Decision on Tejashvi after Presidential Election:JD(U)

The political crisis that started with FIR lodged against Tulsi Yadav can take a new turn soon.
New Delhi: Today the votes will be cast for the election of the new President of the country, but everybody's eyes in the field of politics will be built on Bihar. According to information received from sources from a prominent news channel, after the end of the presidential election, a decision about Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Tashavi Yadav is likely to be taken.

The political crisis that started with FIR lodged against Tejashvi Yadav can take a new turn soon. According to sources, Lalu Prasad's party RJD and Nitish Kumar's JDU party are both waiting to end the presidential election to decide on this matter.
So, after the presidential election is over, there may be a decision on the fate of Tejashvi Yadav. Nitish Kumar may sack Tejashvi Yadav, or Tejashvi may have to resign. Such speculation is that RJD can support Nitish Kumar from the outside if the situation like this emerges.

RJD again protects Ravi
Meanwhile, RJD also favored Tashy Yadav on Sunday too. RJD spokesman Manoj Jha said, "CBI, ED and IT all three agencies are running from BJP address. The image of Nitish is spotless, there is no single charge in two years. Nitish ji is a serious man, he knows the truth about the allegations on corruption.

Speaking about the opposition unity, referring to an Emergency-like environment in the country, Tulsi Yadav himself came in front of the camera. He avoided the questions related to the resignation.

The Third Party Congress involved in the grand alliance also wanted that there should be no major decision till Presidential election. In this case, it will be important to see what the Congress does after the end of the presidential election. The Congress has so far been saying that the alliance in Bihar should be maintaine at every condition.

Even if the Congress wants to see Nitish-Lalu together, but will Lalu Yadav be able to prepare him for the son's resignation? These questions are also being discussed whether Nitish Kumar's script has been decided?