India wants Peaceful solution of Border Dispute with China

Amid the efforts of China's road construction in the Sikkim region, India has warned that China should maintain the status quo and not threaten the innocent because circumstances like 1962 are no longer the situation. This answer from India came after learning to take lessons from China's 1962 war. Defense Minister Arun Jaitley has more or less warned China in this language that there is a difference between the situation in 1962 and today. 

In fact, from the geo-strategic point of view, this fragment of important Indian land is being considered as 'Chicken Nek' Is known by the name. China wants to encompass India in this area. Therefore, he is trying to build a road to Sikkim-Bhutan and Tibet's meeting point (Duka La), which India has objection on. This road is being constructed in the Dokalam Plateau of Bhutan.

There is a dispute between China and Bhutan regarding the rights of this region. China calls this region as Donglong and tells its share from ancient times. That is why it keeps sending its army patrols there. Indeed, China's intent is to increase its penetration from the Dokalm to Doka La up to the Magnificent Valley in Tibet, preserved with the construction of this road. This valley is like Hunsi, which separates Sikkim and Bhutan.

In fact, if China builds the road to Doka La, its army will get a strategic edge from the nearest narrow siliguri corridor, which is part of West Bengal, about 50 km away from here. This corridor is allegedly called 'Chicken Neck' and it is the only way to connect India's mainland to the northeast states.

According to defense experts, China's activities in the Chameleon Valley are worrying India. It is a part of the Hansei like map which is located just above the chicken neck of India. India is in a better position right now in the field of geo-strategic importance but China wants to encompass India by reaching the meeting place of these countries, by building roads from Dohlam to Doka La.
                                                      --Ashish Jha