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Monday, July 31, 2017

China shows its Military Might on PLA's Parade

On August 1, 1927, the People's Liberation Army (PLA) of China was formed. This year PLA is going to complete 90 years of its establishment. On 30 July, China organized a huge military parade on this occasion.

In this parade, China presented a glimpse of its strength and stamina in front of the world. PLA is the world's largest army. Look at the slides next to the power of China.
This year PLA's anniversary is taking place in China. The parade held on Sunday was also part of these programs. This was the biggest parade in China since 2015.

In this, the three forces of China--the army, the air force and the navy demonstrated their strength. The Army and the Air Force have shown a lot of modern weapons. Among them, the tank was also included, along with which the Chinese army had allegedly practiSed war near the border with India.
Long-range nuclear-powered missiles were also kept in the parade for demonstration. Also, the state-of-the-art and extremely powerful aircraft-based carrier J-15 also appeared in this parade.

President Xi Chunfing also appeared in Army dresses on this occasion. He said that PLA is capable of ending every enemy that infiltrates here.
During the parade, more than 100 fighters flew into the sky. Over 600 types of weapons were displayed on this occasion. Half of these are weapons, which have been made public for the first time.

During his speech President Chinfing said that the soldiers of PLA should be dedicated to the Communist Party of China and be ready to run there, wherever the party said.
About 12,000 Chinese soldiers attended this parade. Chinfing was inspecting the parade in an open military jeep.

This parade was organized in Zurich, Asia's largest military training center located in the interior part of Mongolia. PLA is also different in that it is one of the select national armies of the world, which works under the leadership of China's ruling Communist Party.
Chinfing said that peace is like a boon, while maintaining peace and protecting it is the responsibility of PLA. At the end of this year, an important meeting of the Communist Party is going to be held. It is considered to be Chanfing's second consecutive presidential election.
China's President is also the head of the Central Military Commission. The commission has a PLA command. Though Chinfing did not mention the Doklam in his speech, but earlier, China had instructed India, that on August 1, IT would be back from Doklam on PLA's anniversary.

India maintained its stance that till Chinese army does not go back, till then it will not even be able to retreat its feet.
In this parade, besides the Chinese military Communist Party, the flag of China and PLA will be seen. In the last few years, China has spent a lot on modernization and expansion of its army. During the past few decades, China has increased its navy strength quite a bit.

While there is international pressure on Beijing on the eastern and southern China sea areas, it is also being quite preoccupied due to North Korea's anxiety with the US and its allies.
China's third major concern is the ongoing border dispute with India. In the Sikkim sector, there has been a deadlock over the past one and a half months for the Kochal valley in the heart of Bhutan, China and the border of India.

China's political leadership is under tremendous pressure to end the deadlock in Doklam.

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