India will learn lessons within three to four days: Maulana Masood Azhar

New Delhi: Maulana Masood Azhar, chief of Pakistani terrorist organization Jaish-e-Mohammed, once threatened Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In his magazine Al-Kalam, Masood has tried to provoke Indian Muslims. This column has been titled 'blank', which he has been using for Indian Muslims for many years. Azhar wrote - I know that this column will spell cry for India, but what makes any difference? All the events that have taken place in India will be transferred to my file. Muslims are not afraid of things like control, conspiracy and hanging. Seeing the persecution of the Muslims of India and Kashmir, our hearts burn.

 Massacre by the crowd

In this column, Azhar has also mentioned the killing of the crowds in the country, claiming that the deteriorating situation of India is unmanageable and illogical. People will shed blood of thousands of people to protect the cow. He wrote- O Modi, O Yogi, the blood of Muslims is very precious. It is impossible to destroy the Muslims. If there is a real leader in Pakistan, then India will learn lessons within three to four days. Thanks Allah, in India, from Uttar Pradesh to Karnataka, from Karachi to Khaibar, Muslims are there and you people will be responsible for the deteriorating condition of the Muslims. This is not a threat, it is the truth. Let us know that Azhar, the country's biggest enemy, has repeatedly carried out many untimely attacks in India by sitting in Pakistan. And this is the reason India has kept him in the list of the most wanted terrorists.