Is Saffron Party Following The Model Of Good Governance With Former Rabble Rousers?

The almost clean sweep of saffron party in recent UP elections has clearly demonstrated that spineless opposition is on the verge of total collapse. Desperate to stop BJP surge, several parties have now decided to take cover under umbrella of unified opposition. However, it is not EVM tampering or any magical spell delivering cheering results for BJP. In actuality, the ruling NDA has managed to deliver decisive messages to voters. Demonetization, surgical strike, good governance, economic liberalization, clean India campaign, etc have seized public attention and brought support for ruling party. Such bold steps have refurbished the image of saffron party that once constituted of rabble rousers who constantly fueled the fire of Ayodhya temple movement.

It is evident that in all corners of India, voters are showering their love and confidence not only on ruling party but the modus operandi adopted by its leaders. Yogi Adityanath, the controversial, firebrand radical leader of BJP known for his fuming speeches is now the supreme commander of Uttar Pradesh. In a quick spell, he has eclipsed the charm of Modi - Shah Duo.  However, it is very apparent that BJP leadership is not at all interested to lose its titanic grip over its adversaries. Yogi Adityanath has vehemently opposed vote bank politics, nepotism. He was once the target of SP government and accused of disturbing communal harmony in Uttar Pradesh but now he is the boss. It would be very interesting to note that how will this priest turned Chief Minister deliver the electoral promises of BJP and generate trust within minorities?

2017 is slipping away very swiftly and next general elections scheduled to be held in 2019 would reveal voter’s faith in Narendra Modi. It would be unfair and very early to predict victory of NDA in 2019 but downfall of Indian National Congress, rapid disintegration of unified opposition and pristine image of Modi are chief game changing factors. Indian national congress is rapidly shrinking and losing its public support. The reluctant prince Rahul Gandhi has already lost his aura of youth leader. According to a recent online survey conducted by a prestigious media house, Modi Government is riding the wave of high approval ratings. On international podiums, Indian prime minister is given immense respect and importance. This has further boosted the charismatic image of Narendra Modi. The performance of non BJP governments is very appalling. In Bihar and elsewhere ruling parties are facing graft charges. They claim of being falsely implicated due to political vendetta but CBI has concrete evidence to support its legal action. 
                                                                                                ---Shashvat Gethe