North Korea test Fires ICBM, Japan Calls Emergency Meeting

North Korea struck the missile late Friday night, which fell into the sea region of Japan. It is believed that it was the Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM). Japan's PM Shinzo Abe called an emergency meeting calling it a threat to the country's security.
After UN sanctions, N. Korea has challenged the world. Just a day before, the US Congress has imposed fresh restrictions on Russia, Iran and North Korea. Missile was fired at night at 11.41 pm local time from Jengang province of North Korea.

The US Department of Defense has confirmed this. Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis said that the missile could travel around 1,000 kilometers and dropped into the sea of ​​Japan. This is the second test of this year's 12th and second of an ICBM missile. Japan's PM Abe said, "It is clear from the fact that the ICBM level missile was clear that the threat to our country is real and serious."

Yoshida Suga, chief Cabinet Secretary of Abe Government said that the missile was about 45 minutes away. According to the Japan's broadcasting agency NHK, the missile reached the target after reaching a height of more than 3000 km.

It was more powerful than the missile fired at the beginning of this month, which the US and South Korean officials said was capable of killing America. On July 4, the missile shot by North Korea went 933 km and went up to 2802 km high. He was able to carry large and heavy nuclear weapons.