India's Military Might is much more than what China thinks

The military might of India seems to be looked upon by China with jaundiced eyes. Through the military exercise of Malabar, India has shown its strength to China with the United States and Japan. Today there is an international news that will break the illusions of China about India's strength. The illusion that China threatens India and it says that its military strength is nothing in front of China, two International Nuclear Experts have reported in one of its reports that the entire territory of China is in the range of Indian missiles.

What had happened in 1962
Importantly, the report has come at a time when China has reminded India of 1962. The strategic experts believe that this war was a stab on the back of India as the then Prime Minister Pandit  Jawahar Lal Nehru had extended full support to China giving the slogan “Hindi-Cheeni Bhai Bhai Bhai”(Indians and Chinese are brothers). Prime Minister of China Chou-en-Li had just visited India and in a goodwill gesture, Nehru has showed him the military bases. But, China attacked with its full military might in Arunachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. In comparison with the 4 lakhs army, the total number of Indian army was only 20,000. China cowardice act made it victor.

India’s military might has grown exponentially
Since the year 1962, the military might of India has grown exponentially. Be it army or its weapons, India has been able to make its presence felt worldwide. It is now able to make indigenous nuclear missile. It is making nuclear weapon carrying missile Surya that will have the range of 10,000 kilometer. Even its Agni-4 missile is capable of targeting every city of China from north-east through the Agni-4 missile.

What does the International Report Say

This report, printed in an American online magazine, specifically refers to India's nuclear power and nuclear power-related missiles, in which two nuclear experts Hans M Kristensen and Robert S Norris have written:

India has Plutonium with the ability to make 150 to 200 nuclei weapons.
However, now 120 to 130 nuclear weapons are with India.
India's nuclear strategy is particularly focused on Pakistan.
But now India's focus is constantly moving towards China.
India has a defense system equipped with seven nuclear power capacity.
There are two air, four land and one sea base ballistic missile system.

In this international report it was claimed that India is working on at least four such missile systems, which it is likely to be deployed in the next ten years after looking at China. Considering the strength of India's missiles, this report said that India has an Agni-II missile, which can go to the target of 2,000 kilometers with nuclear weapons. In which the whole region of China's western, central and south areas can come in the target.

The Agni-4 missile can target almost every Chinese city from the north-east, including Beijing and Shanghai. But now India is developing such strength. With that, it will have the ability to target any city in China from any of its base in Central India and South India.
                                                                                      --Ashish  Jha