Narendra Jha: The Indomitable Actor of Bollywood

Narendra Jha is an Indian actor. It has acted in many serials and films. It is Hari Om Bapji in the Havan, we have taken the oath in ACP Karanvir, the title character in the Draft of Baghdad, and besides this he has worked in the serial of Captain House, Jai Hanuman Amrapali Ravan. He is known for his memorable rolein Haider.

• Havan - Hari Om Bapji
• We have taken oath - ACP Karanveer
• Captain House
•          Jai Hanuman
• Amrapali (Television)
• Ravan (2006) (Zee TV)

• Haider (King Hamlet)
• Raeess (Moses brother)
• KABIL (Choubey Jee Police Inspector)
• Ghayal Once Again (Raj Bansal Negative Roll)
• Narendra Jha is a full-length film actor and TV artist. Narendra Jha is recognized by the name of Hari Om Om Bapji on the small screen.

• Narendra Jha was born in Koilakh of Madhubani district of Bihar.

• Narendra Jha completed his studies from Patna After this, he trained Barikiyoon acting from the National School of Drama of Delhi.

• Narendra Jai ​​started his career in the beginning of 2002 in Doordarshan's show Amrapali. After that he worked in the finest of small screen.

In his recent films like Ghayal Once Again, Raees, Kabil, etc. he has shown his mettle.