No Missile in Indo-China border in 4 years: CAG

New Delhi, IANS: The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has highlighted the shocking facts regarding the negotiations between China and China in Doklam. In the report of the CAG presented on Friday in the Parliament, it is said that no missile has been deployed in six sensitive placed in India including Indo-China border in the last 4 years.During the year 2013-15, the missiles were to be deployed for the IAF, but even after four years, the process has not been completed.

The CAG report says, "In view of the threats, the Indian government had decided to deploy the Missile system in the 'S' sector for the Air Force in 2010. It was planned to be deployed in a phased manner from June 2013 to December 2015. But, even after four years, this capability has not been achieved. The main reason is the unusual delay in the preparation of infrastructure for the deployment of the missile system.

However, about four thousand crore rupees have been spent so far in this direction. The place of deployment in the report is mentioned in the code. Assuming the sources, 'S' sector is the Eastern Command of the Air Force. India has a broad border with China in this area. The name of the missile to be deployed is not even mentioned, but it is believed that the sky missile developed by the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) is to be deployed in six places.

Under the plan, it is said that the supersonic missile capable of hitting the surface from air to the medium range is said to be. As of 2014, 80 missiles have also been supplied.
On security issues, the Cabinet Committee had approved the deployment of missile systems by 'A' and 'B' command respectively till October, 2014 and March 2015 respectively. In November, 2010, it was also approved to deploy six squadron missile systems at six bases located in Air Force's 'C' Command. Despite this, the process has not yet been completed.

Serious problem in the sky missile
The report of CAG revealed a serious flaw in the field of air missiles capable of hitting the surface. The failure rate during the test was reported to be 30 percent. Between April to November 2014, 20 missiles were tested, out of which six failed.

Less than 52 thousand soldiers in the Armed Forces
There is a shortage of more than 52 thousand soldiers in the armed forces. Defense Minister Subhash Bhamre gave this information in the Lok Sabha on Friday. There is a shortage of 25,472 soldiers in most army. Air Force (13,785) and Navy (13,373) have also been informed about the shortage of the soldiers.

The report of the CAG has revealed the disturbances in the Defense Pension System. In the report submitted in the Lok Sabha, the process of incomplete accounting and authorization has been revealed. Due to procedural flaws, it has been said that Rs 6,831 crore is stashed in banks till March, 2016.