According to the sources, Basit wants to discuss with the ambassadors of both the countries about the Doklam stand off. Importantly, Basit has completed his term as Pakistan's Ambassador to India and is likely to return to Pakistan next month.

It is known that China wants to make a road in Doklam, situated in Tibet's Magnetic Valley. Doklam is the land of Bhutan. China's efforts to build a road here were opposed by both Bhutan and India. Doklam is situated near the border of India, Bhutan and China and is strategically very sensitive. Reportedly, China is accumulating a lot of weapons near the Indian border; Siliguri corridor connecting with the eastern states is located just 50 kilometers away, right below this.

India says that this part comes in the border of Bhutan and its road becoming a road can prove to be very fatal in terms of its internal security. India is a protector of Bhutan, therefore, the armies of India and China are in front of each other in Doklam. India has made it clear that unless China goes out of Doklam, India will not move its steps back. On the other hand, China wants the Indian army to exit from the doklam.