Doval Reaches China amidst the stalemate with China over Doklam

India's National Security Adviser Ajit Doval is reaching Beijing on Thursday, amidst the stalemate with China over the Doklam. This visit to Doval is for the BRICS NSA meeting, but it is also being added to assuage the ongoing tension between the two countries.

Jinping meets Doval
In fact, the BRICS is headed by China and President Xi Jinping has convened a meeting of security advisors of all five member countries of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). Under this, Xi Jinping will meet these security advisers on Friday morning.

The news is that Ajit Doval, other than this BRICS meeting, will meet China's President Xi Jinping. According to Chinese officials, this meeting will be held on Friday afternoon. According to sources, the issue of fresh controversy may be raised during this period.

Discussion will be on Doklam controversy
Before meeting with the Chinese President, it is expected that Doval will meet Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi to discuss the deadlock in Dokalmal. Doval and Yang are both special representatives of the Indo-China border system.

In addition to Doval and Yang, the minister in charge of South Africa's security affairs, David Mahlobo, Sergey Ichegion, the institutional security office of Brazil's Presidency, and the Security Council Secretary of the Russian Federation Nikolai Platuschev will also participate in the meeting of the National Security Advisers.

Before this meeting, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said on Monday that China hopes that this meeting will help in conserving the common interests of BRICS countries. With this, it will also help in furthering political and security cooperation and strengthening the unity and influence of the group.

Agitation continues for a month
Let us know that this stalemate took place on Dokalam area when Indian soldiers stopped the Chinese army from constructing a road in the area. After this, the soldiers of both countries are face to face for more than a month.

Here China claims that it is building a road in its area, while India fears that China is making an outrageous road to Bhutan's region in order to facilitate access to the northeastern states, and because of this it interfered is.

Diplomatic efforts to resolve dispute continue
China says that unless India withdraws its soldiers from the controversial Dokalam area without acceptance, there can not be any meaningful dialogue with them. Although he also believes that negotiations are being done through diplomatic channels and in such a way, the visit of Doval is being seen as a link to the ongoing dialogue behind this curtain.