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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Mody is Magic, No party has the guts to throw even some challenges

Bihar's Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has said that there is no one compared to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Nobody has the ability to compete with them. He'll win again. Talking to media for the first time after forming government in Bihar in collaboration with BJP, Nitish clearly said that next time, there can not be any other alliance except the NDA on the power of the Center.

No Decision on Joining the Modi Cabinet 

 Nitish said that his JDU is a regional party and the decision on joining Modi Government hasnot been taken. Bihar Chief Minister also satirized Congress vice president Rahul Gandh. He was asked that Rahul Gandhi said that he had realized the decision to go to BJP three months ago. In response, Nitish said that it is a matter of great happiness that he too started to realize. When we met him recently, I did not get any impression of anything like this. When he knew it, he would have already told us. The crisis with the Congress was that we wanted to help them, but I did not like my role. We can be partners, but not followers.

Lalu Should not be under False Ego

Nitish also attacked Lalu Prasad and other RJD leaders. Nitish said that nobody should harbor the ego. Ego is the worst thing. People are saying that we have got so many seats on them. Will you tell me how many seats did the RJD have in the elections of 2010?

 JDU does not have the status of national ambitions

 The Chief Minister said that only JD (U) got recognition due to Bihar's support. Bihar's unit decided to form a government with BJP here. Decision on what to do for JDU at the national level, its decision will be taken in Jatiya National Executive meeting in Patna on August 19. The status of JDU is not like that we have no national ambition at the national level. When asked about Sharad Yadav's resentment over the decision to form a government with the BJP, he said that there are different views in democracy. Sharad ji was in trouble even on the decision to support Ramnath Kovind in the presidential election. The Chief Minister said that whatever happened has not been planned. There was no other option in front of me. We tried our best to run a massive coalition.

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