Nithari death penalty for Surendra Koli and Maninder Singh Pandher

New Delhi: The convicts of Nithari murder were sentenced to death by a special CBI court. This case is related to the killing of Pinky Government (20). In this case on Saturday (July 22), the court found guilty Moninder Singh Pandher and his domestic servant Surinder Koli of kidnapping, rape and murder of businessman. The court sentenced the prosecution lawyer J. Consider P. Sharma's pleas. Sharma told the court that it has been proved by scientific facts that Koli kidnapped the woman, raped her and then murdered her. She also tampered with the evidence.

The incident is on October 5, 2006, when the victim was returning from her office and was passing in front of Pandher's house in Nithari. Koli murdered the woman and separated her head from the trunk and threw the skull into the back of the house, which the CBI later recovered. The DNA of the skull match with the DNA of the victim's DNA. The clothes of the victim recovered near Koli were also identified by her parents. The court said in its judgment that Pandher was involved in this entire criminal conspiracy.

Skeleton found at Pandher's house

Police had recovered 19 skeleton from Pandher's house in Nithari, Noida, on December 29, 2006. These skeletons were of women and children. In the 16 cases against Pandher and Koli, chargesheets were filed while three cases were closed in the absence of evidence.